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    Going Down

    my weight loss
  2. taketimetofind

    43 pounds down!

    From the album: Going Down

  3. 9 weeks away until surgery

  4. of course my age gets in the way of everything.

  5. i'm getting the hang of this.

  6. taketimetofind

    Fun Question

    i'm very into fashion. but i am always picking it out for everyone else. i want to be able to shop for myself. and by clothes in stores rather than online.
  7. I know how you feel. i have lost 28 pounds pre op and everyone is telling me that i don't need the surgery when in fact i do. :/ my advice is to just ignore them. thats what i am now doing. it is YOUR decision and in the end they have no say in your life. i wish you a ton of luck!
  8. I am so excited to get my surgery and I am now diving into the pre op process. The problem I am having is my therapy group is full of people who do not think I should do the surgery. The group is for mental Health and some members are worried that I am going to become bulimic once I have the surgery. Another told me that she would do anything to talk me out of this. I go to this group 4 days a week. It's an IOP. I have my parents at home who are VERY SUPPORTIVE. I don't enjoy going to this group anymore because of this. I am having the surgery I know that. I know that is the most important thing. I just wish the people that I see the most would be more supportive. Has anyone dealt with this? And also, what did you do? Also, how can I ignore it? It's all I think about now. Thanks guys! Kate
  9. taketimetofind

    My Supports Are Not Very...supportive...

    thank you so so much. everything you have said has been helpful
  10. taketimetofind

    My Supports Are Not Very...supportive...

    thank you so much. the group is mainly for depression and eating disorders. that is why the bulimia came up. it didn't bother me at first, but the person kept bringing it up.
  11. taketimetofind

    My Supports Are Not Very...supportive...

    Yes it is an IOP. My doctor is 100% on board and its mainly the group. Thank you so much!
  12. taketimetofind

    My Supports Are Not Very...supportive...

    Well, some of the girls in the group have eating disorders. I have bingeing problems. so they thing that i am just going to be swapping one problem for the next. one person in the group knows someone who had the surgery and became bulimic. i mean i thought they were just worried about me in the beginning but now its just annoying.
  13. officially a candidate! :D just have to make it through pre op!

  14. meeting with surgeon today. wish me luck!

  15. taketimetofind

    When Were You Ready?

    I'm younger. For me though, I decided to look into lapband for my future. Due to my weight (287) I am dealing with problems most kids my age should not have to deal with. I have PCOS. The doctor told me that if I don't lose weight, I could injure my chances in having kids. That's what did it for me. I am now 10% down (pre op) and am having the surgery in late August. I have never been happier. I want my life back.
  16. Reached 10% loss today. Amazing feeling

  17. taketimetofind

    Youngster Bandster??

    Hello there! I'm 17! Probably the youngest of the responders. I know how you feel about wanted to find others your age. It feels good to know you are not the only one. And don't worry about where you start it is about where you end that counts.
  18. for me, being younger, i have only talked about it with my parents. my dad's side of the family is very opinionated and if they knew about me having the surgery in the near future i know that they would freak. what i am doing, is just focusing on what good can come out of this. that is why we both chose to do this, and that is why in the end we will succeed. i hope everything ends up working up for you!
  19. Hello There! I'm a newbie and my first consultation is on July 27th, 2012. i was wondering how soon after that initial meeting can i expect to have surgery? i've already begun my pre-surgery weight loss and am down 8 pounds. also, if there is anything that you would like to share about your pre-surgery experiences please do! I am a little nervous about the surgery but thats just my stupid anxiety. was anyone else really nervous?
  20. I do have insurance. this has worried me and i am taking my weight loss very carefully. I do know that my BMI is well over 40 so i believe i will be ok for the insurance to cover it but thank you for reminding me about this concern!