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  1. melwins81


    I have not been on in awhile and thought I would provide an update on my journey. I had an endoscopy on Monday. According to the doctor I am a good candidate for weight loss surgery. I fell asleep and 20mins later I was in another room. I was surprised how fast the whole process was completed. I woke up coughing a lot but besides that I can't complain. Before the procedure the nurse asked about my period and my cycle is so messed up I have not had a period in 3 months, (I called the gyno office and was told not to worry about anything) so they gave me a pregnancy test. I was so happy to find out it was negative!!..First of all I am the biggest I have ever been right now and two I am separated from my husband and I am not completely sure how much longer we are going to be married. When this whole process started I thought 3 months was a long time to wait, but I notice now the time is going by so fast. I still have things to get done on my end. I am looking forward to having everything done by the 3 month mark- October 2nd. I am so happy with my decision to go through Baylor Medical Center, everything has gone well so far. I look forward to my next step which is a nutrition appointment on Tuesday..just taking it a step at a time.
  2. melwins81

    Introduction To Nutrition

    Well I had my second appointment yesterday with a nutritionist. Its so much information. I'm really starting to get excited about the possibility of surgery (still have to wait for insurance approval) but sometimes I think about all the things I'm going to miss...I'm convinced after discussing what the nutritionist said with a co-worker (she had weight loss surgery 8 years ago) that its not going to be as bad as I thought. Also I believe most things that were discussed during the appointment is just about life right after and not necessarily for the future (if I am wrong please let me know) I was told no soda/caffeine/coffee among other things. The thought of going my whole life not EVER having a soda or coffee again is a bit scary. My co-worker said she has coffee/soda and eats/drinks at the same time so that makes things easier. I really thought about it though..I have been struggling with my weight for as long as I can remember and then I start to think of all the things I'm going to gain...such as less lower back pain/joint pain..more energy to play with my son...no shortness of breath going up stairs...being able to shop anywhere without worrying if my size is available...being more comfortable on the airplane..just to name a few...so if I have to give up soda/coffee or anything else that is such a small sacrifice for everything that I will gain. I still have some things that I have to get done on my own..I still need to get a medical clearance from my doctor and a psychiatric appointment to prove I am sane..also blood work and have my esophagus checked (excuse me for not remembering the name of the procedure) Well I still have a ways to go to say the least...
  3. melwins81

    My First Appointment

    I had my first appointment with the weight loss surgeon Dr Julio Rivera. I have not weighed myself in quite sometime so I was disappointed to find out how much I weigh. I had done plenty of research and had myself convinced that lap band surgery was the right thing. After discussing everything with the surgeon I came to the conclusion that may not be the best thing for my situation. The overwhelming data suggests one: I will most likely have to have some type of surgery again and I dont want to go through this process more that once, two: The weight loss is a lot slower- not to mention the repetive trips to the doctor for adjustments. So after discussing the above items among other things I have decided to have the gastric sleeve. I am so scared about the thought of surgery and I am feeling a little better about it as I research the actual surgery and read other's experiences. I think that I have reached a point in my life that I am ready to do something drastic to resolve my weight issues. I am at the heaviest I have ever been, and although I currently dont have any health problems I can forsee this happening in the future. I have noticed my back pain is becoming unbearable (due to a car accident about 11 years ago) my knees and joints are really starting to bother me. I also have recently found I have less energy to play with my two year son. I have been diets before and I have been able to lose weight, but it doesnt last. I just need a little help. I know that I still have to have healthly eating habits and exercise so I am just using this as a tool to make it to my ultimate goal. Fortuantely my insurance company is not making the process to difficult so I am hopeful about the whole process. I have my first nutrition appointment on 07/10 and if everything goes well I will submit all my info to the insurance company for approval in the next three months.
  4. Hello everyone, I am new here, and just looking for support and advice. I have my first appointment with a surgeon on 07/02. I found out today my insurance company does cover the surgery and I dont have to wait for any dieting period. Of course I still have to meet other guidelines such as a psyciatric evaluation and I still have to attend classes and meet with a dietician. The hardest thing of all is I have to lose about 10% of my weight for the surgery. So if everything goes as planned I could get my surgery in three months...I'm really excited to start this journey. I have struggled with my weight as long as I can remember and I believe I have come to a point in my life that I need to do something drastic. I also have a 2year old son and I want to be able to do everyday activities with him without feeling winded or exhausted.

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