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  1. Have you tried sipping warm water to dissolve it?
  2. Butterfly66

    Really discouraged!

    I read on this site that a stall after the first few weeks is normal with sleeve patients. Keep doing what you are doing, increase your exercise and you will do great! Good luck.
  3. Butterfly66

    Slow Weight Loss

    I am definitely losing more inches than pounds. I'll take it! My butt is getting smaller!!
  4. Can we take things like ibuprofen, sudafed, etc. post surgery?
  5. Butterfly66

    Adding wine back

    I think you have to be careful how much you consume because you are eating less and because the alcohol turns into sugar in your body. Definitely need to wait 20 - 30 minutes before or after eating. Enjoy. Remember, everything in moderation. Drink slower. I'm anxious to reintroduce alcohol. I tried a few sips of beer after my surgery and it went well. Haven't tried wine or any hard liquor yet.
  6. I still feel that way, but now my body dictates what I can and can't eat. I love that.
  7. Butterfly66

    Did awful on pre op diet

    Don't freak out too much. Stay on liquids these last few days and you will be fine. Remember, some surgeons don't require their patients to go on a liquid diet at all. I was a little worried before my surgery too, but all went well! Good luck and remember, after surgery walk as soon as possible. It will really, really help. Christi
  8. Also, mashed potatoes go down okay in very limited quantities as they are heavy and have lots of calories! Good luck. Let me know what else I can help with. Christi
  9. I am one month post op and can now tolerate chicken breast and canned tuna with mayonnaise. I find the drier the meat, the harder it is to tolerate. I can also have thinly sliced lunch meat like turkey and ham. Light string cheese goes down great and has a good amount of protein. Really mushy vegetables go down okay like broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. Just small amounts and slowly. I haven't tried any fruits yet. I have found the gluten free crackers go down great with a thin slice of cheese (also good protein). I can finally keep scrambled eggs down (yeah!). Of course protein shakes are great in the morning for a pick-me-up. I haven't tried any red meat yet except a small, tiny bite of a burger I was making for my son. I will have an occasional "Jamba Juice" with extra protein added. Goes down heavy though.
  10. How much have you lost already? Caffeine might not agree with your new stomach.
  11. Butterfly66

    Daughter Seeking Information

    Never heard of "A lighter Me", but I had the sleeve procedure two weeks ago and do not regret it a bit. I was back at work half days two days after surgery and went back to the gym today. How much does your Mom have to lose?
  12. Butterfly66

    surgery 3 days ago

  13. I was told at my pre-op that throwing up is never normal. May be a stricture? Does food seem to get stuck on the way down?
  14. I can hardly believe that after all the waiting and all the insurance requirements that SURGERY IS OVER!!! I went to the OR at about 1000 yesterday morning. Surgery took a little over an hour as my surgeon found (his words) "a huge a@@ hiatal hernia!" which he repaired. As I woke up in recovery, the most discomfort I felt was in my back and across the top part of my chest due to gas. I know people have said it before, but WALKING REALLY, REALLY HELPS. I was up walking as soon I could stand without falling over. Thanks to my 17 year old son, David for being my walking buddy! Woke up about every hour through the night. No abdominal pain, just gas discomfort. Only was allowed ice chips through the night. BRING LIP BALM with you to the hospital. At 0600 this morning I was allowed a cup of chicken broth then when the cafeteria opened I got lime Jello and the best tasting Krystal Light Protein drink. It is Raspberry flavored with unflavored Protein powder added. The two best things here (other than my son) are the electric compression boots (fill with air every few minutes and then decompress) and the girdle you get to take home. It velcro's around your middle for extra support. I just went down to radiology for a leak test. It's very cool. You stand in front of an e-ray machine and drink this thick, white liquid and watch it go down the esophagus to the stomach! No leaks, yeah!! All in all, I am super pleased with the surgery and my surgeon (Dr. Cottam) at Salt Lake Regional Medical Center. Thanks Dr. Cottam for another satisfied patient!! After a full liquid lunch (think I'll opt for some sugarfree icecream for dessert) then home. Remember, lip balm, lots of walking and sip, sip, sip! Best of luck to all. Christi
  15. Butterfly66


    The surgical center I am going to have never had a leak in the 8 years they have been doing sleeve surgery. It's very, very rare. I agree, fever over 101 is an indication of something...not necessary leak, but something. Good luck. My surgery is tomorrow morning.
  16. Butterfly66

    48 Pounds in 2 Months (Pics)

    Congratulations! I have surgery tomorrow and cannot wait to post before and after pics!!!
  17. Butterfly66

    So sad

    I am so sorry your co-worker decided to push her own views on you. Keep up the good work and positive attitude. Don't doubt your decision based on the narrow minded view of one person.
  18. I got my surgery date! Tuesday, 26 Mar! Insurance approved the sleeve though. I had started my journey last July and requested the sleeve, but was told my insurance didn't approve the sleeve. Since then, they have started to cover the sleeve. I don't want to start the approval process all over again. I believe that things happen for a reason. Anyone have experience with the sleeve? Thanks.
  19. Butterfly66

    Phase 2 a.k.a mushy food

    Oh, sorry. Chocolate.
  20. That is fantastic. What have you done in the past 27 days to lose 32 pounds? I will be having surgery in the next few weeks and am so excited to show the same results!
  21. Butterfly66

    Exercising what week Did U Start

    I was doing circuit training (cardio, weights, bands) before starting on this journey. You think a few months after surgery and I could go back?
  22. Butterfly66

    Phase 2 a.k.a mushy food

    I am doing my 2 week liquid diet and find that whey protein fills me up better and longer than others.
  23. Butterfly66

    Caffeinated coffee post-op

    I have heard that caffeine can cause stomach ulcers. Have you tried 50/50?
  24. Butterfly66

    Starting my last meals...

    Good luck with surgery tomorrow! Keep me posted on your progress. Thanks. Christi

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