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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    Tamara, I was sleeved the 28th and am no where near the 16lbs down that you are. You're doing great!! You've slipped up and you know it--let it go and move on. Good luck with keeping on track and sincerely, huge congrats with the loss so far!!
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    Be careful about hunger vs Acid!!! This is a very common misunderstanding! People think they are really hungry when in fact its the stomach making an over abundance of acid, and then you eat things like crackers to calm the acid!!! Make sure to be takinga PPI (like over the counter prilosec or nexium) your doc should have prescribed. When I get really hungry- it's almost ALWAYS because I forgot to take my PPI. For a few weeks I was taking it twice a day- any day I miss or forget I suddenly get ravanous around noonish- so make sure to take your meds! If not you can get them cheap over teh counter as well!

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