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  1. Well I'm feeling better everyday :) I stopped all pain mess 3 days out.... I do feel I over did food yesterday :( it was uncomfortable made me worry I would mess up my new tummy.... I think it's good though and I'll work on not over doing it lol I've lost 21lbs with preop and 1 week out 12 preop and 9 since surgery :) Wishing I could eat food and I'm still 3 weeks out til soft foods :/ although I'm not starving I do still want my two bites to be of something yummy lol

  2. CONGRATS! You're almost there! I know exactly what you mean when you say that you are excited' date=' nervous and scared...in fact...I would venture to say that most of us on here felt very similar to the way your feeling right now prior to our surgeries. You will be just fine and keep thinking positive. Your journey to a new you is about to begin so hip hip hooray!!! Please keep us posted on your progress.[/quote']

    I am thinking pos :) thank u... I have a few things to get tomorrow then I'll b ready :) and thinking of the losers bench and where I can't wait to be :)

  3. Hey!! Just thought I would let u know what I was informed doing my 12 week classes..... They say that it thins the lining of the stomach and causes ulcers and with such a tiny stomach it isn't good just as we aren't supposed to take any NSAIDS. They also say it thins ur blood making higher risk of bleeding and leaks and the inability for ur stomach to heal properly.... It goes to ur blood stream much quicker and is rough on ur kidneys trying to process all the medications that have already been in ur system on top of the alcohol.... I hope that helps a little....

    Good night all :)

  4. I'm not one to go to a buffet and gorge so it's not the gorging part I'm worried about in fact I hate buffet style... I'm just a carb junky..... I know there are some foods that I enjoy that I could not be able to tolerate after and that makes me sad not the eat all I want all the time feeling because honestly I don't eat ALOT I just eat high calorie foods....

  5. Well surgery is in 10 days and part of me keeps feeling sad that I won't be able to eat... And it makes me frustrated at myself..... Today I felt like I wanted to eat everything although I didn't I still went over my calories which made me mad

    At me again lol some days I feel great about this whole Journey... others I'm like what am I doing and I'm gonna miss out on all this food like that's all there is in life or something lol ugh!!

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