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  1. Hi has anyone with Kaiser had a re-sleeve or revision?
  2. 5 weeks out and down 32 lbs 20 since surgery :)

  3. Inkdoll

    So mad!

    I'm on full liquids and right there with u... But it'll b ok
  4. Inkdoll

    How long will it take...

    I wish I could dance.... But the whole white girl = no rhythm applies to me lol
  5. Well I'm feeling better everyday I stopped all pain mess 3 days out.... I do feel I over did food yesterday it was uncomfortable made me worry I would mess up my new tummy.... I think it's good though and I'll work on not over doing it lol I've lost 21lbs with preop and 1 week out 12 preop and 9 since surgery Wishing I could eat food and I'm still 3 weeks out til soft foods :/ although I'm not starving I do still want my two bites to be of something yummy lol
  6. Inkdoll

    3 days post op

    Thanks it is a lot better than it was so that's a huge olus the first two days I was wondering what I did lol
  7. I got home last night.... Still sore mainly on my left side.... Trying to get my water in thats been a little rough :/ couldn't get any in for the first day and a half :/. Gas pain isn't to bad every once in awhile I'll get it and try and burp then I'll feel better
  8. In my amazing gown waiting for surgery... It's cold in here lol nervous nervous nervous
  9. Inkdoll

    Surgery today!

    Still waiting..... Should b soon
  10. My big day Is tomorrow too!!!!! Here's to the rest if our lives!!!
  11. Sooo close..... All liquid diet for tomorrow then surgery Thursday the big day... Don't know what time yet they said they would let me know tomorrow . Excited and nervous... Always scared of the unknown......
  12. Inkdoll

    Alcohol and 2 weeks post op!

    Hey!! Just thought I would let u know what I was informed doing my 12 week classes..... They say that it thins the lining of the stomach and causes ulcers and with such a tiny stomach it isn't good just as we aren't supposed to take any NSAIDS. They also say it thins ur blood making higher risk of bleeding and leaks and the inability for ur stomach to heal properly.... It goes to ur blood stream much quicker and is rough on ur kidneys trying to process all the medications that have already been in ur system on top of the alcohol.... I hope that helps a little.... Good night all
  13. They test u just before?
  14. Well surgery is in 10 days and part of me keeps feeling sad that I won't be able to eat... And it makes me frustrated at myself..... Today I felt like I wanted to eat everything although I didn't I still went over my calories which made me mad At me again lol some days I feel great about this whole Journey... others I'm like what am I doing and I'm gonna miss out on all this food like that's all there is in life or something lol ugh!!
  15. 10 Days til surgery day..... YIKES its coming quickly

  16. Inkdoll

    Kinda sad

    I'm not one to go to a buffet and gorge so it's not the gorging part I'm worried about in fact I hate buffet style... I'm just a carb junky..... I know there are some foods that I enjoy that I could not be able to tolerate after and that makes me sad not the eat all I want all the time feeling because honestly I don't eat ALOT I just eat high calorie foods....
  17. Inkdoll

    Kinda sad

    I think it makes it worse my other half thinks in six weeks it'd back to normal And I can eat and I try to tell him this Is a forever thing here.... He's very supportive I just don't think he really grasps everything
  18. Yay!!!!! That's great it will go fast I have surgery in 10 days at st Bernadine's
  19. I have tried premier, optimum nutrition, bariatric advantage.... The best I've found and fits all the needed criteria is champion nutrition stack the chocolate is super good honestly the only one I've been able to tolerate and drink I actually wanted more when it was gone lol
  20. I am 5'1.5" and I would like to hit no longer obese then hit no longer over weight which would be at least 134
  21. 13 days til the big surgery day!!!!

  22. HEY!!! just want to see who is having surgery close to me would like some sleeve buddies
  23. Inkdoll

    January 24th Sleevers?

    No... 1200 calorie and liquids the day before surgery

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