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  1. I do this constantly. The closer the funds get, the more I convince myself its not right for me. I seem to be focusing totally on all the negatives posted. However, we will see soon as I just recv'd my passport!
  2. I_Sd8_em

    Should I Tell The Inlaws About My Surgery?

    Hard to say. Your first thought or instincts are usually the correct ones. Obviously you thought it was a bad idea b/c you didn't tell them. So what makes you think you should tell them now? Hard to keep things from family but sometimes it is the thing to do. Its you life your choice and this is a major decision that can't be undone once completed. Choose wisely. It is easier said thatn done and I personally have flip flopped several times b/c there are many negatives and positives. Good Luck to you.
  3. After a surgery and general anesthesia it is normal to feel tired or jet lagged for few days. Especially when using pain meds and not eating as normal.
  4. I_Sd8_em

    Vitamin D

    Yep! many folks are low D3
  5. I_Sd8_em


    This happens often, even in a pcp office it is just as common to not be sent as it is the recv'g center to have lost it and say they never got. I work in a hospital and see it often from pcp's office. You may be surprised about your super professional bunch if you worked there. I'm just saying crap happens! Remember it only takes 1 # to be off on a fax machine and things can be sent to the wrong place, wrong dept, etc... Just saying.
  6. I_Sd8_em

    Drop In Testosterone After Surgery?

    those symptoms can be the nutrition changes as well. after you get more healed and intake increases have your T checked if still concerned. Blood test at hospital or dr's office or the swab type test offered at some pharmacies.
  7. Wonderful post and very true! I can't wait to see you progress! God Bless and God Speed with your weight loss journey!
  8. I_Sd8_em

    2 Weeks Post Op

    you know I do that, go in the kitchen when I'm bored. Matter of fact I just came out of the kitchen. :ph34r:
  9. I_Sd8_em

    Die In Mexico?

    Most of the mass killings are rival drug cartels killing each other off. You can die anywhere and anytime.
  10. I_Sd8_em

    To Tell Or Not To Tell....

    Well 2 people can keep a secret only if one is dead and the dead still tell tales. Also you've already told several people so it won't be long before your sister knows!
  11. I_Sd8_em

    I Just Wanna Cry

    peripheral neuropathy comes form many dz processes, malnutrition, diabetes, hypoxia, pressure on the nerves, as well as neurological demylenation disorders. Causes By Mayo Clinic staff It's not always easy to pinpoint the cause of peripheral neuropathy, because a number of factors can cause neuropathies. These factors include: Alcoholism. Many alcoholics develop peripheral neuropathy because they make poor dietary choices, leading to Vitamin deficiencies. Autoimmune diseases. These include lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and Guillain-Barre syndrome. Diabetes. When damage occurs to several nerves, the cause frequently is diabetes. At least half of all people with diabetes develop some type of neuropathy. Exposure to poisons. These may include some toxic substances, such as heavy metals, and certain medications — especially those used to treat cancer (chemotherapy). Infections. Certain viral or bacterial infections can cause peripheral neuropathy, including Lyme disease, shingles (varicella-zoster), Epstein-Barr, hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS. Inherited disorders. Examples include Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and amyloid polyneuropathy. Trauma or pressure on the nerve. Traumas, such as motor vehicle accidents, falls or sports injuries, can sever or damage peripheral nerves. Nerve pressure can result from using a cast or crutches, spending a long time in an unnatural position or repeating a motion many times — such as typing. Tumors. Growths can form directly on the nerves themselves, or tumors can exert pressure on surrounding nerves. Both cancerous (malignant) and noncancerous (benign) tumors can contribute to peripheral neuropathy. Vitamin deficiencies. B Vitamins — B-1, B-6 and B-12 — are particularly important to nerve health. Vitamin E and niacin also are crucial to nerve health. Other diseases. Kidney disease, liver disease and an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) also can cause peripheral neuropathy
  12. I_Sd8_em

    Sleeved For Six Days Now!

    Glad you are doing well! As far as too young? I would look at like you do have a chance to improve but in general the success rates are low. Also comorbidities are risky so too young? NO. Good Luck!
  13. I like to drink with a meal also. However, it is immediately after that I drink the most. B/C I eat so fast that drinking during the meal isn't really happening anyway.
  14. I_Sd8_em

    Major Headache From My Pre-Op Diet

    if you intake alot of caffiene or sugar or worse both then the headaches are likely withdrawal from them.
  15. I_Sd8_em

    Considering Mexico...

    Not asking your income, but to all you self pay folks, make sure you keep all receipts for gas, mileage, hotels, airfare, and procedure, meds etc... to file on your taxes for the year of your surgery. Well as long as your total medical expenses are 7% of your AGI or 10% of your gross if your surgery is next year.
  16. Sorry thought they had already been chipped. Make sure you tell the Anesthesia provider about your expensive dental work. They always take care to avoid the teeth but things happen. Telling them will make them take extra care to avoid them!
  17. I_Sd8_em

    Tennessee, Anyone?

    Oak Ridge or Maryville TN Schools are said to be great. Drugs are everywhere. You can't hide from drugs you just have to be vigilant and talk to your children.
  18. I_Sd8_em

    On My Way To Hospital!

    Prayers sent out for you and your family!
  19. Tickets depend on your departure and return city. should be around 500 per person round trip. hotel is usually included in package unless you want to stay extra. Check orbitz, priceline, hotwire, yahoo travel for flight.
  20. if you want to tell, then tell, if not tell them to buzz off!
  21. I_Sd8_em

    Help! Bougie Size Questions. 46Fr

    Are you sure they didn't say 36Fr? Never heard of the fortysix being used? I think it would cause less restriction and less side effects in theory.
  22. Well here's the thing, I don't know how large the facility is but things happen. The person may do 10 to 100 perday and just not remember you? However, just make sure they don't bill you twice. Call the billing Dept and see if they got a charge for it. Then take that info to the person denying the work and show them! It is very frustrating! I do understand! I hate dealing with this type stuff as much as anyone. Yet, it is one more step towards your goal and it still isn't as bad as it is going to get now that the Govt will control your health care cradle to grave. 83 % of all doctors considering quitting r/t it. already know about 15 that have sold their practices and readying to retire as it kicks in. Good luck with your ekg and just make sure they dont bill you twice! Have a great day!
  23. So you've never made a mistake? Really?
  24. Both! Society judges us, andn we judge ourselves based on society's opinions and idea of ideals.