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  1. trisket

    help, advice please!

    Ya I works not want to have surgery this soon. My husband still wants me to go get out checked but I worry they are going to say I need surgery. If that's the case I just want it removes so I don't have to worry about this my next pregnancy.
  2. trisket

    Pregnancy Inspiration!

    I was banded June of 2012. I got banned because I had 8 failed treatments and would have to do ivf next. I have PCOS and never ovulated. After my band I started walking, then jogging, then running. I also took classes at my local gym (loved zumba). Then I discovered crossfit and became addicted. It motivated me to want to work out every day, some days twice a day. My scale numbers didn't go down as fast but my body was shrinking and looking fit. I had told my husband if we weren't pregnant by this summer than we were going to do ivf. I wanted to be pregnant by 30. Last September I remember crying because it was my birthday and I still wasn't a mother. Little did I know I was pregnant at the time :-) I just gave birth to my son on June 13th. No treatments needed! When I got pregnant I was 194 (shortly after my profile pic was taken). I wanted to gain no more than 30lbs but I ended up gaining 40. I was hard at first but I know how hard I worked and sweated my butt of to lose the weight that I have no doubts I will lose it again. Plus I have already registered for a 15 mile obstacle course in November I have to train for and I'm counting down the days until I get to return to crossfit (July 29th)! In the the weeks since having my son in down to 211 so only 16lbs left. :-) I did crossfit my entire pregnancy including my due date. I did quit running because little man sat so low. I had a great pregnancy and delivery and I know it is because I was healthy. I wouldn't change it for the world. I had to take the time to take care of me first. Now the plan is to take the next year to enjoy my son and get back to training then at the end of next summer I want to try and get pregnant again. Hope this helps!
  3. trisket

    help, advice please!

    Right after I had my baby (3 weeks ago) I had lots of trouble with my band too. I felt like I couldn't keep anything down, I was walking up cooking on fluid at night, everything felt really tight. I was very worried my band slipped during labor but after a few days it went back to normal. I would say if you are worried though go have it checked out.
  4. trisket

    Crossfit and WLS - considering WLS

    I didn't start crossfit until after my band so I may not be too helpful but I found I had to make myself increase running see more of a difference on the scale. Which helped in my wods too! My body comp had changed the whole so I was looking leaner and more fit but running really helped on the scale. Also I had to ignore my docs calorie limits of 1500 because that was sending my body into starvation mode and turning my muscle to fat. I ate more Protein, fruit, veggies etc. My prs did go down as I lost weight but with time and good form they started creeping back up! Now I'm 8 months pregnant and still cf 3 to 4 days a week. Can't wait to get back on track after baby!
  5. trisket

    Does running get easier?

    I grew to enjoy running! I never ran or did much athletic when growing up. The c25k is a great program! That is how I started. I completed the whole program and just kept running. I loved to find fun 5k runs to do with my friends and timed runs to challenge myself. eventually I ran 2 10ks and was training for the Spartan Beast run when I got pregnant! Because of how low my little man sits I havent been able run far this pregancy but I can't wait to get back in it. They are right about shoes though! I ran in crappy shoes and developed tendonitis in my hips. It hurt like hell and took a while to get rid of. Good luck in your running journey!
  6. trisket

    Whats with the noise?

    I named my gurgling "mertyl" Taking a little Fluid out helped but it still gets crazy with citrus and very acidic Foods.
  7. That's neat we have similar stories! How has your post baby weight loss been? I've put on more than I wanted to with my little man but I'm not letting it stress me out. I'll work my butt off again after with a little new motivation in tow!
  8. trisket

    Pregnant with my band

    I also had half my fluid removed by my choice. I'm currently 7 months pregnant with my first.
  9. I got the band in June of 2012, got pregnant in August 2013, and an due in June 2014. Almost two years to the day! we had 8 failed fertility treatments before I got my band. It took one year for me to have regular cycles (I didn't even realize they were regular so I was shocked when I found out I was pregnant). Best decision of my life!
  10. trisket

    Best protein powder?

    I love musclepharm combat powder but it is more for building muscle than losing weight but I still lose. The chocolate milk flavor is the best!
  11. trisket

    Any suggestions on good work out gear?

    And they are cheap!
  12. trisket

    Any suggestions on good work out gear?

    I wear under shirts from academy sports and outdoors. They keep everything nice and snug for all my workouts.
  13. trisket


    I eat all day. I have a protein shake for breakfast (and breakfast sausage or fruit) at 545, lunch at 1045 (I'm a teacher), a snack when my class goes to pe at 1215 (or finish lunch), then a sweet potato or fruit after school at around 330. I take a protein shake right after my workout then eat dinner when I get home.
  14. trisket

    How many calories to exercise do i need

    I suck at typing all this from my phone sorry! Hope that makes since!
  15. trisket

    How many calories to exercise do i need

    I take in mire protien because your body degrades protein during excercise so its good to take in protien right after. It helps decrease the breakdown of protein. Also if you take in too few calories your body will start to breakdown muscle to fuel itself. Of course when we start with our band our #1 goal is to lose weight. I still want to lose weight but my goals have changed a little that I'm a year in and much more active.
  16. trisket

    Do you eat more than 3 meals?

    I have to eat every few hours to reach my protein/calorie goal.
  17. trisket

    How many calories to exercise do i need

    I learned the hard way that I need to eat more when working out. I did 2 body fat tests 90 days apart and while I dropped overall weight my lean mass (muscle, skin, bones, etc.) dropped but my fat mass when up! And my body fat precent went up. I wasn't getting enough calories so my body was losing muscle and storing fat. So be careful! Especially if you want to gain muscle!
  18. trisket

    I need to say GOODBYE 2 my armflag!

    Just depends. Start low and build up. I do crossfit so Im doing heavy weights now. If youre are at a gym they should have a trainer who could help you form a good workout routine to do a few times a week. When it gets tok easy increase the weight.
  19. trisket

    I need to say GOODBYE 2 my armflag!

    Keep it up with the weights. They have helped my arms so much. Im 100 down from my heaviest ever and I go sleevless daily.
  20. trisket

    Clean Eating

    You can also check out paleo websites and cookbooks. I'm not all paleo but I love to use paleo recipies for my weekly mealprep.
  21. trisket

    Cardio or weights?

    Add weights! I say this for a few reasons. First, the more muscle you have the higher your BMR (basal metabolic rate) is which means you burn more calories when resting. Second, as you lose weight it is nice to replace some of that space with muscle (at least I've found that to be true in my case). Now don't stop cardio! That's important to help build up endurance and help prevent heart disease.
  22. trisket

    I know it's a carb, but corn?

    I ate it tonight!
  23. trisket

    Net and Gross Calories

    Have you ever googled BMR calculator? This is how I figured out what my calorie intake should be then I subtract cals depending on how much I hope to lose a week.
  24. trisket

    Sit ups

    Mine told me to NEVER do situps. But I'm a bad bad listener....
  25. It took me about a week before I was feeling "normal" but I still had low energy because of the small amount of calories I wss consuming.

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