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  1. kisha28

    tailbone pain anyone?

    Omg! Im in pain rt now. I just bought heatpad, pillow for car. I can't sleep good, sit for long, even hurts when I get up. Feelings like a old lady, lol
  2. kisha28

    Let's SEE pics!

  3. Does anyone know of a free or low cost hospital that does wls. My God daughter is 300 pounds, college student, no insurance, diabetic.
  4. I was sleeved Oct 4 at 214. Today I weight 172. My goal is 155.
  5. I joined the gym surgery was Oct 4th so far Down to size 14. Please recommend excerises or classes I should take. Im 5'2 my weight is now 189. Trying to get to size 9_10 Wt 145 by April. Is it possible?
  6. I want to sign up too. 10/4/12 214 11/23/12 190 1/1/13 175 or 180 I hope and pray
  7. kisha28


    This afternoon was wonderful. nothing has been going on since Aug. I finally gave in, so happy I did. Bomb.com lol.
  8. I had surgery Oct 4th, so far im down 20 pounds. I have not had a real bm. im at the puree stage since Oct 12th but still I mostly have liquids. Last night, I took mom to see if I would go, nothing just gas and liquid bm. I don't feel constipated at all just wondering if this is normal.
  9. kisha28

    Period After Surgery

    Same here. Took a pregnancy the day of surgery, negative. Still waiting for it.
  10. I was sleeved Oct 4th. I was planning to rtw Tuesday. some says I feel ok others I do not. I wanted to know is it ok to get b12 shots? I take b12 and vitamins daily.
  11. kisha28

    B12 Shot

    How r u able to give injection to yourself? Your Dr allows it?
  12. kisha28

    B12 Shot

    Typo, some days
  13. I had my surgery Oct 4th at 212 today my wt is 197. No problems and im loving the new me. Looking forward to cooking new healthier meals. Debating if I should eye Monday or wait til November.
  14. Need ideals of various things to eat at puree stage. I will be on it for a month and I will get tired of the Same ok thing.
  15. Need ideals of various things to eat at puree stage. I will be on it for a month and I will get tired of the Same ol thing.
  16. kisha28

    Puree Stage Help

    Thank u. Please tell me how did u know u have a leak
  17. kisha28

    Puree Stage Help

    Ok maybe I can try soon. Any puree,desserts?
  18. kisha28

    Puree Stage Help

    Thank you so much
  19. Im feeling better day by day. Finally had a bm. Very sore,my wt surgery morning Oct 4 th was 212. today 208. The Dr said I can have soup but must be blended. No nausea no throwing up. Very thankful.
  20. Had surgery yesterday came home today. My back has been killing me can't pass has. What to do?
  21. Tomorrow is my day. feeling better about going through with it.

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