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  1. gabby899

    Anyone Else Cranky?

    oh thank God I'm not the only one! I am having a terrible time with it! between that and a bit of depression/melancholy I feel like I'm going Insane! I'm almost 4 weeks post op
  2. gabby899


    I'm almost 4 weeks post op
  3. gabby899

    Hair Loss

    pretty, do you exercise at all and how much that's great you can get that much in!!!
  4. gabby899

    Oct 1Was My Operation

    That is awesome. So basically get off my butt correct! Lol
  5. gabby899

    Oct 1Was My Operation

    That is AWESOME! I was sleeved 9/28/12. And I've only lost 20 an that's from first dr visit til now.
  6. gabby899

    No Energy

    I have no idea what that last sentence was. Stupid fat fingers!!!
  7. gabby899

    Post Op September Sleevers, Roll Call

    How if I may ask is everyone filing for disability with the state? I also have state insurance and had my surgery on 9/28/12. Am I allowed to file for it or is it a special circumstance? I'm just curious. Sorry if I am being nosy!
  8. gabby899

    Protein Shakes Help Please

    Try mixing it with sf pudding
  9. gabby899


    Ok so I'm on my purée phase this week and I have boiled eggs, boiled 2 sweet potatoes and peeled them And boiled 3 sm chicken breasts. This should last me quite a while but my question is what are some ideas for these 3 items? Any quick throw together recipes? I thought pre making some things would help in measuring my food intake. Thanks a bunch!
  10. gabby899

    Donate Excess Skin

    Um where can I find out about this process! Very interested as well!
  11. gabby899

    Post Op, Its Official

    How are you feeling today?
  12. Surgery 9/28 Sw 269 Current as of yesterday 251.5 Kinda slow but still losing
  13. gabby899

    10 Days

    do you feel like you could eat regular foods? or have you tried?
  14. gabby899

    Down 95 (Ish) Lbs!

    You look amazing!!!
  15. gabby899

    Dry Curly Hair

    I did a deep cond. treatment on my daughter of olive oil and conditioner mixed. It worked wonders. Look it up. Some people's hair hates protein and with WLS that's what we get most of!
  16. gabby899


    Home now and was fine with going in the hospital went quite a bit but now not much
  17. It's finally here my September 28th friends! One more day! Can you believe it's already here? I'm nervous, hungry, relieved, excited. But most of all READY!!! Announce yourselves and your story and be proud of yourself because tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives!!!
  18. I got the call!!! Surgery tomorrow at 8 am, be at hospital by 6 am!!! It really is going to happen lol. YAY
  19. I took my cleanse meds at about 10:30 am and not much has happened?!? Is that normal I feel like there should be more or will this continue for a while. Sorry if its tmi
  20. OMG This. STUFF TASTES HORRIBLE!!! Two more days and now it's crunch time!!!
  21. gabby899


    HA IT WORKED!!! And your right quite cute!!
  22. gabby899


    Thank you everyone. It is getting a little better and Nita please don't give up
  23. Omg I am three days away from surgery and I feel like I'm going insane! I'm so hungry and my breath is bad and my belly hurts because this protein goes right thru me. I cannot stop crying!
  24. gabby899


    I am not adding anything to it except the protein and water. It is so good
  25. gabby899

    I Hate My Pre-Op Diet!

    Dee, feeling excited but hungry and wishing I could have gotten one more steak in because they surprised me with my surgery. It wAsnt supposed to be until October 24th!!

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