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    I think it depends on what you're eating and how quickly you're eating it. If your food has a lot of fiber or protein content to it, you're going to fill up quicker and stay fuller vs. eating empty calories.
  2. DuranFan1969

    This is hard for me

    Look how great you look! I know it's hard to look at before pics, but I'd say you rocked it lady.
  3. DuranFan1969

    One month post op salad dressings

    I think the only thing you really need to worry about is the calorie / fat content of any dressings. Honey mustard is usually pretty high in both, for example. One of my absolute favorite finds has been the spritzer Wish Bone dressings, especially since I found they make a ranch one - love their spray dressings and extremely calorie friendly.
  4. DuranFan1969

    Can't Eat! Three weeks post op

    From what my NUT told me, whatever you are eating don't eat it for longer than 15 minutes otherwise you're into grazing and you don't want to do that. I think you may not be hungry because you are taking so long to consume what you're having for your meals. It takes time to have your tummy heal - eat what you can and make sure you're getting your proteins in, along with your water. You'll make it.
  5. DuranFan1969

    Yesterday I Ate My Feelings

    Thank you for posting this today, it was good to read. I'm with you on this, although my emotional eating is for slightly different reasons which actually dawned on me this morning (I started dating a fantastic man about 5 months ago, and that's when my head hunger / stall / grazing started up again). Like many have said, the surgery does not fix the head - it only fixes our tummy and the head is oh so much harder to fix. Many of us don't realize why we have the habits we had and don't realize we're still with those unanswered questions after surgery. Heck, I've even contemplated therapy or hypnosis to try and sort out the head portion. Hang in there Delta Girl - I think that being honest with ourselves like you have is a big part of the process and I'm glad that you came to chat about it today. It's certainly helped me in remembering that we all have a similar journey.
  6. DuranFan1969

    TSA agent questioned my ID

    Love it when random NSV's happen!
  7. DuranFan1969

    In disbelief.....

    Woohoo congrats !!!!
  8. Oh dear lordy, the stupid flippin baked Cheetos need to be banned from the stores so I can't even think of buying them. Oh and Peter Pan honey creamy peanut butter ... yeah, that needs to go too. I don't know what it is about these two items - I didn't care much for them pre-op but post-op? Stupid trigger food!
  9. DuranFan1969

    Any ideas !

    I loved when I graduated to mushy stage! I did oatmeal, mashed potatoes, cream of wheat, tuna fish w/ a bit of Miracle Whip light, egg salad w/ light mayo, turkey chili, refried beans w/ lowfat sc, scrambled eggs ... those were a lot of my go to staples.
  10. DuranFan1969


    GasX is a wonderful thing, try to take the strips and it will help. Do what you can to stay hydrated and drink the tiny sips of water that you can. It will get better, although it doesn't seem like it now.
  11. DuranFan1969

    Stuggling, need help with head hunger!

    Wow, am I glad I found my way back (yet again) to this forum today of all days and find this thread. I have been getting my butt kicked huge for 5 months (yes, I said months .. ack!!!!) by head hunger. I am so ridiculously beyond frustrated and every time I get my little head hunger under control for a day or two, whoop there it goes again. I'm usually really great during the work day but any time I'm at home ... yeah, not so much and it's making me nuts. I am great at taking and planning my day out, but I don't stick to it the second I walk through the door at home. It's not that I'm making poor food choices; I'm just making too many food choices. I drink my shakes, have good healthy snacks and meals and rarely have anything sugary or fatty. Here's the other thing that I realized actually earlier today, and the reason I reminded myself to come back to the forum that has always been a lifeline for me ... I think I've identified why I have my head hunger. Real long story short, 2 years ago I broke up with my BF of 5 years (he told me I was too overweight for him). I had dated off an on since that time but nothing serious. I had my surgery in June 2012 and decided I was just going to focus on me. Well, 5 months ago bam, this amazing guy drops into my life and I've been dating him ever since - he is wonderful, supportive, everything great, etc. Now did you notice the trend? I've been seeing him for 5 months ... and I have been on a 5 month stall / head hunger bonanza. So I think I've identified the problem (kind of). I know it happens only when I'm at home, I know that it's been happening since I started dating again. I track, I plan ... I fall off that plan every single time when I am at home. How the heck do you get around that kind of head hunger?
  12. DuranFan1969


    There is a great search feature on this forum and it will provide a lot of information on the pros/cons of using a straw. Good luck!
  13. DuranFan1969


    Absolutely I would, no questions asked. I have zero regrets, other than not doing it sooner. I actually was going to do it this time last year and I chickened out and decided I needed more time to think about it. I wish I hadn't have waited but I'm so glad I finally did it. The hardest thing for me has been the head hunger. The sleeve fixes your tummy, but it does not fix your head and that to me has been the absolute hardest part of this and something I know I will always have to work at.
  14. DuranFan1969

    People and their ridiculous expectations....

    That is one well said post !! I was pretty active on VST and I just got so tired of reading the most ridiculous things that it was just easier not to read the clueless things that are posted. People seem so shocked that while they can eat a certain amount of calories that those calories can't all be from the pizza food group. Now granted, we all have fallen down from time to time but as I've learned recently this whole process is about learning to pick yourself up again and keep going.
  15. You are completely fine and the unwich was a good choice. I've had them before as well; sometimes I can only have half and sometimes I can eat the whole thing and it seems to be pretty much normal. It was at least 6 months post op before I could do that though.
  16. DuranFan1969


    What do your daily meals consist of and how many calories are you consuming daily now?
  17. DuranFan1969

    Using a straw?

    I didn't touch a straw for at least 6 months then I randomly found one in my drink and had already used it before I realized what I had done. It didn't feel any different to me, but I do try to avoid straws when possible to be on the safe side.
  18. DuranFan1969

    Bacon is a protein, right?

    One of my staples is tuna and it's great for protein and I very much highly recommend it - it's a quick easy meal that you don't have to heat.
  19. DuranFan1969

    Surgery Scheduled

    Congrats and good luck!!
  20. DuranFan1969

    I think my scale is broken

    I agree, it sounds like you are doing everything right and now it just takes patience. I would venture to guess you are still losing inches though! My doctor warned and warned and warned me that I will have multiple stalls and it's your body's way of trying to figure out what the heck you just did ... but never fear, it will keep coming off once your body gets on board with the program.
  21. DuranFan1969

    Things I LOVE about my sleeve!

    Oh great thread! 1. I can go shopping in my own closet and am wearing clothes I saved in case I ever actually lost the weight. 2. I can walk around without running out of breath doing something as simple as a walk into a building from the parking lot. 3. On the topic of walking ...uh who is this crazy person going for several laps around her complex and it isn't a horrible struggle?! 4. To that point, who also is this crazy person that has so much energy she keeps finding chores to do around the house because she doesn't like to sit on the couch any more?! 5. Agree with the above posters -- the sex! 6. My sleevie has kept me on a healthy lifestyle for over 6 months, which is twice as long as I've ever gone before. 7. While still losing weight, I am at a weight I haven't been at in 10 years and still going!
  22. DuranFan1969


    What they said above Also remember, if you're only putting liquid in, well that's what comes out.
  23. DuranFan1969

    Time off after VSG

    I was off for 2 weeks after surgery and while I wasn't in pain or nauseuous, my energy was absolutely zapped and it took a while to get it back. I was very happy to have taken the time I did off for my body to recover and adjust some before going back to work.
  24. DuranFan1969

    The beginning!

    Oh how I love this point that he made here and I think it's important to note. What all of us have known as a normal stomach is actually abnormal - this surgery is amazing and wonderful and turns your stomach back into normal. Yes it can be a very scary thing in your mind but the reality of it for me is if I had to do it over again I wouldn't think twice and would absolutely do it again - it is so worth it.
  25. My NUT told me ideally they want around 1200 calories for me by 6 months and I am pretty much there most days now but it sure took a lot of work to get there.

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