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  1. Mrs. CMK

    My Bandiversary!

    Today I celebrate my 1st bandiversary. Although I hoped to be in wunderland at this mark, I am only a couple of pounds away! I could not be happier to be down 102 lbs! WooooHooooo!!!!!!!
  2. I finally feel comfortable in sharing some before and after pictures. Still working at it but I feel good about my progress so far.
  3. Mrs. CMK

    Vacation and the Lap Band

    Having the saline removed for vacation would have scared me to death! I think once you have the band you may not even consider that as an option. I was so grateful for my band on vacation. I didn't overeat on vacation, I just made some bad choices and that caused the weight gain. My nutritionist convinced me to only focus on staying the same weight and not losing during the cruise. I think that made all the difference in the world to me. The one thing this did show me is how quickly the weight can come back on. I have worked too hard to go back now. Congratulations on your upcoming lapband placement and although it is hard work, it is so so worth it. God Bless
  4. Mrs. CMK

    Favorite meals???

    One of my favorite dinners is what I call Taco Dip. 3 oz of 99% fat free ground turkey = 90 calories 1/8 c. of reduced fat mild cheddar cheese = 40 calories 1/4 of salsa - 60 calories 24 Tostidos bite size rounds = 140 calories I use the chip to scoop up the dip and I think it is delicious. I have been eating this about 3 days a week for the last 8 months or so and am not tired of it yet. God Bless!
  5. Mrs. CMK

    One year later

    You look gorgeous chickadee! I am so happy for you. Looking at your pictures gave me chills. What an inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing! God Bless
  6. Mrs. CMK

    My BMI

    Thanks so much for pointing this out. I got chills over this and teary eyed. Looking at your pictures and seeing how fabulous you look just gave me some extra gas in my tank! Thanks for that. I can do this!
  7. Mrs. CMK

    So, here goes! pics

    You look great curvy girl! I have been trying to get up the nerve to post pictures but haven't been able to yet. Good for you. Keep up the good work!
  8. Mrs. CMK

    I made my goal!!!!!

    Thanks. My goal is to maintain my weight and we will be taking advantage of the state of the art exercise room on the ship.
  9. Mrs. CMK

    Crazy Question

    It means "productive burp".
  10. Mrs. CMK


    I have to laugh at myself and thought you might get a little laugh too. I am super excited because my BMI is 42.25. All I need to do is get down 2.25 points (about 15 lbs) to move from the Morbidly Obese category to the Obese category! I am so excited. I'll probably lose my mind when I wind down to the Overweight category. lol.
  11. So a few weeks ago I posted that I would be taking a business trip this week and was hoping that I had lost enough weight to no longer need the seat belt extender. I am happy to say that I DID NOT NEED IT! Not only that but there was 5-6 inches of belt left! I usually ask the flight attendant before finding my seat for the extender. I made the decision to not ask this time. I felt pretty sure that I might not need it but I was prepared to ask for it if I needed to. I sat down and easily put it on. I just sat there and cried. With tears rolling down my face, I called my husband to share my excitement with him. He just said over and over, "I am so proud of you.". I flew back this morning with such comfort. I used the tray in front of me for my beverage (couldn't do that before) and even crossed my legs for a while. I am floating on a cloud!
  12. Wowsa! You look fabulous! By the way, I love those jeans in your after picture.
  13. Oh my goodness! So many NSV's in one situation! I would probably be doing some sort of crazy happy dance on the plane and get thrown off for erratic behavior. lol
  14. Mrs. CMK

    Gaining Weight?!?!

    I know this is a tough time. I lost only 2 lbs in the first 3 weeks after surgery. I was devastated. Then I began to read this forum and there is actually a name for it, Bandster Hell. This is very normal. Type the words "Bandster Hell" into the search engine on this site and read all of the posts of your fellow bandsters who went through the same thing. It did me a world of good because I thought I was losing my mind. You can do this but it will take time and willpower (unfortunately) during this phase of your banded life. *hugs*
  15. Mrs. CMK

    Pant Sizes

    I'm 5'2" and started at 304 lbs and was in a very tight size 22 (I should have been wearing 24). The 22's are now getting baggy and I think another 10 lbs I will try to get into some 20's.
  16. Mrs. CMK

    2 Months Post Op

    Congratulations. I am so happy for you. I, too, am 2 months post op and have lost 34 lbs. I feel pretty darn good about it! Keep up the great work. You are inspiring me.

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