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    I am a married 42 yrs almost emptynester(1 left) I am ready to start my new adventure. I call it my "ME FIRST" stage in life(I'm learning to take care of myself 1st smile)
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  1. DeAna N

    Small slip-unfill

    Hi can you tell me what symptoms you had to know you have a slippage every since yesturday I have been feeling tigher and it feels like I am taking in air with everything I drink and eat so lots of burping and feels like air trapped in my check it's not painful just very uncomfortable kind of feels like I have to burp but I can't get it out. thanks for any help
  2. Does anyones band change when the weather changes? we just had our 1st freeze and as the temp dropped I was tighter and today I feel like I just had a fill just curious if anyone else has dealt with this

    1. Sojourner


      No, weather and altitude changes have never seemed to affect my band, but stress does in a significant way. Just another way to show how different and individual we all are!

  3. it took me 3 fills before I started to fill restriction
  4. DeAna N

    Japanese Food

    sadly since my last fill(Aug) no sushi for me I love it but even when I eat it slow I slime. I was so hopeful I would loosen up enough but so far no. I definately can't eat fried rice anymore but I still could eat suchi until recently Good Luck
  5. starting late again Lisa it has been a long time but I need some accountability please add me to the list here is my information: Name, real or screen~ DeAna N. Goal weight for November 30th~ 184 Weight on November 8th~ 187 Age~ 43 City/State~ Oklahoma Dietary goal for November~ getting back to basics Exercise goal for November - walking at least 3 times a week Personal goal for November~ spent time outside it the fresh air Date banded~ 8/15/2012 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~ total wieght loss 43 Favorite Thanksgiving Activity~ Shopping with my Sister
  6. DeAna N


    it's more than likely gas. it took a good month for all the gas to move out. I was very bloated and very uncomfortable I tried gas X it helped very little hang in there try to walk as much as you can it will help to move the gas down
  7. well I am not a 1-6monther I am a 15monther but I eat a lot of the same things that you eat I have had the egg scrambler, tuna, slamon that you listed above. After a year I eat a lot of other choices, things that I can't eat might be a smaller list here is what I eat yesturday. breakfast: 4oz greek yogurt with a a spoon of granola. 1 EAS prot shake morning snack scoop of Peanut Butter and celery lunch BBQ pull pork wraps(crockpot recipe & wrap the meat in in green leafy lettuce with a little shredded cheese) mid day snack choc sugar free puding with 1/4 scoop of protien powder( I use unjury no flavor or choc fav) dinner portbella pizza(take a portbell mushroom cap cover with pizza sauce your choice of meat and cheese bake for 15-20mins) and diced cucumber tomatoe salad bedtime snack( with vitmains and meds)eas protien shack 2oz cubes cheese and 2oz deli meat this is a typical day for me. I take in 1000-1350 calories daily(depending if I exercise that day) I try to change it up so I am not bored. I hope this helped although I am a little further along...enjoy the journey
  8. DeAna N

    Thanksgiving Challenge

    well i will join the challenge. I am a little late I am curently 187 I would like to be 184 by Thanksgiving
  9. lately I always have the hiccups even when I drink. I am going very slow but they show up regardless. I I wait they will eventually pass. anyone else having this issue.

    1. Sojourner


      All the time...it is my soft sign that I have had enough to either eat or drink. It can be embarrassing...LOL!

  10. DeAna N

    Can Eat Bread But Not Chicken?

    I can rarely eat chicken I don't have problems with the canned chicken so I use it a lot in Soups and stews. the harder the bread(toast ,crackers, french etc,) the easy to get down in very small pieces.
  11. DeAna N

    New Goal

    I know you will mkae it especially sinceyou will have to train for the 8k I guess my goal is to run a 5k. I have walked a few but would love to start running again and get 1 under my belt. I plan to train all winter and start looking for local 5ks in march when it is starting to warm up a little...wish me luck
  12. I have had my lapband now for over a year and I and having a hard time getting enough protien in I am so tired of shakes and I need some new ideas about protien options. My cranky band doesn't do meat very well so I am at a loss...HELP need protien options

  13. I have had my lapband now for over a year and I and having a hard time getting enough protien in I am so tired of shakes and I need some new ideas about protien options. My cranky band doesn't do meat very well so I am at a loss...HELP need protien options
  14. had another fill yesturday I had to go in for a ufill today still very tight I've lost 6lb on 24hr I'm scared I'm dehydrating but my DR assures me it is the sweeling and it will go down Ithink Ineed a IV what do you think

  15. DeAna N

    Need to get an unfill tomorrow

    I had a fill yesturday I couldn't even keep water down all night without refluxing or PB so i went in todayI really wanted him to remove 1cc( he put in 2cc) but he said .5cc should do it I don't feel any better so far(it's only been 1hour) does it take a while after the unfill the nurse said I am probably swollen and tender do to all the vomiting but if I am still vomiting how is that going to change I am very worried I have lost 6lb in 24hour and my blood suger is getting pretty low i don't want to be a buggaboo but I think I should go back in what do you think? or at least go get an IV drip to get my fluids back up

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