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  1. Okay, soooo i have been cleared by my Cardiologist!!! Yay!!! Next stop Pulmonologist on Monday, Oct 1st. Super excited! After that, i shall be Approved and then begin my surgery prep including Upper GI and Chest xray. soooooooooooo ready for this surgery. I find myself having dreams about life after weightloss. I feel free in my dream and i feel like theres nothing holding me down anymore. Its mostly mental believe it or not. I will no longer feel like people are judging me because of my weight or most of all, i wont judge myself anymore. smh . . . thank you in advance Lord
  2. Clearance received from the Cardiologist!! Last stop: Pulmonologist on Oct 1st. Kinda wanted a closer date but this gives me time to get any last minute paper work needed. !! Leggo!!

  3. soooooo it has now been 13months that i have been going thru the whole "Insurance Approval Adventure". i completed my 6 months of NUT meetings, 1 psych evaluation, call my doctor, call my insurance, call my management group, calling calling asking verifying!! Trying everything in my power to hurry the process along just so i can finally get what ive been waiting for . . . A Surgery Date!! *Stop* Now Breathe! Okay, soo i went to see the cardiologist today for a check up. I have no diseases or illnesses due to my Obesity but my insurance group required that i have clearance from a cardiologist and pulmonologist before they would approve me for surgery . . . This is usually done right before surgery and after you receive your surgery date But my insurance wants it before they will approve my surgery. So i go to the cardiologist today and i had some coffee before i went in and the nurse takes my blood pressure and its 170/ 110!!!!!! WWWOOOOWWW! crazy!! ive never had an abnormal anything. so the cardiologist asks me questions and examines meand runs the ekg and everything is fine. . . i dont show any symptoms of high blood pressure i.e swollen legs, chest pain etc, so i wait for 10 minutes to see if it goes down and during this time, i try to relax and take deep breathes and he checks it again . . . 160/90. Still abnormally high. so the cardiologist says that he wants me to take a blood pressure medication until surgery. He says that i am okay tho. Im super confused/worried because #1 i dont want anything getting in the way of me having my surgery and i dont want to be taking medication. i know that hbp is caused by obesity but ive never had it before. Should i be concern???
  4. Pre Op on Monday with the Cardiologist then the Pulmonologist. Then Finally!! Its time!!! My Time!!

  5. Pre Op on Monday with the Cardiologist then the Pulmonologist. Then Finally!! Its time!!! My Time!!

  6. Ms. Popular

    Mr Telephone Man......something Wrong With My Line?

    I hear ya girl, My management group wants me to receive my preop tests before they will approve me so that is where i am at. Its been a whole year this month that ive been in the process of receiving my sleeve. Now we are at the final step before and i am praying for patience!! I cant wait to be a normal size person. I just have to remember to breathe.
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    Funding Approved :) And Omg It's Only 26 Days To Go!

    thats super awesome!!!!!! Congrates!!!!
  8. Ms. Popular

    Today's The Day - I Find Out If I Got My Funding Approved :)

    I HAVE TO CALL TODAY FOR THE EXACT SAME THING. One guy told me to call today to find out if the medical director approved it. i already called twice this morning but i dont think they open until 9. ahhhhhhh!!! Ive come a long way and im so proudd of myself for being so persistant. God is on myside. Ive complleted 6mnths nutrition, psych elav, surgery consult and not to mention all the damn calls ive had to make to make sure that everyone involved in my process has done their jobs and called, received faxes, sent faxes, entered information etc. My mom says that all this work should go on my resume. lol.
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    Girl, this is just the beginning. I have a long ways to go.But thank you!!!
  10. Okay, Consultation has been completed, now i am waiting for the hospital to accept my insurances letter of agreement and we are approved! Finally!

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    100lbs lost

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    New do!

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    From the album: Before and . . .

    i hate this pic. i was actually feeling skinny that day. smh
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    From the album: Before and . . .

    i hate this pic. i was actually feeling skinny that day. smh
  15. Hey there, i am a California Sleever to be! I have my consult date is july 3 & 6. im super excited! its been a long journey. i cant wait to start my new life!