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  1. Has anyone tried vitafusion gummies for fiber?

  2. Has anyone tried vitafusion gummies for fiber?

  3. I can't seem to shake this anxiety or depression

  4. I can't shake this anxiety and depression

  5. I can't shake this anxiety and depression

  6. I tried the best shake ever! Lean Body Cookies and Creams. I hate all types of protein shakes and I hate milk shakes. However, I love this milk shake, it will be my go to thing. I would drink this even if I didn't have to . No after taste or anything. Best part 40 grams of protein

  7. The best shake ever

  8. starting to feel better but the weight is slow

  9. Mood swings all over the place ughhh

  10. It will be here sooner than you know it.

  11. Anyone up who would like to chat

  12. I am offically one month out and down 23lbs. I found the most delicious protein shake. OMG I was hating the taste of shake because I have been on them so long. I had a hital hernia repair which makes it harder for me to swallow right now. I hated every single shake I have tasted until dunt dunt dunnnnn. I tried an organic cafe mocha protein shake from the Vitamin Shoppe. I went their asked the employee which one he tasted that was the best. Oh yeah protein bar was always a favorite of...

  13. Okay I am back! I was sleeved July 3rd and I am just now able to focus enough to get back on this website. I was in so much pain and had to go back into the hospital for complication. Omg I am glad I may almost be back to normal. This process is so much more challenging than I thought. Anyone has any encouraging thoughts about being normal soon to help me along?

  14. who ever said that this wasn't that bad was crazy. GASSSSSSSSSSSSSS OMG

  15. Good night all, Next time we speak I will be sleeved.

  16. All my July 3rd Sleevers, Our new journey begins Nabird77 (Gena) , StarshineMama, letsdothis!!!, Christylove, z3djinn, gingersnap70, dar1983, 11 Hours 15 Minutes 56 Seconds

  17. 15 Hours 28 Minutes 21Seconds

  18. 15 Hours 28 Minutes 21Seconds

  19. 23 Hours 4 Minutes 18 Seconds I can't wait!

  20. I just got the called I am cleared for surgery tomorrow. I don't have h.pylori, the breath test came back negative. Surgery for me tomorrow.

  21. Lap Band revison to Sleeve Does anyone knows if the doctors cut on the same incision they used when operating to install the lapband?

  22. Lap Band revison to Sleeve

  23. Lap Band revison to Sleeve

  24. The doctors also test for h.pylori with blood test. They may ask for additional test such as the breath test. If your blood test show negative for H. Pylori they may not ask for an EGD. or a breath test.

  25. Okay I took my breath test for h.pylori and I won't find out if I am having surgery until the day of surgery. I am so bummed out. I can't wait anoher 2 or 3 weeks for surgery. However, I think it is harding waiting until the day before surgery to find out if it will happened. What symptoms of any did anyone have after taking the liquid and breath test for h.pylori?

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