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LAP-BAND Patients
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  1. ChristyLove

    My Story / Approval

    I had the band also and it had to come out. I have three kids and I am waiting for approval to be sleeved.
  2. That is a very good way to look at it the situation
  3. I am curious about the first stages of weightloss. Do you think most of the weight that comes off in the beginning is because the liquid diet or the actual surgery?
  4. Did anyone lose the weight after surgery without excerise?
  5. Thank you for the instruction on how to edit. I never knew you could edit after a post.
  6. Were you a slow loser from the start? When did you see the weightloss really slowing down? Congrats to you!
  7. Wow that is really amazing. Congrats. What was your biggest challenge?
  8. ChristyLove

    3 Days To Go

  9. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    Your date is almost here
  10. ChristyLove

    Anyone Want To Chat?

    sorry saw your post to last. Good Idea to get people in the chat room at a certain time
  11. ChristyLove

    Hey July Sleevers!

    July here also
  12. ChristyLove

    I Got My Surgery Date

    I had two hernia repairs and a lapbad removal and my doctor didn't say it was a problem at all
  13. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    I am in NJ . Consider yourself buddied
  14. ChristyLove

    Any New Jersey Gastric Sleevers?

    How did your surgery go?
  15. ChristyLove

    Any New Jersey Gastric Sleevers?

    Hey your really close to my area.
  16. Anyone knows any bloodless surgery hosiptals in Mexico. I am suppose to have surgery July 3 but now I am not so sure. All of these months I was told NJ BCBS covers the surgery. Now no one sure. I wont know anything until Monday. I am trying to do research just in case. I really don't want to move my date if I have to self pay. I waited 6 months. I am out of school soon and I can't take days off in September.
  17. Bloodless surgery is not just that blood won't be given to you. It is also the procedures used in it place. Most doctors need to be trained and certified as well as have the equipment at their hosipital in case of complication.
  18. ChristyLove

    July 3Rd!

    Hey sleeve teacher/sister
  19. ChristyLove

    July 2Nd Is My Day! 29 More Days But Who's Counting

    Hey sleeve sister. I am also in NJ and we are in the same boat. My date is July 3rd however, I am still waiting for my approval.
  20. ChristyLove

    Sleeve Stretch

    What does that mean and how does that affect your weightloss?
  21. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    Hey guys I am focusing on small events every week to pass the time. This way it takes the focus off of July 3rd
  22. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    Is chicken broth ok for the pre-op diet or just water and protein shakes
  23. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    July 3rd Hope insurance approves. Yes that is the plan for me July 3rd Hope insurance approves.
  24. ChristyLove

    July Sleevers

    Yes that is the plan for me July 3rd Hope insurance approves.

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