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  1. Okay I am back! I was sleeved July 3rd and I am just now able to focus enough to get back on this website. I was in so much pain and had to go back into the hospital for complication. Omg I am glad I may almost be back to normal. This process is so much more challenging than I thought. Anyone has any encouraging thoughts about being normal soon to help me along?

  2. List the food stages please. Tell me where does eggs go on it. Include one example of each. Then tell me how long you spent on each stage. Thank you everyone
  3. how long after post op for scramble eggs?
  4. If I make farina (hot cereal) very loose and soupy is it considered liquid? Jello, protein shakes, what else?
  5. Am I missing somthing? I thought I thank you for your advice and said some nice things. I don't understnd why you think I am talking specifically about you? Everyone on this site is here for support lets not turn on one another please.
  6. ChristyLove

    IMG 0212

    Wow I hope I do as well. I am still in pain
  7. ChristyLove


    You look happy.
  8. ChristyLove

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    I was sleeved July 3rd also.
  9. ChristyLove

    IMG 1894

    You look great! I am a mother and a teacher also.
  10. That was my feeling exactly. I don't want to do anything that will make this process worse. Thank you
  11. I think you advice helped. I glad someone else had the thought or went through it also. I will also try and wait to get to the puree stage. Thank you soooooo much. It really helped. I am usually very strong however, I can see how everyone needs encouraging support. Thank you again
  12. Thank you for the advice. I was looking for some support on how I am feeling. I never tried it but someone told me about it. Thank you for not labeling me or diagnoising me. It was a thought. I am 6 days out and everyone is eating around me and the smell is unbearable. I didn't get to have water until 2 days ago and I could get shakes until yesterday. They didn't give me anything in the hospital until the 4th day the doctors gave me water and day 5 I got broth. Yesterday I had a partial shake. Thanks for putting me back on the right track without judging me.
  13. ChristyLove

    October 1, 2011

    You guys look great!
  14. ChristyLove

    5 Days Post Op.....questions

    I have the same thing is has eased up as I my stomach got use to what I was eating. 4 days post op
  15. cocoa butter for human massagers and dry itchy skin after surgery, It works on contact to put mositure back in skin.and eucalyptus spray heled spelled good and also helps to relieve stress and they have one for sleep. I used them both and all I can say is OMG! someone else told me about it before my surgery. I was weary at first but it does help. one I sprayed on my pillow when I was uncomfortable and just wanted to leave the hospital. The other my husband rubbed on my neck and arms. Hope this helps
  16. I am 3 days post op and I have to tell you it was no walk in the park. First, I had so much scar tissues the doctor told me the scar tissues from my band removal a year ago had begun to encase and grow over my liver. It took 4 hours to cut the scar tissue from my liver and stomach and other organs. Next, I was in so much pain from the gas I couldn't bear it. One nice nurse made me some homemade heating pads. However, the rest of the nurses did not want to assist with the Water heating pads but some did with attitiudes. I decided to write a list of what you really need pre op and post op from the hospital. 2 heating pads = 1 for your stomach and 1 for your back ( get the kind you have to plug in) the wireless ones don't heat well and it was hard to keep getting up and charging the batteries. Not to mention they only use rechargeable batteries. 1 shushi massager ( I think it spelled right)= to massage the gas from your back, side, and stomach 1 Coco butter oil only it helps if you have someone to rub you down and it helps bath & body works = eucalyptus spearmint stress relief aromatherapy. lotion and spray for the pillow it really, really helps.
  17. jThe massager helped move all the gas. excuse my language, I passed gas excessively after using the massager and the heating pads. I beginning to feel much better without the gas.
  18. I had the heating pads plugged them in along with my phone charger without a problem. However, I would take them and if you can't use them you can use them at home. But you will need them.
  19. ChristyLove

    Dad Almost Died From Sleeve

    I am so sorry. How is he now? What are the doctors plans to help your dad?
  20. The massager is as small as the heating pad. I purchased it at walgreens. You can lay on it. It will help ALOT with the gas. Believe me I feel almost normal reference to gas now.
  21. ChristyLove

    Question About Drain

    Could it be gas?
  22. The massage is small and encased in cushion with two small balls. This massager is most comfortable it doesn't hurt.

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