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  1. did it take you a month, two months, 3 ??? Thanks Im mexican american and I love spicy foods.
  2. First of all congrats!! How far are you out? and How many pounds did you loose? I will start TTC SOON
  3. I honestly want to have kids first because whats the point of havinga cute flat tummy then BAMN fat and flabby again because of children get me?? I'd rather have my babies first then be a SEXY MAMA!! lol
  4. So I've been married for almost 6 years and I have PCOS this is the reason why I had VSG to loose weight and have children. Before surgery I had done clomid, iui's, including IVFS and NOTHING Im now 78-88 pounds less and Im only 20 lbs away from goal weight. I want to be a mommy already anyone here in the same situation??? Hubby has been using condoms since surgery. I have 2 frozen embryos I want to transfer next month which would be my 6th month post-op. I don't want to try and get pregnant naturally because I feel like I would be leaving my babies (Frozen Embryos) behind. So I just want to transfer them next month and see what happens, If it's really true that me BEING FAT was keeping me away from being a mommy. Thanks for reading this xoxo
  5. Im 3 months post-op and I think I should of lost more then what the scale says.
  6. But I lost 47 pounds in 3 months the other was pre-op required by my insurance
  7. I was sleeved 6/26/12 and I've lost 47 lbs since surgery. But 71 in total from my highest weight ever.
  8. Damn you look HOT!!!!!! <3 muahhhhh keep up the good work bay-bee!!
  9. Karen2012

    West La Kaiser Dr Zelada

    He is strict thank god I lost 11 pounds when he said 10. BUT if you lose at least 7-8 pounds he will still do it!! best of luck
  10. I would love to see what others have for breakfast lunch dinner and snacks? please I wanna get ideas.
  11. I dont I would like to know if there good too because they look bomb hahaha
  12. Karen2012

    5 Weeks Post Op And....

    OMG how did you do it also, now I feel like a failure ughhhh Im 21 yrs old and started day of surgery 226 and tuesday I was 5 weeks-post-op and Im 205
  13. Karen2012

    5 Weeks Post Op And....

    OMG 56 pounds in 5 weeks? what are you doing that is awesome. Im 5 weeks post-op and lost only 22 pounds + 10 from one week before surgery with liquids a total of 32
  14. I will be 5 weeks post-op on Tuesday do you think I can start these classes??
  15. Karen2012

    Fried Food

    Im also 5 weeks post-op and my momma just had to make Fried Fish on the oven OMG Im dying here I wanna eat a piece. ughhhh lol
  16. Karen2012

    West La Kaiser Dr Zelada

    When is your date??
  17. Im in a total b***h mode because I can't eat what I like :/ Im 9 days post-op and iv been on liquids. Everyone eats yumny food around me and i cant have at least one bit. Its frustrating. Ughhhhhhh i feel like crying.
  18. Before surgery I was obsessed with Chips, now I can't have them because what would be the point of having this major surgery??? But do you guys have anything good I can try out??
  19. Karen2012

    Protein Bars?

    I like the premier ones and they have 30 grams of protein which is awesome!!
  20. Karen2012

    3 Month Stall

    Do you cheat and eat stuff you aren't supposed too? Because I myself eat stuff that Im not supposed too even though in small amounts and I notice I don't lose weight.
  21. Karen2012

    Kasier Permanente?

    Yes I had surgery In west los angeles in Kaiser <3

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