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  1. actingnurse

    TX - DFW

    Anyone starting one for DFW?
  2. actingnurse

    Military/Reserves after surgery?

    Obviously prior to surgery I was way too heavy to ever join the military. I'm an RN and will be finishing my bachelor's this fall which means I could enter the service as an officer. I'm tossing around the idea of Air Force or Navy reserves - just a weekend a month and two weeks in the summer. Anyone else considered this? Thoughts?
  3. So here's my story. I was sleeved on 12/31/12 - started at 302, dropped to 182... now knocking on four years out I bounce between 195 and 202 after that initial rebound. I wanted to hit 175, but that didn't happen. I'm now 36. I've never worked out in my life. Never lifted weights, no sports... nothing. I want to improve the way I look by the time I turn 40 - I've got 3.5 years to do it. I want to knock the weight down to 175, and add muscle in the process to just have a nice build by my deadline. I'm clueless where to start - the gym is intimidating and when I browse the net I get overloaded with so many different articles, and most of them are aimed at people who have at least some experience with weight training. I was thinking starting with running to burn the fat and get it down before starting to lift. Thoughts? Should I start lifting/weight training at the same time? What are good exercises for literally a beginner - I have no strength at all and would have to start with ridiculously low weights. Thanks for any help.
  4. actingnurse

    Joining the Military post-OP?

    Did you have luck?
  5. actingnurse


    Anyone feeling like they don't look any better after surgery? I'm not sure if its the loose skin screwing with my head or what... I'm over a year out and I've been stuck at 183ish for four months now... I will eventually need plastics for sure.. I guess in my head when I got the surgery I just thought I'd look great, but I just dont feel it now that I'm here. Oh well. Anyone else in that boat with me?
  6. actingnurse

    Sick Of Compliments And Comments

    While the comments suck it could be worse... You could get no. Attention. At. All.
  7. actingnurse

    Dear Veterans, has your hunger returned?

    I eat about 1800-2000 calories a day and maintain at my current weight. I raised my calorie intake as fast as i could after surgery to keep my metabolism from slowing to a standstill. I eat every 3-4 hours now and have just accepted it lol. Im needing to get back to basics but have to find time to hit up the grocery store... Hopefully this weekend!
  8. As a guy... I can tell you he's acting like that because he's super insecure and jealous as hell now. That's toxic for the relationship.. you need to confront him about it and see what he says... he'll either change or maybe he needs some time away to figure out what he really wants.
  9. actingnurse

    2014 - Where have all the "ole-timers" gone?

    Not sure if I qualify or not... knocking on 17 months out. I lurk time to time... I think I'd have been more memorable if I'd done less bitching/whining lol. I'm bouncing between 180-185... I had hoped to hit 175, but my surgeon says if I have the loose skin removed, I'll probably drop 6lbs.. That'd put me real close. It's just tough when you don't have that kind of cash. I do admit I don't eat as well as I should. I could blame it on others in the house keeping crappy food around, etc., but I'm ultimately responsible for myself and my own choices. I've been meeting with the Air Force nurse recruiter the last couple of weeks. He's going to submit my paperwork over and he thinks he can get a waiver for the surgery since I have zero complications, zero food restrictions (types, not quantity obviously), and take zero vitamins/supplements. It may be a tough fight but he and another medical recruiter seem to think I have a shot, especially since I'm medical. I'm applying for their graduate school scholarship - I got accepted to Vanderbilt's Primary Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program. If they DO accept me I'll go inactive reserves for the year that I'm in school... they'll pay tution, fees, books, etc. and give me 2100 a month stipend... Once I graduate and pass boards I'll go in commissioned as a Captain and nurse practitioner I'm really looking forward to it and hope I make it in - send up good vibes for me. That's pretty much the only excitement in my life lately. Trying not to get bummed that I didn't hit my goal weight. Trying to deal with body image issues - when I take my shirt off I still look like the same fat guy in my mind because of saggy skin... it's weird... I'm sure some one out there gets me on that though. If anyone would like to keep in touch my facebook is www.facebook.com/claytaylorphotography or hit me up on MFP www.myfitnesspal.com/actingnurse1
  10. From the album: Before and after

    This is me on set of my film, Bad Buddha. I'm the writer/director and it stars Marc Donato froM Degrassi High and Rodney Rush from Breaking Bad.
  11. actingnurse

    Dallas, Texas Sleevers! !

    Bedford - Sleeved 12-31-12
  12. actingnurse

    All of my December sleevers...

    So, I haven't really lost anything since November/December... I've been stuck between 183-185... This week I finally got down to 180... but today I was back up to 182... is everyone else stuck in maintenance? I'm technically still considered "overweight" since for my height I need to be down to 168 :-/ I meet with the Air Force recruiter tomorrow for their graduate school nursing scholarship program and I need to be under 185 to make weight... I'm on a thin line and don't want to go back up any. Any tips for those in maintenance? 12/31/13 was my 1 year - stats in signature.
  13. actingnurse

    All of my December sleevers...

    One year today. I went from 303 to 185... Ive been stalled the last three to four weeks. Only lost 2lbs this month - i wanted to make it to 175 :-/ any tips? Should i give it up?
  14. actingnurse

    All of my December sleevers...

    One year today. I went from 303 to 185... Ive been stalled the last three to four weeks. Only lost 2lbs this month - i wanted to make it to 175 :-/ any tips? Should i give it up?
  15. actingnurse

    All of my December sleevers...

    Wow Dana! Smokin hot!
  16. actingnurse

    Body lift/skin removal

    most, if not all, consider it a cosmetic choice.... I'm curious as well.
  17. Havent posted progress in a while. Just past the 11 month mark. Sleeved 12/31/2012 High weight: 303 Surgery weight: 297 First month: - 31lbs Second month: - 11 lbs Third month: - 13 lbs Fourth month: - 10 lbs Fifth month: - 10 lbs Sixth month: - 9 lbs Seventh month: - 4.8 Eighth month: - 8.6 Ninth month: - 6.8 Tenth month: - 4.2 Eleventh month: - 6.2 Current weight: 187.2 Total lost: - 115.2 lbs Average Calories: 1300-1400 per day. actually walked in the store this weekend and bought 32x30 pants and medium shirts... from a 44x30 and XXL
  18. actingnurse

    11 Month Update

    Shopping for an outfit for the Christmas party today.
  19. actingnurse

    Are There Any Single Sleevers Out There..

    I was shopping for something to wear to the hospital Christmas party... Still feel VERY weird dressing nice. My one year will be 12/31/13.

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