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    Any June Sleevers?

    @guitar819 I don't think you're going to hear anything out here you don't already know. At the end of the day, this is all a matter of priorties. I'm sure the protein and protein drinks don't taste as good as the things you've allowed yourself to eat and drink. So in order to be able to do what you have to do for success, you'll need to weed those things out again. Your priority is to lose this weight and "feel good about yourself" It will also go a long way to improving the texture of your hair again. So let's get this going again. Get back on that healthy eating program. Reward yourself with success, not food. Reward yourself with clothes. I'm shopping quality stuff at Goodwill until I reach goal. Exercise!!! Pick what you like, and do LOTS of it. Walk, run, dance, kick, stretch, bike, swim. We don't all like the same things but we all like SOMETHING. So get moving everyday!!!!! Remind yourself every moment why you did this, why you wanted this and go after that with gusto! I wish you the best and look forward to hearing how you got back on track.! G.
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    This is my guess. The forum programming does that based on your number of posts.
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    I need a little encouragement

    Kev is absolutely right! Even though I can't resist the daily weigh in, I do watch closely how my clothes feel during a stall. My surgery was July 9th and I've had a few stalls for varying durations. But during each one, I can see the difference in my clothes and people always seem to comment on my loss during the stalls. Just keep on the program while your body adjusts and you will succeed.
  4. Giselle3264

    10 months out.

    Your progress is fabulous! You've done an amazing job. So you struggle with vitamins but what was easy for you or hard and you found a solution? CONGRATS!
  5. Giselle3264

    81 down, 4 to goal!

    How exciting! You stuck with it and got it done. You look so young and happy.
  6. Giselle3264

    Anyone have BC Alabama insurance?

    I was approved with a combination. My BMI was 40 for 4 out of the 5 yrs. Since I had both hypertension and sleep apnea, they allowed the one down year.
  7. Giselle3264

    What is the endo?

    Could they be talking about the upper endoscopy or egd? I had one preop to ensure I was fit for this type of surgery. It was a very easy procedure.
  8. Giselle3264

    Anyone have BC Alabama insurance?

    My employer is self-insured and the insurance company is just the administrator of my employers rules. I had no 6 month waiting period. I had to use a network provider (80% coverage) or a Center of Excellence (100% coverage). The other requirement was a BMI of 40 for 5 consectutive years. That was my medical necessity. It wasn't written, but my surgeon's office knew they could qualify me with two comorbities (diabetes or sleep apnea, or hypertension) and a BMI of 35. Your selection of surgeon is important but so is a staff that knows how to work the rules.
  9. My two favorites are fresh strawberries (NOT advised until several weeks post op) and light chocolate Silk milk. Not a big almond fan, but almond milk sounds like an interesting option.
  10. I waited until after my first pre-op visit. I have Centrum flavor burst and they are delicious. I have to stop myself from munching on the whole bottle. My calcium citrate is from Bariatric Advantage and they're chocolate and carmel chews. Love them! My B12 is also one that dissolves under the tongue very quickly. I think they're cherry flavored. I need to check out the biotin and I may need the fish oil too soon. It took me trial and error to get here but I'm quite pleased with my regimen.
  11. YES, YES, and YES! Your question is very valid and very important. I've had my sleeve since July and I'm still adjusting to a lifestyle that is different than any other I've had before. I have envied others at the table who are eating everything they ordered. Although no one has commented on my eating habits being odd. They envy what they thought was my self-control. I have been disappointed after preparing a wonderful, albeit small, meal and only being able to eat a few bites. When I'm stressed, I miss the relief and comfort I got from food. But since my pre-op diet in May, surgery in July, I've lost 80 pounds. I exercise and eat properly and I've never been happier. THIS is why I had the surgery. We never get it all, do we? And we tend to mourn lost relationships, even ones not good for us. So it's a matter of priorites and this is what I wanted more than the relationship with food. My only regret is not having done it years ago. Good luck to you and welcome to the forum.
  12. I took some pictures today for my 5-month surgiversary. When I looked at them, I saw every, single pound that I still need to lose (about 40). It was very discouraging. Then I looked at the pictures I took 6 weeks pre-op and I saw all the pounds I've already lost. I'm so glad I took these early pictures. I'm sure I'll be happy in a few months I took the ones today.
  13. Giselle3264

    Why pictures MATTER!

    Thank you all so much for your compliments and encouragement. You lifted me up and spurred me on!!! Good question, SweetTee. I started at 234 lbs. in the pictures you see and I'm 5" 0' Started in 18/20W pants and I'm now very comfortable in size 14 jeans. My size 2X tops are now Misses mediums. Thanks again!
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    From the album: My VSG Photos

  15. I've had numerous surgeries and in all cases, I'm talking or being talked to, or being wheeled down the hall and I'm out. The very next moment I'm waking up. It's never been a gradual process. Once I was told to count backward from 100. I got to 97 and they started calling my name. I thought, "What do you want? Just get this over." It was over. They were waking me up! For this surgery, they also gave me something to "relax" me before they put me out. I was so happy You won't have any problems!
  16. Giselle3264

    Rockin' Refuel

    My doctor had two choices of protein drinks we could use and we were allowed to try them both in his office before we began the diet. One of his choices could be mixed with skim milk. His objectives were to get us on something that was high in protein but low in carbohydrates. It's the carbs you have to look at. His guideline for post op protein drinks was 1 gram of protein for every 10 calories. I'm using Nectar by Syntrax now and love the taste. Good luck!
  17. Giselle3264

    So Flipping Miserable

    I agree the mental struggle is difficult in the early weeks. As time goes on and the pounds go off, I remember THE priority. Contrary to what people want to think, there can only be one #1 priority. For me it's getting this weight off. Period. As far as comfort and addiction, I've had to find substitutes, something I couldn't....no, didn't.... do before. The trick is to find constructive substitutes like crafts, volunteer work, learning a new language, exercise. It's time to find the one(s) that works for you. Let the old go and enjoy the new you.
  18. Giselle3264

    Working Out

    I would guess sometime soon you have a check in appointment with your doctor. Please discuss this with him or her first. All these surgeons seem to be different so it's best to follow their guidelines. I'm glad you're feeling so strong and healthy. That is definitely a good sign. Also it's a good sign that you WANT to get moving and toned. Just check in and make sure you do the right thing to keep your recovery on the right track. Congratulations!
  19. Giselle3264

    Anyone Considered Baby Food ?

    I tried it during the puree stage. In fact, I was excited about the possibilities and the ease of use. However, one taste of the first jar and I never tried it again. It was SO bland! I was really surprised. I suppose too it could depend on the flavor you choose? Good luck!
  20. Giselle3264

    Noticing Weight Loss

    Very good advice here. Measurements, NSVs, and PICTURES. I never saw how overweight I was until I looked at pictures someone took of me. Then I was really surprised and sad. Now pictures tell a different story. PROGRESS!!!
  21. Giselle3264

    One Month Post-Op Photo

    What a great idea! I love seeing the gentle transformation over such a short period of time. You must be so excited. Keep up the wonderful work and ENJOY!
  22. Giselle3264

    Thanksgiving Day Challenge

    Pre-surgery Wt: 235.8 Surgery 7/9/12 Weight at Surgery: 208.5 11/1: 166.4 (bouncing around this week) 11/8: 161.2 11/15: 161.4 11/22: 159.6 Challenge Goal: 155 So that wicked stall is holding on but so am I! Upped my protein and consistent with my exercise. The scale will change. Pajama pants a friend bought me fit on 11/2 but now they're slipping down so I know this is going the right direction. Also my scale indicates I've lost another percentage of body fat so far this month. So I'm off to the New Year's Challenge (skipping the Christmas one) with a smile. Best of luck to all as we continue our efforts to LOSE!
  23. Giselle3264

    Any Long Time Sleevers Out There?

    So there you are PdxMan! I'm only 4 months post op but I always loved your advice. I saw some of the flammings and just smacked my forehead. I'm glad you pop in sometimes. Your perspective and common sense have value to us newbies. Since your surgery was one year and one day before mine, maybe I'll just check out your blog for some insight.
  24. Giselle3264

    Please God!

    You? Ugly? Couldn't happen!