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  1. AlleyKat

    Anyone In The Gta

    I'm being banded on June 22nd at the Toronto Slimband Clinic and am wondering if there is anyone else here from the area? Anyone been banded at Slimband?
  2. AlleyKat

    Complete Failure

    You're not a failure. i think you need to get back on track and monitore what you are eatting and get i for another fill! I am feeling the same as you in a lot of ways even though I've only been banded a few months. You can do it
  3. AlleyKat

    August Summer Challenge

    Checking late as usual at 211.3!
  4. AlleyKat

    Pain ( Is It My Port Or Band )

    You should probably check with your doctor. I had pain in a similar location yesterday but it was significaly below where my port is and i don't feel it's realated at all for me. i went to the doctors last night and for me they think an intestinal infection. I didn't have a ripping senseation or anything though. My friend leaned over a counter and felt a ripping sensation at the port site and it ended up being that some of the stitches holding the port in place had ripped. In other words, who knows! Get it looked at just to be on the safe side Good luck!
  5. AlleyKat

    August Summer Challenge

    Name, real or screen~ Alleykat Goal weight for August 31st~ 206 Weight on August 1st~216 Weight on August 9th ~ 212.4 Weight on August 16th - 212.8
  6. AlleyKat

    6 Months Banded

    What province are you in? I had to pay completly out of pocket! The only good news is my Husband's insurance company has agreed to pay $2000 out of his health spending acount as part of his medical benefits!
  7. AlleyKat


    My nutritionist said it was not recommended but it was okay, the flatter the better. I sip at it and I make a can of pop last 2 days or so. I can't gulp it like I used to anyway! I don't like reg. coke, only diet. We went to a Jays vs. Yankees Baseball game sunday and i am STILL working on my drink lol. Don't think I can give up pop completly.
  8. AlleyKat

    104Lbs? You Should Be Losing That In Like 4 Months.

    ohy I can empathize! I love my husband dearly but any time I have attempted weight loss he has done his best to make me feel guily. I've only lost a few lbs since my surgery at the end of June and he says it's a failure, I've wasted my money, I'm not going to succeed. That i should have lost a lot more already and that I should be at goal within a year if this thing is worth it. He wants to go out for dinner all the time and when i only eat a half portion and bring the rest home he says it's a waste and I've ruined going out for dinner which is something we used to enjoy doing together. He also says he's getting fat and I'll find other boys if I lose the weight and no one else will want him. I say if he's uncomfortable he should be eatting this healther food with me and he pays for a gym membership so why not come to the gym with me and we can do it together! It's frustrating and so hard to keep yourself controled when people are seemingly willing you to fail. Just don't give up on yourself, I'm sure he will come around. I'm going to do this, I WILL be a success story.
  9. AlleyKat

    August Summer Challenge

    Sorry i'm a day late!! Name, real or screen~ Alleykat Goal weight for August 31st~ 206 Weight on August 1st~216 Weight on August 9th ~ 212.4 Age~25 Dietary goal for August~ Focus on measuing 1-1.5cp food Exercise goal for August~ 30 min 3 days per week. Date banded~ June 22/2012 (221.6lb) Total loss: 9.2lbs
  10. AlleyKat

    Banded Since 2009

    What a great achievement! i'm so happy for you and it is great inspiration to a newbie like be. Thank you so much for sharing!
  11. Love that quote Jean. A study can be manipulated to show pretty much whatever the author chooses to show. Remember also that Correlation does not equal causation. There are always other factors that play in to studys. It may look like the band was removed 50% of the time but WHY? Was it failure of the band or failure of the user? What happened to the people who dropped out of the study? Also the band has come a long way with many improvements to how it is made and used. It is a relativly new procedure as well so it will take years, possibly decades before they will be able to do a study that truely reflects the success of the band.
  12. AlleyKat

    Crunchy Knees!

    stick to the pool until you see your doctor to reduce impact (Which sucks because i know Zumba is fun!). i'm 25 and have crunchy knees, I've had them for a few years now. No fun.
  13. AlleyKat

    Scared I'm Eating To Much!

    I spoke to my fill nurse yesterday because i was eatting more than a cup (5 weeks post op). she said to have 1-1.5cups and stop and wait an hour. If your still hungry have another 1-1.5cps. This prevents the chance of stretching your pouch by eatting too much but at the same time scocunts for the fact that we aren't properly resticted and are HUNGRY!!.
  14. i called CIBO and they seemed great but I ended up going with Slimband in Toronto with Dr Cyriak and Dr. Yau who were amazing. They also suture the band to prevent slippage.
  15. AlleyKat

    August Summer Challenge

    Im in! Name, real or screen~ Alleykat Goal weight for August 31st~ 206 Weight on August 1st~216 Age~25 Dietary goal for August~ Focus on measuing 1-1.5cp food Exercise goal for August~ 30 min 3 days per week. Date banded~ June 22/2012 What is your favorite place to travel?~ UK or Vegas
  16. AlleyKat

    Tattoo Question!

    For your inner arm I'd probably hold off until you are closer to your goal weight. I feel like any of the fleshier areas would be at greater risk for distortion. brwangel - I'm kinda in the same boat. I have a tatt I'd like to either get on the back of my neck or on my write but I'm worried about "professional' appearance.
  17. AlleyKat

    Fills..? How Often?

    For my surgeon, the 1st fill is done at time of surgery. The next is done 4 weeks later. There is a fill approximatly every 4 weeks until you hit your 'sweet spot'. I was told it's only every 4weeks because it takes your body and the band approximatly 4 weeks to adjust to the fill.
  18. i hadmy first fill today and i fill the same way I have 5cc in my band and am also on 24hrs liquid 24hrs pureed. I am also super hungry right now too lol. My Protein shake really didn't cut it . I go back every 4 weeks until I'm at my 'sweet spot'. They add 1cc each visit until I'm close and then they will go to 0.5cc and 0.25cc if necessary. They said that the goal with my current fill is to not gain any wait and with the next 2 fills or so I should start going down steadily. I can't wait to be a success story. i feel like for the first tie in my life, I could be one.
  19. AlleyKat

    Post Op Appointment

    I have my first post-op appointment today. I was banded June 22. I'm down a total 8lbs which is disappointing but i was warned not to expect weight loss after surgery and possibly even a weight gain until I start getting fills. I'm excited for my fill today. i'm ready to get this show on the road!!
  20. AlleyKat

    August Summer Challenge

    What's the challenge? i need a challenge
  21. I can feel it hit my ribs when I am lying in bed on my side or stomach and sometimes when I bend. I have my first follow-up tomorrow so I'll try and remember to ask
  22. AlleyKat

    What Kind Of Job Do You Have?

    I'm an HR Manager at a major Home Improvement Retailer. My job is mainly at a desk but I do go on the floor and do some heavy lifting sometimes. I had surgery Friday morning and was back at work Monday morning. That week I was lifting Air conditioners and moving lumber. I think I was very lucky with my recovery. I recovered quickly and I don't sit still very well, I constantly need to be moving and doing something. I think it depends on your recovery and how well you tolerate pain.
  23. AlleyKat

    Couch To 5K?

    Haven't tried it yet but i downloaded the app to my Blackberry and I'm going to start Monday
  24. I had 4cc at the time of surgery. Did you have any put in during surgery?
  25. AlleyKat

    How Often Do You Mess Up?

    I beat myself up a LOT. I keep trying to remind myself of what I would do before the band. My noss took us out for lunch the other day and i had half a wrap and some fries and I felt TERRIBLE about it. After I got over beating mysef up I realized before i would have had a starter, a burger, all of the fries, and possibly a desert and a couple of cokes. Sure my decision wasn't great but it's a heck of a lot better then it would have been before the band. I SUCK at diets. I'm sorry, I LIKE food. I got the band because one thing my surgon said was to use the 80/20 rule. As long as you are good and follow the diet 80% of the time, you don't have to be perfect the other 20%, you should still be successful. it is impossible to say that you will be perfect and never faulter, and if you did, that doesn't seem like a terribly enjoyable way to live to me!

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