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    ibthin got a reaction from TakeDeLongWayHome in Hungry   
    I really found that if i took my Protein Shakes (2 a day for me right now) at 8 oz each then I do not get that hungry. Ive been doing shake in the morning then 30 min later i start sipping, Water, Vitamin water or other liquids. every 3 hrs or so I have a snack (popsicle, yogurt, pudding, cream of wheat, etc but about 4 oz is all i can take in) then I have my next Protein Shake in the evenings. Its been 8 days since surgery for me
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    ibthin reacted to Joni in What Foods Should I Eat One Last Time B4 Surgery?   
    Really? Really? That sounds like you ate too healthy! I'm just funnin' with you...
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    ibthin reacted to Mab in What Foods Should I Eat One Last Time B4 Surgery?   
    I would order one of everything from Taco Bell.
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    ibthin got a reaction from TakeDeLongWayHome in Day 2 Of Protien Diet   
    Hang in there!! My surgery is April 30th and also on liquid diet. Fortunately I did not have to do it for long; just started it yesterday. I made sure I was drinking all day and actually got in more than 64 ounces. I was fine until dinner time then it was time to pull out the wonton Soup broth and jello! I didn't realize I could have cottage cheese at this stage. I thought Clear Liquids, I'm so confused.
    DONT GIVE UP! You have worked so hard just to get to this stage, you can do it!! Your goal is to make it to lunch then treat with a popsicle then make it to dinner--- pretty soon you will be there.
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    ibthin reacted to Katie713 in Need Puree Stage Food Ideas   
    Of course all hot cereals, fat free refried Beans with melted cheese, scrambled eggs with cheese, canned chicken cooked in chicken gravy on top of mashed potatoes. Sweet potatoes, bean Soups pureed in the food processor or blender, all creamy soups, tuna fish. Cottage cheese with fruit, yogurt. As long as its very soft and chewed well, remember you'll get full on very little. Go slow.
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    ibthin reacted to Lucky_loser in Dr. Garcia And Team Are Awesome!   
    Ok so I am new to the forum, and have been stalking you guys for a while...lol ! I am excited and nervous to take the leap into surgery. I have contacted Dr's and have all of the financial end squared away, but I am scared to make the final call to schedule the appointment. I know that you were all probably the same way at first also....right?
    Here are my issues, I am not a high BMI, actually a 31, and peolpe always say that I don't look like I weigh 200lbs. But I have struggled with my weight for the past 10 years, and I think that my body has set this "limit" on my weight loss. I would rather do the surgery and be able to enjoy the rest of my life, than try every fad diet that comes along whlie I'm trying to tell myself that I'm happy.
    I know that I'm generally healthy, I have never had any medical issues, and besides having my son 7 years ago, I have never had to go to the hospital. So I'm here watching all of your amazing success stories and getting the nerve to be amongst the losers, forever!
    Thanks for listening to me ramble, but I needed to vent and I haven't told anybody else my plans...til now
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    ibthin got a reaction from Ms skinniness in Surgery In 3 More Days. Reality Settling In, Any Good Ideas On Schedules?   
    I am new to this forum and so happy to have found it! My surgery is on Monday so anxiety is settling in. This is my first day on liquid diet and I have been trying to set a schedule for myself in order to get the nutritional needs in. I have gotten to the place I am today because I tend to skip meals all the time and eat one meal a day. I would be so hungry that I did not make the best food choices.
    This is all about to change and it starts today! I know me and how I am easily absorbed into the daily tasks that I do not make the time to treat my body right. I'm thinking the easiest way for me to be successful in this is to set a schedule. (Please don't think I'm crazy!) My plan is to get my 64 ounces of liquids down and my Protein Shakes (they said 3 replacements). Does the milk that goes into the shakes count towards that liquid count? I am planning to carry water bottle with me all day and sip, sip, sip away.
    What I am overwhelmed with right now is after surgery: They gave me a meal pattern that includes 6 small meals (yogurt, shake, Soup, shake, juice & broth, pudding and sip sip sip) then they say not to drink 30 min before/after meals (I'm sipping all day!) THEN they say to allow 2 hours between each supplement taken. How do I work all this in? Is it just the anxiety getting best of me?

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