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  1. ibthin

    My Hair Is Falling Out

    Hi Gina, My Dr told me about this before surgery and stressed getting my Protein in to prevent hair loss. So far so good for me.
  2. ibthin


    I have a hard time knowing when I am full as well. I have not thrown up yet, i just pull away when I feel pain. I then stand and walk around a little to help the food go down. I feel like I may be eating too much? I think 1 cup (sometime less). Wonder if I am eating too fast sometimes. At 4 weeks out I feel like I have hit a stall. I have lost 14 lbs since surgery date and don't seem to be making much more progress. Getting frustrated with that. The talapia I tried was from Sams, already seasoned and really tasted great, it was very tender. Will definitely have it again.
  3. ibthin


    Im 4 weeks out and it seems that chicken and fish is all I can eat. I have found it very hard to stay on pureed stuff but I did make some chicken, added a little broth and blended and noticed it did go down much easier for me. Talapia I had no problem with at all. How much are you eating at 5 weeks out?
  4. ibthin

    Surgery Eve!

    good luck tomorrow! Keep us posted!
  5. So far my favorite protein shake has been the Premier Protein (30g) and only 1g of sugar! They taste much like a Yahoo (when my kids were much younger). Sams carries the chocolate but I understand that COSTCO carries the vanilla as well. (strawberry is available on line). I did bring this in to my Dr and he said it was a great one. Since it does not carry enough of the vitamins I just need to search for a good chewable multivitamin. Plan to stick with this one, my kids have even started grabbing them on their rushed mornings to get their protein in.
  6. MIne is strict on vitamins as well. B12, an extra Calcium chewable, Vit D, and Iron. They also mentioned the vitamin waters, so I plan to ask this week, If i am doing the vitamin waters does this take the place of the supplements?
  7. I've been very fortunate in that my process has gone very smoothly. Surgery 8 days ago, I made sure I was up and walking that day and many many times! I even did some light stretches (arms up and side to side, kept moving to keep the gas moving) I did not have much of gas pains for long and it was not bad for me. The second day, I did have trouble even looking at anything sweet so I just asked them to only bring me Water, and chicken broth for that day as I was throwing up at the sight of sweets. Had to make myself walk that afternoon. 3rd day was fine, kept walking and was sent home. By day 5 I was out of the house for short errands then day 6 and 7 I've been up and about with no problems at all. Move all your body will let you on that first day (with the IV I was up every hour or so anyway so I just took care of business then walked the halls each time)
  8. ibthin


    I really found that if i took my Protein shakes (2 a day for me right now) at 8 oz each then I do not get that hungry. Ive been doing shake in the morning then 30 min later i start sipping, water, vitamin water or other liquids. every 3 hrs or so I have a snack (popsicle, yogurt, pudding, cream of wheat, etc but about 4 oz is all i can take in) then I have my next protein shake in the evenings. Its been 8 days since surgery for me
  9. ibthin


    1 week for me today too! Friday I did a couple of errands but tired easily. Saturday and sunday were busy busy days, I was out all day, felt fine, but did make sure I kept hydrated. (well Sunday, I didn't do too well on the fluids but still felt fine) Surely take a walk outside, just do what you feel you can handle.
  10. ibthin

    Back To Work

    ARGH! I feel for you! Definitely take it easy this week and gain strength back, try some prilosec for the acid reflux, My Dr had me on it pre and post op. Keep hydrated
  11. I was very sore in the mornings, I then started sleeping at an inclined position, it was much better. Try putting a pillow under your knees and if you are a side sleeper make sure to have a soft support pillow for you to hug.
  12. ibthin

    My Texas Sleevers

    League City here sleeved 4/30/12
  13. Surgery at 12:30 today! I feel like a caterpillar working its way into a Butterfly! Wahoo!
  14. ibthin

    Pureed Chicken Pot Pie

    That sounds good! Will have to try that one
  15. I had Hiatal Hernia and Sleeve surgery done at the same time. Dr says that hernia was larger than expected. It seems each time I drink water/ protein, whatever I have pains that radiate from the center of chest to to end of sternum and toward the left shoulder. Is this gas pains, hernia pains or what? Any suggestions?
  16. Thanks to you both, Dr did tell me that it would be the longest part of the recovery. Terrible pulling tinges every once in a while. On top of that I think i am tolerating things well, just adjusting to the noises that my tummy is making continuously. I did see someones post about the gas x strips and will try that to see if it helps.
  17. ibthin

    Tomorrow Is Surgery Day

    Praying for you. I had my surgery on Monday and I am now home.
  18. Hang in there!! My surgery is April 30th and also on liquid diet. Fortunately I did not have to do it for long; just started it yesterday. I made sure I was drinking all day and actually got in more than 64 ounces. I was fine until dinner time then it was time to pull out the wonton soup broth and jello! I didn't realize I could have cottage cheese at this stage. I thought clear liquids, I'm so confused. DONT GIVE UP! You have worked so hard just to get to this stage, you can do it!! Your goal is to make it to lunch then treat with a popsicle then make it to dinner--- pretty soon you will be there.
  19. ibthin

    Down 16 Pounds In 2 Weeks. Feeling Great!

    AWESOME! I hope I loose at your pace! My daughter is getting married in October and I want to be healthy, off meds, energetic and THIN! Congrats! I can't wait til Monday!
  20. I've not started puree yet (sleeve date is April 30th) but I did just come home from shopping. I picked up a mixture of things that I think will work in some flavor. I plan on puree-ing then having them stored in the fridge for when I am ready and since I have a family and still need to feed them too, I am hoping to prepare meals and just pull mine out to puree. Green Beans with chicken broth and onions seasoned with accent Refried beans with low fat cheese and some picante sauce (burrito?) Canned chicken breast with chicken broth, enchilada sauce, chile pepper and peeled tomato (I'm thinking flavor of tortilla Soup?) Canned red Salmon with onion, accent, celery (thinking salmon patty?) Like I said, I have not done them yet but I cannot stomach the idea of baby food so I'm gonna have to try and make it a healthier version of my regular cooking. I would love to hear some other ideas as well and comments to the above. What do y'all think?
  21. Im having my surgery on April 30th as well! I was so glad to see your post as my weight is also the same as yours. I do have Diabetes and High blood pressure which is the reason I decided to go for the sleeve. I will be so excited not to have to be on meds anymore AND be skinny! I wish you the best on Monday! How are you doing with your liquids? Ive just started mine today and so far Im 16 oz from reaching my 64oz goal. Feeling a little hungry but not real bad.
  22. I am new to this forum and so happy to have found it! My surgery is on Monday so anxiety is settling in. This is my first day on liquid diet and I have been trying to set a schedule for myself in order to get the nutritional needs in. I have gotten to the place I am today because I tend to skip meals all the time and eat one meal a day. I would be so hungry that I did not make the best food choices. This is all about to change and it starts today! I know me and how I am easily absorbed into the daily tasks that I do not make the time to treat my body right. I'm thinking the easiest way for me to be successful in this is to set a schedule. (Please don't think I'm crazy!) My plan is to get my 64 ounces of liquids down and my Protein shakes (they said 3 replacements). Does the milk that goes into the shakes count towards that liquid count? I am planning to carry Water bottle with me all day and sip, sip, sip away. What I am overwhelmed with right now is after surgery: They gave me a meal pattern that includes 6 small meals (yogurt, shake, Soup, shake, juice & broth, pudding and sip sip sip) then they say not to drink 30 min before/after meals (I'm sipping all day!) THEN they say to allow 2 hours between each supplement taken. How do I work all this in? Is it just the anxiety getting best of me?

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