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  1. Curious what everyone else's experience has been. Just got filled again, I think I'm at a 6 now. For the first time ever I can't get chicken down. I am eating it in the smallest humanly possible bites (smaller than a pea, smaller than an asprin) and it got stuck over and over so I finally gave up. Anyone have suggestions? I love chicken and need the protein. Help?
  2. fericito

    Sad but hopeful

    This post felt like something I could have written. I have several banded friends and they were the biggest reason I chose this route. They don't know I've been banded and I feel discouraged that they haven't yet seen the changes in me I've seen. They make comments about 'when you're banded this... that..." and I think I'm a failure. But I'm realizing everyone's journey is different. I still feel like I'm better off having done this. Keep working at it - it'll all work out!
  3. fericito

    Another surgery

    I don't have advice other than to say I sympathize and I wish you the best. Hard times I know. I've been feeling discouraged too - I love coming on this website to help me feel better when I'm down so stay on here too no matter what you decide.
  4. fericito


    Wow I'd give anything to be at 53 pounds lost but I know how you feel. It's so hard not to see the scale go down. I have given up weighing myself even weekly (stopped daily a long time ago) because it induces depression. This past month I'd only lost 2 pounds BUT it was still a loss. There will be ups and downs and fast and slow but the whole journey will be worth it. Hang in there and don't give up. Listen to the good suggestions here - change things up if it will help. Best of luck to you!
  5. fericito

    post op diet question

    You've got a lot of good advice here. I ditto all of it and say best wishes to you. You can do this! It will be worth it.
  6. fericito

    Help with exercise please!

    Water aerobics was my suggestion too. You'll be amazed at how you feel once you're out of the water (like you actually did something really hard) and yet while in the pool it's totally manageable. You can do it! Best of luck to you!
  7. fericito

    Soft Stop.... Do you have one?

    I hadn't noticed until someone said about the sigh. Now I noticed the last 3 meals that yes I sigh when I'm getting close so I've stopped as soon as the sigh comes. Weird huh but SO good to know!
  8. fericito


    That is so exciting!!!! Congrats to you!!!!
  9. This is a relief to hear. I'm almost 7 months out and my band is at a 6. I don't want it any tighter and I feel good restriction but sometimes I still feel hungry. I am realizing though that this is manageable and most of the time that hunger feeling is only when my stomach growls. Maybe this is just normal? I don't think the band makes us never feel hungry again... I think it helps us determine what real hunger is and to make sure we meet that need and nothing more. Don't worry, it will take awhile to get to the green zone. Just keep to the rules and you will find success. Best of luck to you!
  10. fericito

    fills to kick in?

    I am at a 6. I can't even imagine getting tighter than this (although someday maybe that'll change) because I am, for the first time, having trouble eating anything I want. However I'm still feeling a bit of hunger. It is manageable though. I am going to work with the band, keep to the rules and hopefully the weight loss will come.
  11. I just one that comes in a red bottle and I think it's just called omega fish oil mini or something like that at Costco. Even on sale. My support group suggested it because they are quite a bit smaller than a regular pill. I've had them a few days and no fish breath at all. I'm quite pleased. Check it out!
  12. fericito

    Sad but hopeful

    I feel like something is broken with me because I've not lost very much and it's been more than six months. However at my last appointment in which I was down only 2 pounds for the month of December I realized that is 2 pounds I never have to have again. It is slooooow but it is progress and I am better off than I ever was. This was still the right choice. I am glad for you that you found out what's going on and I hope you find the success you need. Hang in there!!!
  13. Wow it sounds like you have been through the ringer!!! I am so sorry for the heartache you have been through - how great though that you want to get back on track. For one thing you could go back to the basics, especially if you have your paperwork and stuff. Maybe you could go to some seminars and get them again even if you don't go back to a dr. Start tracking what you eat. Start exercising. Start making your band work for you even if you don't have restriction, just like you did in the beginning before you were filled, etc. At least it's a start, right?
  14. Can you get it on a kindle?
  15. fericito

    Plication With Lapband Question!

    Carolina I didn't realize you've never had a fill. Did you get immediate restriction or how do you do that? I'm at about 4.5 ccs and finally feel like I'm in the green zone but haven't lost as much as I'd hoped to at this point (I know it'll come though) so I'm just amazed and happy for you.
  16. fericito

    Plication ~ Yes Or No?

    This is interesting to me because I have plication but didn't know it. I am self pay so I didn't think it was included. It was more than two months later when they were talking about it at support group that I found out he does it to all.. I said they were wrong and the nurse showed me my chart and sure enough, I had it. Now that it's all done I am glad he did - I've had no problems, I feel really great and I think it will help. It sort of freaked me out though and I probably wouldn't have chosen it but I'm glad now that I have it. Does any of that make sense? Dr. didn't sneak it in, I just didn't realize. And sommers, plication is where the fold a bit of the stomach up and sew some of it so your stomach is smaller in the portion it still holds. My understanding is that it IS reversible but haven't thought about it that much... google it maybe? Interesting pictures out there about it. I think it's becoming more common.
  17. fericito

    Restriction Or Suppression?

    I don't think the band is magical but I kind of think it's magical lol. It really is amazing how well it works and how great I feel. I wasn't losing all that well the last bit (about a month) and feeling discouraged so I got back to basics and did it all again like I'm supposed to, actually listening to my hunger and also tracking calories etc and lo and behold I finally dropped. It will work for you too!!
  18. fericito

    Bump In The Road.

    I am glad you found your answer and I hope you don't have to pay either. Must feel like a bit of a relief no?
  19. fericito

    Care Credit

    I looked into it because I am self pay but in the end I found I could get a lot lower interest rate through either a car loan (both our cars are paid off) or through a 401k loan so I didn't end up using it.
  20. fericito

    Tummy Tuck Or Paniculectomy

    Can I jump in here and ask about the spanx? How do you know how to buy it and where from etc? I have a long ways yet to go but already with some of my loss I can tell I'd look less lumpy if I wore spanx but I'm too scared to go ask about it. Also thank you for the panni word - I've been looking for months to remember what the dr. said this was called and you reminded me!! I look forward to hearing how things go for you.
  21. fericito

    One Shot...last Chance!

    You're going to do great! That is a familiar fear, one I've been struggling with myself (I'm 35 too great age to be!) but you know what? The point of the band is so that we don't have to keep being failures. It's a tool. Believe in yourself and in your band and you'll get there... I'm pretty much a newbie myself (been banded a few months is all) and I keep telling myself those same things. It's been up and down a bit but overall I know this was a great decision and I'm really glad I did it. I hope you'll feel the same way. I have several in-real-life friends who have had success and it gives me hope that I will too. Best of luck to you!!
  22. fericito


    And what do you do with it? I mean that, it's not a snarky comment lol.
  23. I'll friend you because I gotta look it up to remember lol - but up near the top right hand has a little message icon so I'll write you there.
  24. fericito

    Coffee Nutritive Values, A Shocker!

    I'm not a coffee drinker myself but I think it's great that you're finding a way to make this work for you so great job!!
  25. Like tmf said I told my dh that he was either doing the cooking himself or he had to eat healthy - surprise he's lost about 20 pounds (no fair!). It's been good for us and for our kids. When I was on the all liquid thing a few times I had to take my cup of soup into my room and eat away from them and then cry but that part does get better. Keep up the good work.

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