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  1. TakeDeLongWayHome

    Completely Bummed!

    Hey Kelly~ I could have written these same words as your post. I just signed on here because I am feeling the SAME as you. I was sleeved on April 30th and have lost 34 pounds and nothing more...I know it's a journey and there's so much that is different with every person. I TRY not to compare but find myself doing it too often. Just wanted to let you know that you are most DEFINITELY not alone. Get the myfitnesspal app if you can...I DO believe it helps. My user name is DeLongWayHome for anyone who uses it and wants to add me. I'd love some support and to help support as well. Hang in there, Kelly, don't give up the faith.
  2. TakeDeLongWayHome

    Hello Vst Community!

    Hi Becky, Glad you are here! You will find so much great information here and amazing helpful people. Congratulations on your decision.
  3. TakeDeLongWayHome

    Does Your Sleeve Have A Name?

    Oh my stars, that was funny!!!
  4. TakeDeLongWayHome

    Did Anyone Self Pay In The Us?

    I'm in Tyler TX andI paid 12,000 plus I think it was $120.00 for the h-pylori test and my Dr required 1 nutrition class that was additional $100.
  5. TakeDeLongWayHome


    I sent him a private message about 20 30 min ago but haven't heard anything.
  6. TakeDeLongWayHome

    Food Makes Me Sleepy...

    thank you so much for your response. Yes, it does hit you like a brick! I haven't had B12...but starting today I WILL. In fact going to get it right now! thanks again
  7. TakeDeLongWayHome

    Food Makes Me Sleepy...

    I'm so glad you posted about this. I just did a search on the forum for "sleepy" and found your post. This is exactly what happens to me...except I'm at home and so just continue to sleep. It's a crazy deep sleep that just hits me and as much as I try I can not stay awake. I have to pick up my grandson this afternoon and have my alarm set for 4:00 because I'm so scared I'll be asleep. I was diagnosed as pre diabetic too so I'm wondering if that does have something to do with it. How are you all doing now? Have you seen improvememnt with time or any difference with types of food? I'm 14 days today and so thankful for this forum.
  8. TakeDeLongWayHome

    Wish I Would Have Never Done This!

    tyvette Like everyone else said...it WILL get better. I'm 13 days out and it's getting better for me. Today is the first day I haven't slept all day. I wondered the same thing, not regretting but wondered, when will I feel better? It's hard to read posts sometimes when you see people feeling so good and it's 3 or 4 days out for them and they feel great. I even had a friend, who had the surgery on a Thursday and was back to work on a Monday, ask me what's wrong with me? Just take this time and make yourself drink...or for me like so many others, the Popscicles are one of the main ways I'm getting liquids. Watch for signs of dehydration and if you really think you are, get to the ER. Hang in there
  9. TakeDeLongWayHome


    same here, just walked in the door and went straight here to see if there was an update.
  10. TakeDeLongWayHome

    Please Help I Keep Having Diarrhea!

    Like Mina said, definitely get some ointment with zinc in it....I was miserable after doing the prep before surgery...in so much pain and everything else burned but the zinc will feel amazing. For sure Gatorade and how about sf Popsicles... Just trying to think of some way to get liquid. I had it tonight for the first time sincesurgery and not sure why. Hope you feel better soon.
  11. TakeDeLongWayHome


    Soooo glad you didn't wait around and that your Dr had you go to the ER. I know you must be worried but you are there in the hospital and they will take care of whatever is going on, so that's a good thing. Isn't it crazy how something like ice water can be so good!!! Hang in there. Sending prayers for healing for you.
  12. TakeDeLongWayHome

    My Progress So Far :)

    Congratulations!! That's so awesome!
  13. TakeDeLongWayHome


    Jimmy, I don't think you should wait around if you are having pain. At least put a call in to your Dr. But if it's pain that you haven't had since surgery or if it's more intense I would head to the ER. Please update when you can. Lisa
  14. TakeDeLongWayHome

    Ugh! I Hate My Drain, Part 2!

    YAY Kelly!! I KNOW you are not going to miss it. Glad you are feelig better!
  15. TakeDeLongWayHome

    Ugh! I Hate My Drain, Part 2!

    So funny shrinkinmama, I just got on here to see if she did and how she was doing.
  16. TakeDeLongWayHome

    Im Sleeved

    Yaaaaaaay!! Congratulations! Keep walking...the gas will get better.
  17. TakeDeLongWayHome

    Pain Meds

    Ooooh I feel your pain....it is SO disgusting! I couldn't do it...they gave it to me in the hospital and I squirted just a ill in my mouth and almost lost it. I was already so nauseated and to try to take that, no way. My poor nurse was laughing and she said she didnt know why they would give it either. I was able to take tiny sips to swallow pills and I was able to get a script for Ultram. I hope you find a way to take it or have them give you something else.
  18. TakeDeLongWayHome

    Torini Syrups

    our Sam's Club has them and Amazon.
  19. TakeDeLongWayHome

    Ugh! I Hate My Drain, Part 2!

    UGH Kelly, I'm so sorry...that is soooo frustrating!!! I saw your post about your drain last night and it got me wondering why some use it and others don't. I think we were sleeved on the same day?? (April 3oth) I meant to ask my Dr why he doesn't use them. Not that I wanted one, but where's all the stuff going in me that would normally be in that drain...hmmmmmm...?? I guess your body just absorbs or rids itself of it. I am still so swollen, I know a lot of it is gas but still makes me wonder. Hope tomorrow they get right to you!! Lisa
  20. TakeDeLongWayHome

    I Can Drink!

    Whoo hoooo!! I'm just so excited ...I can drink...like not take baby sips, but like really drink today! I'm 10 days out and thankfully starting to feel better and see little things improving. This was a big one for me though because I was so sick the first few days and it was so hard to keep anything down. Even until yesterday I was still taking small sips.. It feels so crazy to be excited over something like this, but I AM! Lisa
  21. TakeDeLongWayHome

    Home From Hospital!

    I bought the Popscicle brand and they are the Tropical favors .... They are Really good!
  22. TakeDeLongWayHome

    In Pain Cant Sleep

    Neeve, I'm still awake too....just took my pain med and hoping it kicks in soon. Can you take them every 4-6 hours? I was sleeved on Monday and take them before bed and my prescription says every 4-6 hours so on nights like tonight... It's been long enough and I'm taking them again. During the day it's not so bad but nights are totally different. Hope you get some relief and rest
  23. TakeDeLongWayHome

    Hi - Introduction And Surgery Date

    Yes, I agree, don't feel discouraged. I'm new here as well and although I haven't written an introduction I do see there's a lot of support and help here. I'm sorry you didn't get any response to your introduction, I actually just started replying after being a " lurker" for a few weeks. Please stick around and join in, I'm sure you can contribute as well as benefit from all of the knowledge and support here.
  24. TakeDeLongWayHome

    14Weeks Post Op Update Pics

    You look awesome Tracey! Congratulations!!
  25. TakeDeLongWayHome

    Crosswind Before And Almost After Pics :)

    You look wonderful!!! And so happy! congratulations!

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