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  1. I just ran across this and thought I'd share. Its a card you have your surgeon sign stating you have had gastric surgery and your stomach can only hold 3 oz and to allow you to order from kids menu. http://www.obesityhelp.com/magazine/RestaurantCard.html copy and paste in URL
  2. Looking Ahead

    Sleeved June 25, 2012

    This is my journey in losing weight. It is still hard for me because no matter how much I lose I still see myself at 338 in my mind when I look in the mirror. I have to put pics side by side to prove myself wrong.
  3. Looking Ahead

    Branson, MO Ole time pics

    From the album: Sleeved June 25, 2012

    This picture was taken in Branson, MO. ( 15 lbs from my goal weight ) Spring 2013
  4. Looking Ahead

    My feelings got hurt Tonight

    People do treat you differently. I am just now allowing a man to open a door for me. When I lost about 100 lbs, men started stopping and holding the door for me. It infuriated me. These were the same men I saw every day at work at my highest weight and never even considered doing that. The one person I always wanted a compliment from was/is my husband. Since the day of surgery he has not complimented me not ONE time. I am down 161 lbs and 4 lbs from my goal. I always looked at the floor when walking down through the mall or being in public in my mind begging people not to look at me I was so self conscious. Now that I raise my head up and look around, I see so many people that are skinny with their heads down. When it comes to self confidence, there is no certain size or weight, only how society treats you. He probably took out his own low self esteem and took it out on you. You are changing your body the way you want and he may not be able to due to money or something else. You were his target for the day to take the focus off of himself. You are a beautiful lady and I can only imagine how beautiful your smile will be with your reach your goal. I wish and pray all your wishes come true.
  5. Looking Ahead

    August 26,2012

    From the album: Sleeved June 25, 2012

    I can see the difference ONLY when I put the pics side by side. I still feel the same in my mind that I am grossly obese and hard to accept compliments. But working on it. The one person I want at least ONE compliment from hasn't given me one...my husband.
  6. Looking Ahead

    Any June Sleevers?

    June 2013 makes one year out. Down 140 lbs. ive been in a stall for over a month now. Even though zive lost so much I feel I will never get to my goal. I originally set my gosl at 175. Eould love to be less but realistic. Im 5'8 and wear a 12/14. I did wear s 24/26. I think after skin removal I might be a size 10. That was my goal size when I started. Some days Im just as self concious at this size because of saggy skin as I was at 340 lbs. Anyone else feel this way?
  7. So, yesterday I was 200 and was super excited....almost in onederland. I just weighed and I'm at 197 ! I do not remember when I was under 200, its been at least 25 years. Figure I'm 42, thats a long time ! I've been on a stall for over a month. I hope this will get me down to my 170 goal soon. Then have skin removal and be about 150 after all is said and done.My next goal now is 189. 8 more pounds.
  8. Looking Ahead

    Minus 140 lbs - makeover

    Thank you so much everyone..I could NOT have done this without the encouragement of this website and friends I've met on here. I bow to you and say Thank you.
  9. I've been off my Mobic for inflammatory in my knees and back for about 2 weeks. I literraly am in so much pain, I just want to stay in bed. Walking, bending moving my shoulder is soo painful . So, my question is what anti inflammatory medication or any type of help can I take now and after my surgery in two weeks? Ive been to the chiropractor and to get a massage and using a Tenz unit..nothing helps. Someone please give me some advice. I have fibromylagia and the beginning of Osteoporsis. Ive had knee scope and looking at knee replacement within 2-3 years...Im trying to push it out as far as possible. Any advice is appreciated.
  10. I'm going to try and not make this too long. For the past 3 weeks, I have been clumsy, falling in to the walls and trouble with my vision. I fell a couple weeks ago outside and bruised my right hip. Got up and knocked it off to being accident pron. When I would stand, I'd almost black out and have to sit back down. Wednesday of this week, it was really bad and I fell at work - bruised my left hip. I went to the ER right then. BP was like 70/43. I've never had problems with BP. Always perfect. Also, I can't raise my left left very high and can't tilt it towards me sitting down. The er dr asked if my back hurt, I said no, but today it does. Not sure if its a bruise or something to stress over. I've had a headache for 3 weeks straight ( assume thats due to the low bp). Nothing will help it. They keep me overnight in the hospital and did an MRI and CT, Blood work and check my BP every 15 min all night. Finally about 4am it went to like 85/58 then 97/55. They then discharged me with a cardio tilt table test scheduled and a 24 hr heart monitor. Gave me 3 bags of fluid but said the blood work didn't show dehydration. So, after all this....I get home and I'm up 5 pounds ! I haven't lost in about a month. Then it goes up. I don't eat a lot. I don't drink enough water like I should I know. But I am so discouraged with the scale going up. I try and make my meals not over 200 calories each. I don't snack a lot and try to keep the overall calories under a 1000. I (before this ER visit) had lost 130 in 6.5 months. I still need to lose another 30-40 lbs. What gives? What am I doing wrong? Then someone tells me they have sugar in the fluid bags they gave me at the er...my heart sank. I've been extremely depressed this past month and went to Urgent Care two weeks ago. Had a UTI and he added Celexa to my depression med Im already taking ( Welbutrin). I've googled it and don't see where it would cause problems with bp. Now, heres the problem. I can't move my left foot or leg much so I walk like I've had a mini stroke (embarrassing), my bp is still low, my headache is still going strong, both hips hurt and I'm up 5 lbs in a week ! Yes I'm whiney but my husband won't listen to me and doesn't understand. Im embarrassed to go to urgent care again. Do I just wait for the tilt test to do anything and who do I call for the foot leg thing? A foot dr, my ortho dr, a chiropractor, or back dr? My mind is swirling. Someone please give me your opinion.
  11. I hadn't considered an ulcer. I've been under alot of stress lately. So much, they doubled my depression meds, added one to it and I had to take off work Friday just to try and calm down. Seems like when you tell a dr whats going on, they just want to write you a Rx...My pill box is full.
  12. Looking Ahead

    7 months post op

    No, I haven't started working out...just watching my calories.
  13. Looking Ahead

    7 months post op

    I'm 6 months out, down 130 lbs and feel the same way. I would love to lose another 50 pounds but its like it won't budge now...goes between 3-5 pounds back and forth.
  14. Not sure about the vinegar. I don't see where it would hurt. It's used in pickles and other foods. My Dr prescribes Prilosec. I have taken it twice a day since the day after surgery. If I miss a dose...I can tell !
  15. Looking Ahead


    How much do you have to lose? Those with a lower BMI and less weight to lose tend to lose slower. Also, you could be eating too much or not enough. Tweak what you eat. If you eat too little, your body will go into starvation mode and not allow you to lose. If you eat the high calorie foods, it stalls weightloss too. I tried something that worked for me for a while...sonic ice with lemon juice and very little salt for taste. Usually broke my stall. Best of luck to you. Don't be discouraged. The sleeve can't help but work.
  16. Looking Ahead

    Reconstructive surgery - skin removal

    Im only 6 months out from VSG. I'm 20 pounds away from my first goal...then I would like to set another goal of 30-40 lbs. I wonder if you can do a full body lift all at the same time?
  17. When I had my surgery in June of last year, I didn't set a short term goal for myself. I set it high for where I would like to "start" making goals. To me goals are optional. The weight I set for myself was not an option. It was a life altering number that would change my life, make me healthier, more confident, happier. If I could get to this number then I could set small goals to a "better" healthier person. I started at 338 at my highest weight from my home scales and set my number at 190. Today I am only 20 lbs from that healthier number. From there I'll set 10 lbs goals for myself. I can see the confidence when I look in the mirror today. Yesterday I wore a pair of spunky cowboy boots to work. I kept getting compliments on how they had personality! lol I would have never done that before. Boots, jeans and a shirt that doesn't hide my butt ! LOL I've went from a 26W to a 14/16 misses. My dream is size 8/10 and about 160 lbs. Who knows, sometimes dreams do come true. Maybe this is my year to get my wish !
  18. Looking Ahead

    1st Dr Appt

    From the album: Sleeved June 25, 2012

    First Dr Appt - June 2012
  19. Looking Ahead

    Down 125 lbs December 22, 2012

    Weight here is 216 in December 2012
  20. Looking Ahead

    June 20, 2012

    From the album: Sleeved June 25, 2012

    Close up of my highest weight...338 about a week before surgery.
  21. Looking Ahead

    6 Months Today

    Update....down 125 today !
  22. That might be a good idea...try to maintain for a while. I do cook but usually just meats for my son and husband. I do have high expectations for myself. I'll try to look up the cookie recipe...Thank you
  23. Looking Ahead

    Chick fil a diet lemonade

    How many calories are in it?
  24. Looking Ahead


    Hi, angie here. Good : Down 118 in little over 5 months lunch is a LOT cheaper Self esteem is way up Less knee pain ( able to put off knee surgery) Can wear and buy cute clothes most anywhere now Guys notice me I am treated with more respect at work and in public Depression meds and anxiety pills cut in half Bad: Can eat alot for comfort when Im depressed Acid reflux is pretty rough After surgery, the drain pain was horrible ( was on a nerve) The week after, the mental part was horrible Lot of depression Still not sure I'm eating right or how/what to eat I still see myself at my highest weight so its still frustrating to shop I hate taking pills for the rest of my life Would I do it again....in a second !

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