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    I'm a little hurt..

    Sounds like a jealous close friend!
  2. Wow Patie thats low calories. I'm not a dr and Lord knows ..not a nutritionist!! This is just the way i understand it. I'm sure your Dr knows whats best for you.
  3. Reigo...i just re-read your post. Are you logging into MFP? Log food plus exercise! If you're only eating 1000 cal and doing elliptical 40 mins, u prob are not getting enough cals. If you eat too little u go into starvation mode and your body hang on to every calorie for dear life. Check it out on My Fitness Pal.com if you haven't already. Just a thought!
  4. Between Feb 25- April 25 (months 4-6) i only lost 4 lbs. My wt during this time was mid to high 230's. Very frustrating and disheartening & it really freaked me out. I'd jump on the scale multiple times a day. Some days it would show a big gain! AHHHH! I think the body has to re adjust itself, & i lost inches during this time. Another factor, i believe... was still doing 2-3 shakes a day PLUS food. The food tasted better, and I could hold more. With milk those shakes are NOT low calorie. You're looking at abt 100 cal for the milk + 100 or more for the powder. I went back to 1 shake a day and monitoring cals via MFP. NUT said to do 1200- 1500 cals a day, but i find i lose better around 1100 per day. It's amazing how quick you can consume 1000 cals. Follow what your dr ofc tells you, dont be tempted by junk food ..even "just a bite" because it might trigger you for more...drink your Water, measure out food on your plate and eat it slow because you will be stuffed very quickly; do some exercise even just walk a little. Above all, DO NOT give up!! stay on track and you WILL start losing again!! VSG 10/25/12. SW 300...... CW 222 (HW @dr ofc was 303, so i'm down 81 lbs!) F/51 5'10" From size 22/24 to 16/L
  5. LDallas

    On my way to the hospital!

    You'll do fine!!!
  6. LDallas

    Three and a half years later

    Thank you for the reality check!!! I'll keep it in my mind...
  7. LDallas

    When to take vitamins

    Thank you, Everyone! Very helpful.
  8. LDallas


    I look forward to trying this. Will have to order online as it doesn't appear to be sold in my area. Here's a link to their website (product locator): http://www.bellplantation.com/locator
  9. LDallas

    "you must feel so much better now..."

    Melissa...i'm 51.
  10. LDallas

    "you must feel so much better now..."

    Pottergirl i'm stunned at that lady's commentary!! I can't imagine saying it once, let alone three times! Arrrrrgh!!!!! Aliekat...i think they mean physically. Either way i think its rude to make assumptions on anyone's physical or emotional state and then to comment. I dont think anyone's trying to be rude. I've noticed the commentors are life long skinnies, and IMO they must have been looking at me before like "tsk tsk poor decrepit fatty...", when in fact i've always looked pretty good, dressed nice, and been active.
  11. LDallas


    I had zero pain, but threw up every 20 mins for abt 12 hours straight. It was horrible. That's great..already walking. That should help! Ring that buzzer if u need anything!!
  12. LDallas

    Chubby Girl Mind

    Oh my gosh i'm doing the same thing! I'm buying smallest sizes on clearance at LB and Avenue, and kind of panicky that i wont be able to shop there anymore. It's so bizarre and kooky! I've always shopped for plus sizes, my ENTIRE life. I remember being a little kid and my mom looking for "6x" sizes. Vsg 10/25/12....SW 300 CW... 225 F/51...5'10" From size 22/24 to 16/L
  13. I was almost 50 lbs down before one person said anything!
  14. Dar, you should chg your name to DOLL because that's what you are!!! you look wonderful! Thank you for sharing your journey! VSG 10/25/12 SW 300 CW 225 51/F 5'10" Size 22/24 ...currently 16/L
  15. LDallas

    Sleeve stretch?

    BJ, hang in there. Try to stay on track and keep a positive attitude. I was sleeved Oct 2012 and hv lost almost 80 lbs. I can eat more now, food tastes normal again, and i find myself eating crap like Cookies, ice cream, etc. Are you doing a prot shake per day? This may help fill you up. I've been trying to get back on track myself! In the morning around 7, i eat egg whites and half a toast (seems i get much fuller if i eat SLOW). then before i get hungry again (around 10 AM), i make a big Protein drink. Only using 8 oz FF milk, then another 6-8 oz Water, scoop and half prot powder, and a couple tsp SF pudding mix to bulk it up. It takes a long time to drink it, and really fills me up. For me, starting in on junk food is a huge trigger and it's like a runaway train of eating. It's hard to eat right, but at least we have this SLEEVE tool to help us control things. It's like the Food Police live in my stomach, thank goodness! I wish you all the best! You've lost a lot of wt so you should be very proud and happy abt that. VSG 10/25/12 Sw 300 CW 225 F/51 5'10" From size 22/24 to 16/L. Yesssssssss!
  16. LDallas

    What if I die?

    Oh bless your heart. I was in tears worrying i'd die too. But, i didn't and have no regrets about doing it. It's something you have to decide for yourself! But yes i do think most people have fears before surgery, and most of the time it turns out just fine.
  17. LDallas

    8 MONTHS -90 POUNDS - YA!

    Holly, thank u for posting. Wow eye opener for me, i never thought abt the food obsession stuff. Sounds like what i do/did. I've become aware that i cant watch cooking shows, look at food related magazines, etc or it sets me off. Thanks for your honesty and for sharing. I'll be much more aware now. SW 300 CW 228 F/51 5'10" surg was 10/25/12
  18. Right aft surg i drank Instant BF sugar free with half scoop prot powder. Per my dr office. As time passed i went to more prot powder and less Instant BF, because it doesn't offer much in that area. Now, i keep on hand if i run out of powder, or to add half pkt to shake or coffee without too many cals. Its super expensive too, compared to tub of prot powder!
  19. LDallas

    Water pill

    I used to take one per day pre surg. The dr said dont take it anymore because of dehydration risks. At abt 6 mos out, my ring felt tight so I thought i'd take one. Mistake!!! I felt horrible! Very light headed and honestly thought i was going to pass out. Hubby was at work, and i was terrified. Hours later ( and lots of water drinkng) i felt normal again. Very scary day. My BP is no longer high since i'm down almost 80 lbs. Unless your doc has you on it NOW i would not take it.
  20. LDallas

    Rochester, Ny

    Ricki!!!!! You're rockin that sleeve!!!! Great to see your update!!
  21. Hi! Are there any VSG's in ROC? i'm starting to think I am the only one! LOL. Not sleeved yet but in the process.
  22. LDallas

    The Fat Whoosh Theory

    Hmmmm interesting. Sounds very plausible. Side note- i seriously doubt i'll ever be a person with "very lean body mass" with fat marbles under her skin! LOL! More like tennis balls. Thanks for posting this!
  23. LDallas

    One year down, 145lbs gone

    Doesn't look like the same guy! Amazing transformation. Thanks for sharing, you give us inspiration!!
  24. LDallas

    Rochester, Ny

    Wow Nicole that's great! You've really dropped some sizes!