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  1. I had a major scale victory on yesterday I am finally in onederland!!!! It's been over 16 years since I was at this weight. I am happy and doing a dance right now. So glad I had this surgery it has truly changed my life. Starting weight 261 current weight 199 and surgery date 9/10
  2. Hi KJones I had my surgery on Sept 10th and the same thing happened to me. I am the baker in our family and for Christmas I baked 2 pound cakes. Everybody was telling me how good they were. Today I cut a small piece and ate it... I was surprised it stayed down and I am disappointed in myself!!! I have lost 60 pounds do far and so afraid of picking up the same habits that got me in the position I was in before... Keep your head up and just don't let this be one your sleeve habits... We will do this the right way together
  3. xavtay2


    Congrats and it makes me feel good when I get a comment or reaction! If noone ever acknowledges my loss I am fine too because I feel like a million dollars!
  4. xavtay2

    SO close yet SO far....

    Loved reading ur post! Congrats on ur success so far let us know when you reach onederland...
  5. xavtay2

    Ups And Downs

    Sorry for your loss and congrats on your NSV's!
  6. xavtay2


    Congrats on your weightloss so far!!! About IBS that may be something worth checking with your PCP about. I haven't saw anywhere being associated with sleeves... Although I could be wrong
  7. Great pictures and you look awesome... Boy I can relate to the packing can't wait until I am at goal... Right now I am 10 weeks out but ohhh I am looking forward to the next family road trip...
  8. As I have learned on this site is every doctor is different. My doctor told me I had to wait 1 month before coffee... I have noticed that now I don't even want coffee now
  9. xavtay2

    Updated Pic

    Way to go you look great!
  10. Hi Jenny! I had surgery on 9/10, starting weight 261 day of surgery 250 today 219. Just remember everybody is different with the amount of weight that is lost. I was discouraged last week because I had been in a stall for two weeks. Then I had to realize that no the scale wasn't moving but I was wearing clothes I haven't been able to wear in years. Keep motivated and know that u are doing awesome
  11. xavtay2

    4 Month Post Op

    Congrats you are off to an awesome start! Wishing you continued success on your journey
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    Shhhhhh.....its A Secret!

    Congratulations Proud Granny!!! I promise I won't tell anyone... You kicked butt and I can't wait to get under 200
  13. xavtay2

    Going Bak To Work?

    Quianna sorry you are having some complications and pray you start to feel better soon! I took 5 weeks off from work and to be honest I started feeling much better after the 1st week back! The 1 st couple of days were hard and long but now I have been back to work 3 weeks and I am much much better! Wishing you continued success
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    Traveling Post-Op

    Imaginemeskinny please speak with your doctor about your travel plans. I am 2 months out now but my surgery was 2 and 1/2 hours from my home and my doctor required me to stay in a hotel local for 3 days after my surgery... Blood clots are a big concern and to be on the safe side check with your doctor to make sure it will be okay
  15. Congratulations and you were a beautiful bride! Nice pictures and may God continually bless your union
  16. xavtay2

    Im Scared!

    If only you could have saw my facial expression while I was reading your post!!!! Too funny
  17. Same here add me! User name: xavtay2
  18. xavtay2

    Just Checked In!

    Completely normal! Sending prayers your way
  19. xavtay2

    This Is It! :d

    Sending prayers your way
  20. xavtay2

    Saddling Up!

    Hello Highschoolfigure, We have a lot in common-I lost a brother to cancer in 2001 and my mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2001. That was the hardiest year of my life and all I did was eat thru my emotions..... You are stronger than you think and so is your mom! I will be sending prayers up now for you your mom and your husband and kids! I am 20 days post op and I can tell you it is not easy but this journey is soooo going to be worth it. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Also I took a month off and will go back next week. I have enjoyed spending my recovery time with my parents. Try to spend sometime with your mom while you are off...
  21. Thanks ShapeShifter I totally forgot about sipping! I think I was so thirsty and hot it slipped my mind
  22. xavtay2

    This Is It!

    Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way!
  23. Wow I had my two week and four week appointments scheduled prior to surgery. Then after the month I will go back every 6 weeks until 1 year out. It's sad that your doctor did not do any scheduling for you prior to surgery. I would say give them a call to find out why this was done..
  24. xavtay2

    Have A Question...

    Every doctor is different if he hasn't mentioned it ask the NUT or nurse to tell you. I hAd to purchase my first month from the doctor and they are all chewable: multivitamin, iron, calcium and anti-ox. Surprisingly they don't taste bad. Contact the dr and I am sure they will share this information with you

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