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  1. Lilbelly

    What Does "full" Feel Like To You?

    I haven't had a fill yet but get a tightness in my back. Feels uncomfortable & I try not to eat to that point now. My dr. told me he has a patient who has lost 100 lbs. without ever being filled! I am shocked to hear thats possible! I love for that to be me!
  2. Lilbelly

    Am I Crazy For Wanting Lap Band Surgery?

    I was told by my neighbor and girlfriend, "just exercise" "you will lose weight"! lol They are both dense to it! My girlfriend was over lastnight, she was like the food police! I made homemade guacamole, did my treadmill for 40 min. yesterday so I could eat munchies with her, she was like "don't over eat "! If she only knew I can't over eat! I ate very little lastnight! She said to me again "If you would have skipped your surgery you would be fine"! It shocks me at how judgemental she can be, but if I was losing weight without my lapband she'd say nothing. I don't get it!! What gives people the right to be rude? I would never butt into someones life decisions. I let it blow in one ear and out the other. I am thrilled to pieces I did my LB surgery, I did what was right for "me"! My husband is proud of me! Its a life time choice. Like all of you I lost & gained weight forever, I can't put my body through that anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I haven't been asked for a food record, not yet anyways. I started mushies & I mushed cooked carrots, mashed potatoes & cooked a turkey burger. Believe me it was good!!!!!!!!!!! I made 3 meals ahead of time & froze them so all I need to do is put them in the oven or micro wave them. I saw a recipe on Facebook lastnight on how to make your own vitamin water. I bought a clear plastic carafe today, filled it with spring water, cut up fresh rasberries & sliced fresh limes. Put it all in the water in frig & let it sit for 4 hrs. Its refreshing & so good. There are no preservatives in it, no fake sugar (which I hate). Its a great thirst quencher! You can also do it with fresh pinapple & coconut, add som mint leaves, use your imagination!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Lilbelly

    Banded 5/31

    I thank god & my surgeon that I am doing great too. I had my band put on May 22. I am not filled & its working for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck ladies!
  5. I am now on mushes. I feel I still have my will power. After going through all of this, I can't imagine eating junk. I get full really quick, I thank god that i do! Think thin, think positive, I am loving my weight loss so much!!
  6. Lilbelly

    First Time Out

    Sandy congrats on going out! Is your band filled yet? I haven't gone out to dinner yet, but the time will come. Did it take you longer to eat? For some reason I don't take 45 min. eating, like I was told we are supposed to. I can eat pretty normally. I a not filled yet though, just banded 2 weeks ago.
  7. Lilbelly

    Ugggg!! 9 Days Out...

    I hear ya everyone...Its day 13 for me, I felt hungry lastnight, had a Lipton Cup a Soup. I still however have some swelling on my port incision underneath. I can feel my port, feels a bit odd to have something under there. I am hoping that swelling goes down, I don;t like it. I go to get my staples out today & I will ask about my swelling side.
  8. Natalie, I am so sorry your feeling to awful, constipation has to be the worst~ I hope you get some relief soon!!
  9. Lilbelly

    Nine Days Post-Op!

    Jolly, I was banded on thr 22 of May. I am feeling good too. I find it hard to believe I have done so well so far. Funny thing though is I feel full very quickly, am I unusual? I am not even filled yet! Best of luck on your journey to you and everyone else!
  10. I rarely feel hungry but make myself eat. I am always thirsty and am 8 days out of surgery. Shoot, I don't want to get that hungry feeling, I like being like this lol! Thats because I am still swollen? Still I would think you can only fit so much in that little pouch. My dr. doesn't fill his patients until 6 weeks out of surgery. I drink all day, I make myself. I don't really have any problem getting the liquids in me.
  11. Lilbelly

    Someone Noticed!!!!!!

    I am so happy for you! Its has to be the best feeling in the world!
  12. Lilbelly

    Drinking And Standing

    My surgeon wants us to wait 2 hours after a meal! I find it impossible to wait that long! I am always thirsty! I feel better now that I have read you others wait just 30 min. I can do that! I just am used to always having a liquid near me. I do still feel full if I drink afterwards & not hungry at all.
  13. Lilbelly

    Can You Get Stuck Without A Fill?

    I also wondered this. I am 1 week post op. I feel full after a little amount of food. I am always thirsty and drink after I eat. I try to wait atleast an hour, but i am not always successful. I still feel full if I drink too soon. Does anyone else do this?
  14. I had the same problem after a week out of surgery which is been for me now. It was horrible, but as gross as it sounds, if your stool is hard you kind of have to help it out. I know I know TMI, but it worked. Then I took stool softeners & Milk Of Magnesia, been going ever since. If your still having a problem call your dr.
  15. Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should be so proud of yourself & you must feel great!
  16. Lilbelly

    Surgical Incisions?

    I have 3 small ones and 1 larger one where I am guessing the port is. I feel like a boat with "port holes"
  17. Lilbelly

    6 Days Out Feeling Great!

    I had my surgery May 22 too, I am also doing well, feeling good. Got rid of constipation finally! I took a mile walk today & the other day did 20 min, on my treadmill. I must admit I had the tuna craving as well I ate a tiny amount with balsamic vinegar & mayo. It tasted so good! Yesterday I mushed up an avacado & boy was that yummy too! I am so sick of Crystal Light, shakes, all that sweet stuff!
  18. Lilbelly

    A Little Discouraged....

    I am a week out of having my band. I am feeling great, I have lost 18 lbs, so far. I started losing on my own so I could make the surgery easier, I am so glad I did. Also if a woman is young and wants children some day, I would say get the lap band so your baby can get nutrients! Best of luck!
  19. Still doing well. I was able to walk on my treadmill today for 20 min. I figured it woud help get the gas out & help me go to the bathroom. That hasn't happened yet..
  20. Just got banded on Tues,. I stayed overnight & I am home! Everything well perfectly, I feel great! I came home and successfully ate some Cream of Wheat, stayed down without throwing up!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not hurting 1 bit! I hope this great feeling continues! I hope you other May bandsters made out well like me!
  21. I tolerated the cream of wheat without any problem! I thought i would be scared to start eating, but all went fine. I guess my dr. thought I was doing so well he let me go on stage111 diet. Believe me I have never been more excited then to be able to eat something solid!
  22. Lilbelly

    May Bandsters!

    I was banded this past Tues. I did great girls!! Do not worry, you will do fine! I have no majoe gas pains, I am amazed! I just got home yesterday & feel great, just sore where the incisions are, but thats to be expected. Good luck to both of you!
  23. Lilbelly

    Sliimimg Questions

    If your at all uncomfortable I would get an unfil. Its not worth pain. It just might be too early for a fill. My surgeon told me one of his patients lost 100 lbs, with no fills! It was a man too!
  24. Pasta is one food I was told not to eat. It swells in your little pouch, that & rice. I personally ill stay away from the paste and rice. I love both but will get used to not eating it, I don't want those nast gas pains.
  25. I was banded on Tues., just came home. I ate the cream of wheat, never been so happy qot eat something sort of solid! lol I have have cream of whatever too! I just now ate a Weight Watchers fudgicle & lt me tell you it was delish! My throat was so dry coming out of the hosp., so it felt great going down! I plan to have either soup or shake for dinner tonight. Please shar anyhing you eat with me! How are you feeling?