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  1. FluffyDiva345

    New Clothes

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    Sleeved 9/4 Pics

    You look great! Keep up the good work
  3. FluffyDiva345

    Four Weeks Later

    You look fantastic!
  4. FluffyDiva345

    Sorry Pictures Are Here Was Too Excited

    You look great
  5. FluffyDiva345

    2 Days Post Op/newly Sleeved

    I agree!!! There is no need to be so agressive!
  6. Sleeved on 11th. Lost 16 lbs on my 2 week preop diet. Surgery went well, the first 2 days were the hardest due to nausea and gas. I found that as I got up and started walking around the Hospital things got a lot better. Came home on Thursday, thing improve a little more each day. I find that my sleeve will tolerate warm better, so have been drinking warm decaf tea which also has helped with the gas????. Have not weighed yet, will wait until my first post-op visit. It is not a piece of cake, or a walk in the park but it is worth every sacrifice I have made thus far. I love myself too much to throw away any more years of my life to obesity. I know this is only a tool but I intend to do my share of the work to make this work. Wishing all those struggling with pre-op or post-op diets the very best. It is not an easy road but please remember YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!!!
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    New Pics At Weight Lost Take A Look

    You look fabulous
  9. 11 lbs my first week of pre-op
  10. I am half way through my 2 week pre-op. It has been easier than I thought it would be. I have 3 protein shakes a day, also allow SF Jello and SF Popsicles. Lots of water in between
  11. FluffyDiva345

    It's Been A While....

    Wow!! You look fantastic, truly an inspiration
  12. What an amazing transformation