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  1. shellbell33081

    Indiana Sleevers

    thanks! you can do it!
  2. shellbell33081

    Indiana Sleevers

    I live in Richmond I had my surgery in Mexico 4/20/2012 and I have no regrets. I have lost 103lbs so far!
  3. shellbell33081

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    my before and after. 103lbs down and almost 1 yr post op
  4. April 20th will be one year and I am 101lbs down
  5. shellbell33081

    New Here

    I like Unjury too. keep us updated please
  6. shellbell33081

    New Here

    The Premier Protein shakes I bought at Meijer were sold in 4 packs, not bulk. It's worth a shot if you have a Meijer near you Walmart does not sell them. Samples are not too expensive and worth it to find what you like
  7. shellbell33081

    New Here

    You can do this! Stay strong and keep chugging. I love Syntrax Nectar brand protein powders. Also, Premier Protein shakes are good. I found them at Meijer in the weight loss section but I know a lot of people buy them at Sams Club. Your tastes may change after surgery so I wouldn't buy a lot of anything before surgery. Get samples if possible. I buy from mybariatricpantry.com. Good luck!
  8. shellbell33081

    Puree protein ideas anyone?

    Stalls are normal, especially at the 3 week mark. Almost everyone has a stall at 3 weeks. You can research 3 week stall and come up with tons of threads I feel you are doing am excellent job! Keep up the good work and that stall will end soon. You should be careful with carbs, though. They can cause a stall. GNC sells protein pudding that tastes pretty good or get unflavored Unjury protein powder and add to anything you puree.
  9. shellbell33081

    Where Are My April 2012 Sleevers?

    Sleeved April 20th 2012. SW 242.2, CW 150.0 so down 92.2lbs so far! I'm anxious to hit the 100lbs mark but my weight loss has slowed down quite a bit. I still have trouble with dense meats, especially chicken, but I don't regret a thing!! Congrats to all of us for our success!!
  10. i am almost 10 months out. i cannot eat most chicken, ice cream, most breads. those things will typically send me running to the bathroom. i eat a lot of greek yogurt and that includes the frozen variety. it tastes good and has a lot of protein. early on i didn't have a desire for sweets. however, i do want sweets at times now, but i have a lot more control than pre-op. sometimes sugar will make my stomach hurt. good luck!
  11. shellbell33081

    Good choices of CERAL?

    I love Kashi go lean cereals, any flavor
  12. shellbell33081


    i would absolutely do it again. it's hard to get used to eating so little. your brain has to catch up to your body. it was worth any pain or adjustments. i had my surgery april 20th 2012 and have lost 87lbs so far. no regrets
  13. shellbell33081

    Who uses fitness pal?

  14. Here is a link to read an article from NPR about how having a little extra fat could help a person live longer. I thought it was a very intersting read and wanted to share. http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2013/01/02/168437030/research-a-little-extra-fat-may-help-you-live-longer
  15. shellbell33081

    Height, Weight, And Size Poll

    heaviest weight: 242.2 i am 5'3. i had surgery april 20th 2012 and currently weigh 155.8. i don't regret a thing!
  16. shellbell33081

    Freezing all the time

    it's completely normal. i went through that as well. it got better for me, but i will say that i still.get cold.easier than everyone around me. i just dress warmer
  17. that is awesome! i think that is a huge victory and you should be very proud
  18. shellbell33081


    you should definitely tell your pcp to make sure he/he will still provide care after surgery. your pcp can refuse care since you are going to mexico.
  19. i've been lucky to have really only had one stall and it only lasted 2 weeks
  20. shellbell33081

    Mexico surgery if your not to tired to share.

    i am doing very well! i have lost 82lbs so far. i do not regret my decision and would recommend this surgery to anyone considering bariatric surgery. good luck!!
  21. shellbell33081


    gains can be caused by many things. too many carbs, salty foods can make you retain water, your period and sometimes our bodies just freak out because of the changes. don't worry too much. just keep an eye on your intake and watch the carbs
  22. shellbell33081


    caffeine is ok if you can limit it. i'd steer clear of carbonated drinks though. they hurt my stomach and are not good for your sleeve. i very seldom drink caffeine just because i don't want to be addicted again.
  23. exercise is something we need to do. however, i have not been a faithful exerciser and i've lost 72lbs in almost 6 months. i still need to lose another 30lbs but my weight loss hasn't stopped yet.
  24. shellbell33081


    i take omeprazole, 20mg twice a day