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  1. Finding myself reverting to my old habits...I was banded in August of 2012 and started my journey at 512lbs. I lost down to 465 the day I got banded and today I weighed 438. My lowest was 419 and with each agonizing pound I lose, I gain it back with a quickness and then some. I don't think it's a fill problem, it's a head problem. Been seeing a counselor, but struggle finding the help in it. I seriously feel like the surgery that I'm still paying off has been a dud. My food addiction plagues me...Any others struggling with this? Where can I find more help?
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    Struggling More Than Ever...

    Update!! Oh my gosh, after finally swallowing my pride I dragged my sorry butt to the surgeon for a fill. I avoided going for months because I wad ashamed at my lack of weight loss and I knew we'd have "the talk." Basically, I'd have to admit my failures and cheating. The nurse who does my fills never said a word about her being disappointed or even being surprised...This happens, and probably more than people want to admit. I had lost only 3 pounds in 5 months (Having had gone up and down in the same 20lbs for weeks!) I even admitted to attempting the Omni diet after watching a friend lose 40 pounds, and desperate to get some quick weight off to alleviate some of my anxiety about going to a fill without any weight loss. You could tell her hesitation when I told her, but calmly reassured me that my band was much more successful at doing the same thing. She filled my band with 1.5cc's and away I went...Relieved it wasn't some horror movie interrogation. When I weighed at the doctors office on 5/28/13 I was 430lbs. As of this evening I am down to 415.8! I told my husband yesterday, almost in tears, "My God! THIS it's what full is supposed to feel like! This is what they've been taking about all along!" The past 3 days I've been able to stick to my small portions and actually feel like "Hey, maybe I DON'T need any more food than this!" Unfortunately I've had a couple instances where I've gotten to hungry and ended up getting things a little stuck, but I'm finally realizing where all those rules come into play! Before, I could feel things slipping through with little or no restriction, feeling like it was doing it's job I just wasn't doing it right. Now, I'm forced to listen to my body and my surgeons advice. Meals take 20-30 minutes and I'm chewing, chewing, chewing. It is a eureka moment!!! I'm hesitant to get too excited and know that my effort had to remain steady, but I finally "get it." It's amazing what a couple of CCs of saline and a little pep talk can do! I am pumped! I have plans to break the 400lb mark no later than July!! Thank you everyone for your AMAZING support and advice!!
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    Gas Pain

    I didn't get much shoulder pain, but had awful gas pains in my stomach around day 4-5. It went away for me by day 8-9...But each day got a little easier. Just walk as much and as often as you can! Banded 8/20/2012 - Heaviest: 512 - Current: 461
  7. I'm shocked that some are able to do so much! I stayed in the hospital overnight then slept & relaxed the whole next day. I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart the following day, but stayed pretty low key the first 4 days. Went to work day 5 and made it through, but still very weak and slow. Soreness is normal...I felt like someone beat me up in the entire top half of my body, lol. The good news...All the gas pains (This part was awful for me. Anytime I swallowed felt like a basketball sized air bubble that kept building and building, and couldn't burp!) and majority of the soreness went away by about 10-12 days in. I'm 20 days out now and only occasionally feel sore at my port side. Also, most of the incision sites are completely healed. Just looks like a couple good scratches, but with the week I expect they'll be good as gone! It gets better! Just rest and relax! Now is the perfect time to get some R&R, because before you know it you'll be constantly moving and working your new healthier bod! Banded 8/20/2012 - Heaviest: 512 - Current: 461
  8. Had this same problem! If you're feeling that resistance you should definitely reign it in. My doctor allowed soft foods at week 2 and found I was eating too much, too fast. That stuffed feeling you're having is more likely from swelling and not the same "stuffed" feeling you'll have after you heal and once band is filled. If it's painful, I think going back to Clear liquids is a good idea. Give it another day or two and try again but in smaller portions. If it still doesn't agree, try a different kind of soup without chunks. Make sure you're taking your time and really get accustomed to your new band before moving on to your new"heavier" types of food. Good luck!! Banded 8/20/2012 - Heaviest: 512 - Current: 461
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    Stomach Flu Only 18 Days Out??

    Called my surgeons office and linked me to an after hours number. By 5am my hubby was on his way to Walgreens to pick up my prescription that was called in. Felt better after sleeping much of the day...Had 2 meds and both caused lots of drowsiness. However, its 2am and I'm feeling yucky yet again. Taking one of the pills to try to head it off and gonna soak in the tub to try and calm my stomach. I'm gonna watch what I eat extra close tomorrow and see if it could be that. Or its just a stomach bug or food poisoning that's lingering...Certain smells or even the thought of certain foods makes me stomach churn! Thanks for all the replies everyone! Was super scared to throw up and do damage to my stomach, band or both! Banded 8/20/2012 - Heaviest: 512 - Current: 461
  10. Feeling incredibly naseous and an awful urge to puke! Diarrhea hit me like a tidal wave. I took promethazine, but it doesn't seem to help. Don't want to throw up like this so early out...Its the weekend at 4:30am, what do I do?!? Banded 8/20/2012 - Heaviest: 512 - Current: 461
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    Am I the fattest one here?

    Would love to see what the program is all about... Banded 8/20/2012 - Heaviest: 512 - Current: 461
  12. Also, as far as your diet goes I would definitely ask your surgeon for a refresher as to what is best for you to be eating right now. I swear I went into it super prepared and got a bad case of surgery brain...Lol, like I came out forgetting it all. I was on all liquids for the first week though. It didn't have to be all clear, just no chunks of any kind. Every person is different and you'll start realizing that more and more...Im continually surprised everyday. The only thing for sure right now is to stay hydrated!! And I never had any sort of wrap, even though it sounds like it would have been helpful...So I don't have any advice on that. Good luck!! ) Banded 8/20/2012 - Heaviest: 512 - Current: 461
  13. I slept and slept and slept most of the first 2 days after. Combination of the meds and the anesthesia I think were the culprit of wanting to sleep so long. Not to mention the fact that I just had major surgery. Lol I wouldn't worry about being tired, and the pain seems pretty normal too. If it hurts to sleep on your back and it's more comfortable in a different position then sleep that way. I couldn't sleep on my right port side for the first week. The first couple days my back hurt too so I just laid off to the side a bit to take some pressure off, but still on my back. Any other way either hurt my incisions, my port or made it hard to breathe. This cleared up for the most part after about a week. I still have some issues sleeping directly on my stomach where my port is, but I just adjust myself a little and it's fine. Just take it 1 day at a time and do what is most comfortable for you. Good luck to you on your journey! :-) Banded 8/20/2012 - Heaviest: 512 - Current: 461
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    Can We Still....

    This is one reason I will be even more diligent about my flu shot...When I get the flu it is no joke. I had it every year for about 4 years straight until I started getting the flu shot. I would literally heave so hard I would break blood vessels both in my eyes and face! Awful, awful, awful! I would suggest those worried about the flu get the shot as well. I know its not foolproof, but any extra piece of mind is helpful!! Banded 8/20/2012 - Heaviest: 512 - Current: 461
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    Lump In Chest

    I had awful gas the first 10 days or so. About day 5 or 6 even just my saliva going down felt like a huge air bubble going down. I ended up with this awful feeling of needing to burp constantly and nothing would come out! I ended up chewing on a clean rag just to prevent swallowing any air bubbles...It was not one of my prettier moments. It passed after about 3-4 days. I had surgery 8/20 and am pretty much back to normal. The air escapes suddenly and I'm constantly surprised by how little warning there is to a burp, but no more pain!! It gets better and I'm ready to start my full workout routine now! Banded 8/20/2012 - Heaviest: 512 - Current: 461
  16. I got my band 8/20 and have no Fluid put in til next month. My Drs diet post op is week 1 liquid, week 2 mushies into soft foods, week 3/4 soft introducing solids as tolerated. Im almost to week 3 and Im actually able to eat most anything. (I've found a few soft foods that don't agree yet, so I steer clear.) I stick to mushies mostly, lots of low fat cottage cheese and really soft scrambled eggs. Had one instance with eggs where i probably ate too many and it hurt for awhile. I was also able to eat a small enchilada with some cheese and a soggy corn tortilla today with refried Beans. Ok, so not the healthiest of choices but went down just fine no issues coming back up. Here's my problem - I had a conversation with my boss who is a yr and a half post op and she has me super freaked out. Her surgeon required 6 weeks liquid diet post op and pre filled her band with 3ccs at time of surgery. I can eat so much compared to normal newbies (1-1.5 cup) before i feel resistance of any kind... But she made me feel like i am doing terrible and i caused damage already from eating solid food already! Im having some difficulty breaking old habits ya, but i felt I was doing much better. I just hate feeling like i could have possibly done damage or something...Ahh!! Am I normal to be able to eat this much food still? (with no fills yet) Do most surgeons require a much longer liquid diet? Could I have caused damage the couple times I ate too much because its so early? I've been super careful and am definitely sticking to the more liquidy kinds of foods til I get the reassurance about what's normal and the expectations. I was so prepared prior to surgery, but i feel like I've forgotten everything I spent months studying for! Banded 8/20/2012 - Heaviest: 512 - Current: 461
  17. Thank you everyone for all the support and tips! Today makes 2 weeks for me and Im pretty much on soft foods. Anything I could mash with a fork and introducing things as tolerated. I am feeling much better about the whole thing, but Im feeling hunger much like I did prior to surgery now. I can eat quite a bit still, but have made a goal not to not push my band or stomach. I don't eat til Im content, I just eat about a 1-1.5 cups of food (depends on the consistency) then stop. Its quite a bit, but Im sure having a fill in a few weeks will help. I just imagine everything Im eating trying to fit in this little pouch and since I really have this phobia of stretching it now, it makes it easier to not gorge myself. Im counting all calories...1200 is my goal with at least 70g Protein. I do OK most days. I find there's so many things to remember right now so I just keep my focus on calories, protein and portion. If I eat something that may be a little "questionable" to some people I try to not let it get me down. I hear them and take it in, but everyone's journey is their own. Im doing better, but its still requires a lot of thought, time and energy. Im crossing my fingers that it will.eventually become more of a habit that this all consuming thought process, lol! Thanks everyone for the replies!! You rock!! Banded 8/20/2012 - Heaviest: 512 - Current: 461
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    Chest Discomfort

    I'm in the same boat as far as seeming to forget! I read everything I received over and over, confident I had it down. Next day after surgery I felt like it all slipped away! Reality is always a little different than on paper. Just ask lots of questions and my advice is to get a lap band buddy! (Someone to talk to 1-on-1 who "gets" you and has some more experience is so helpful!!) I had a mini break down this morning and within a few texts I was both encouraged and put in my place. It re-energizes you and reminds you of all the awesomeness to come! Good luck!! You'll do awesome! Banded 8/20/2012 - Heaviest: 512 - Current: 461
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    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    My name is CCornell87 See ya on MFP! ) Banded 8/20/2012 - Heaviest: 512 - Current: 461
  20. Thank you for your replies everyone...I really compare my issues with food like any other addiction to drugs. This whole thing reminds me of how meth addicts feel detoxing. Weird I know, but similar. It's a constant battle and Im starting to feel under prepared. I said earlier I felt prepared going in, knowing what tools were at my disposal, but food is a really hard addiction to break. I set out my day and meal plans, and end up way off track by the time my day ends. I'm so good intentioned, yet it definitely has a hold on me. What's worse, is that I could have possibly done damage...It's like eaters remorse. Before band I hated that I was constantly thinking about food and what to eat next. Now I need to invest that same time and energy, but its hard switching gears to the healthy state of mind. Its like the devil/angel thing on each of my shoulders...Im tired of letting the bad side win! Please excuse my moments of weakness. I just have to vent and need to feel like Im not completely alone in ever feeling this way. I woke up this morning so frustrated I can't decide what to eat...maybe out of worry I'll keep making mistakes. Im going to read over all my paperwork with a fine tooth comb! Refreshers never hurt! Thank you all for your support! Banded 8/20/2012 - Heaviest: 512 - Current: 461
  21. CCornell87

    Does Fhis Look Infected?

    I was worried when I saw it! So glad you went in!! Good luck!! Banded 8/20/2012 - Heaviest: 512 - Current: 461
  22. I had surgery 8/20 and am finally getting the hang of this! But Im finding it hard even now to get in enough Protein without going over my calorie intake. I don't go for my first fill until 4 weeks post op...And although I eat WAY less than before, Im able to eat about 1cup - 1.5 cups of food at a time. I've recently discovered myfitnesspal and it's been amazing! Ive decided to aim for 1000 calories a day (While waiting for my fill) and nutritionist suggests about 70g protein. Its a crazy balancing act. I ate like 1600 calories today trying to get in all my protein. (I ate some junky food today too and Im totally regretting it, ugh!) What are some low cal, band-friendly options that are high in protein without having to resort back to those chalky Protein shakes? Good, easy to prepare recipes/ideas? Must-read reading material on all this? Thanks everyone!! Banded 8/20/2012 - Heaviest: 512 - Current: 464
  23. I know you're not eating anything that really indicates heartburn, but weird things can trigger it for me. I can eat just about anything tomato based, but just a little tiny bit of ketchup will do me in. Maybe try tweaking your diet a little? Can't certain allergies attribute to HB as well? Gluten? I'd definitely contact your Dr...Maybe he/she can offer some kind of advice as to what else you can do? Good luck! I know how awful HB can make you feel!! Banded 8/20/2012 - Heaviest: 512 - Current: 461
  24. CCornell87

    Down 32 Lbs In 2 Months!!

    Yay! Congrats to you!!! Banded 8/20/2012 - Heaviest: 512 - Current: 461
  25. CCornell87

    Getting Frustrated

    I went through a lot of hoops too...My insurance (Aetna) required a 90 day multi-disciplinary nutritional regimen. It included 4 appointments with a nutritious type lady to go over band specific diets and expectations, along with touching on some possible emotional responses during and after weightloss. I had to do a psych evaluation, a sleep study (AND wait a whole month to get my follow-up and my fancy new CPAP...I had terrrrible sleep apnea!) and a range of blood work. Then after all was done, it was submitted to insurance. I waited about a week and was given approval. Surgery was scheduled at their out-patient facility about a month out. I was asked to lose 45 more pounds...Only managed 15. Surgery was re-scheduled ANOTHER month out at the regular local hospital and am now back home 11 days post op. Moral of the story: Did I go through hell to get surgery? Yes. Was it worth it? HELL yes! Stick with it! All things good are worth fighting for! ) Banded 8/20/2012 - Heaviest: 512 - Current: 461

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