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  1. vsginnj

    420 and gastric sleeve

    Not judging, I have tons of experience! However during a weight loss program why add the challenge of using something that makes you HUNGRY?? That said ,prolly best to wait long enough that any coughing won't rip incisions or your new tummy open, say about a month.
  2. Please move post to powder room!!!! Just kidding, pain is different for evry one don't compare or allow your doc to, call and get something stronger, demand it if you must !!
  3. Nice job rich , and thanks for your posts here you are an asset to this forum!!
  4. vsginnj


    Omeprazole = Prilosec/ OTC
  5. Oh.. Looking ahead ,161 lbs is MONUMENTAL !! Be proud of yourself, if you want send me hubby's cell# and I'll have a chat with his insensitive butt too!!
  6. Maybe you can post his email address here and we can all start sending him links for plastic surgeons that fix mancans and personal trainers and perhaps a mentor who can teach him how to treat people!!!
  7. vsginnj


    I think if I had an incision open and draining after one month I would seek revaluation from another dr. Before doing anything more than walking.
  8. vsginnj

    I lost 5 wiener dogs!

    13400 dimes , 7 human heads and a cinder block 167 lbs.
  9. Francisco if you are in the hospital , talk to a nurse let them know how you are feeling there are meds that can calm your stomach if not call your dr. Lots walking repeat , lots of walking! Please don't eat so soon if you do you can hurt yourself very badly. Gas mimics feelings of hunger, you can do this !! Good luck
  10. vsginnj

    tried egg beaters

    I eat the egg with the yolk it "softens" the whites when it's scrambled and makes it easier on my stomach. Lofat Parmesan or Romano cheese mixed in before cooking also helps and adds a lot of protein for the space it takes up!
  11. If you are a coffee drinker, instant coffee mixes well with vanilla or Choc protein powders hot or cold! I was sleeved in winter and found unjury chicken soup flavored protein a nice change also unflavored protein mixes well into miso soup. Yeah some things just don't belong being sugar free, kinda like non-alcoholic beer I just can't wrap my mind around that !
  12. I am 18 months have lost over 150,I had some nausea caused by vitamins I didn't tolerate well early out, other than that no problems. I have complied with all medical instructions and adhere (gladly)to a very rigid eating plan. It's my observation that the vets who make drastic changes seem to have better long term results, I go to the gym at least 4x per week . Sometimes I want to pack it in and give up, then I realize... There are a lot of a-holes I gotta prove wrong! ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS!!
  13. Quit whining ! Somewhere someone didn't eat today!!! Add some ice throw it all in the blender and make a slushie..... And that better be sugar free hot cocoa!!!
  14. vsginnj

    The Down Side...

    Start making two and give her one for breakfast, healthy eating habits are a wonderful gift we can give our children.
  15. Colligenic protein is totally unusable ...we need "whey protein isolate" not a " propitiatory blend of whey" most of these shots are a scam.
  16. vsginnj


    Happy birthday!!
  17. vsginnj

    Slider foods

    Foods that "slide right thru" the stomach and have no/low nutritional value!
  18. vsginnj

    In serious need

    #55 " because exercisers earn more". Who knew!
  19. vsginnj

    Confrontational People

    Not to seem confrontational; but I believe their brain is still in their head but their head is up their asss!
  20. vsginnj

    Pain medication

    I'm a year and a half out and still take mine from time to time . No judgement here ,better living thru chemistry!!
  21. vsginnj

    Anyone from jersey ?

    Congrats I'm up north exit 150
  22. vsginnj

    knee surgery before sleeve?

    I needed 2 knees and 2 hips my ortho and md suggested losing weight for obvious reasons , healthy people recover with less complications and anesthesia risks are greatly reduced. Got my first hip replaced in jan. 13 months out from my sleeve I honestly can't imagine rehabbing +150 lbs. next hip is in sept. and after 2 series of hylagan injections my knees feel much better but still need replacing.
  23. vsginnj

    eating issues/ please help

    Larbet have you spoken with your dr ?
  24. vsginnj

    Medic Alert bracelet

    Probably wouldn't do Any good in 18 months I haven't met ANY medical professional who knew what a vsg is. The absurd questions after disclosing it are even more terrifying!

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