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  1. ilikebunnies

    How Much Did U Lose First Week?

    I try not to get on the darn scale every day but then it sucks me in! I lost 13lbs the first week.
  2. ilikebunnies


    I had hiccups on three different occasions today but I am 7 weeks out. It doesn't hurt but it is not comfortable either.
  3. ilikebunnies

    How Is Everyone?!

    Just wondering how all the plicated people are doing out there...
  4. ilikebunnies

    Not Impressed

    That sucks!
  5. My tentative surgery date is July 23rd because of my work schedule. It may change by a week but it looks like I'm gonna be a July baby. Anyone else out there that will be banded in July?
  6. ilikebunnies


    I love this! How awesome that you did everything you could to get the money to improve your health...inspiring!
  7. ilikebunnies


    Unfortunately even if you aren't self-pay the process is still long and frustrating. I had to wait many months (required diets, testing etc.) on insurance and I know some one here have waited for over a year. I just tried to concentrate on learning as much as I could and practice it pre-band (eating smaller bites, chewing, quitting soda etc.) Your time will come just hand in there!
  8. ilikebunnies

    Mirena? To Take Out Or Not?

    I kept my Merina in during surgery and it wasn't an issue.
  9. ilikebunnies

    Plication People!

    I love love love my plication! I can eat between 2-4ounces at a time. When you get to solid foods you will feel more satiated, but soup kind of runs through pretty quick. I am almost 4 weeks out and am not scheduled for a fill until 12 weeks. I wouldn't be too concerned at this point because your body is trying to heal and the swelling has probably gone down allowing for more room in your new tummy.
  10. I joined My Fitness Pal about two weeks ago so I could log my food but the daily calorie allowances frustrates me. I am not sure what a banderster's daily allowance should be and it suggests 1950 daily for me based on my height and weight. Does anyone know what calorie range a bandster should be eating a day? I vacillate between 450 and 800 daily, I am afraid to go any higher in fear of my weight loss stalling.
  11. Thank you thank you everyone for your thoughts! I'm so glad to hear where other bandsters are at, it definitely gives me some range to look at.
  12. That is reassuring thank you for your input!
  13. I agree with the earlier posts. I was afraid of the same thing but I continue to lose especially when I increased my calories a bit You will do fine!
  14. ilikebunnies

    Any Wierd Cravings After Banding?

    Lol I heard it was because my sodium was low, who knows lol!
  15. I had surgery on July 30th and now feel as if I never had it at all with the exception of eating small amounts of mushie food. For anyone that is wondering if plication is painful I would say not any more than the band because my pain was minimal for a few days. I weighed in today at 13lbs lost and my blood sugars are great. I am so glad I added the plication option was totally worth the extra money!
  16. ilikebunnies

    I Love Been Banded And Plicated!

    Bahahaha I just now realized my topic says "been" instead of "being"...nice!
  17. ilikebunnies

    How Is Everyone?!

    I was nervous because there isn't any long term research so I vacillated between having it done and not. I am glad I chose to do so though. I am 3 weeks out and down 22lbs
  18. ilikebunnies

    I Love Been Banded And Plicated!

    ONEder land! That's amazing!
  19. ilikebunnies

    How Is Everyone?!

    Dr. Snyder is amazing and I am so glad I chose to go with him. I love the plication. I haven't experienced bandster hell and like that I won't have to go for fills for a while. I have lost about 20lbs from my surgery date on July 30th.
  20. ilikebunnies

    Dr Michael Snyder ?

    I did have 24 hours of liquids and asked about the "liver shrinking diet" that everyone was posting on. Dr. Snyder said he doesn't believe in it so I was happy to stick with only 24 hours. My hubby was concerned because the plication is so new but with the great outcomes we had heard of and a reduced risk in slippage he supported me. My bloodsugars, with exception of surgery day, have been amazing with no meds/insulin in which I attribute part of that to the plication. As far as the gas pains...I really didn't have them! I had a little in the middle of my back but nothing else. I was stocked with all the remedies i had heard about (gas x strips, peppermint tea, heating pad etc.) but did not have to use them. On another note...I had the option to stay overnight at Rose and I am glad I did because the bed was comfy and nurses/staff were excellent. If you have any more questions please ask away!
  21. ilikebunnies

    Dr Michael Snyder ?

    I was banded and plicated by Dr. Snyder a little over two weeks ago I am very please with the plication and have lost 16 lbs already. I was in the same boat paying the extra because insurance wouldn't cover it. I am personally glad I had it done.
  22. That's awful! Find a new doc ASAP!
  23. ilikebunnies

    Any Wierd Cravings After Banding?

    I craved pickle juice for days, weird I know!
  24. ilikebunnies

    I Love Been Banded And Plicated!

    I stayed the night because my surgery was so late and I have sleep apnea. My surgeon gave me the choice and I felt more comfortable staying. I was sore and experienced very little gas pain in my back but I would say it wasn't real bad overall.
  25. ilikebunnies


    This group forum is a place to discuss lap band with plication. As a candidate for this surgery I know it was hard to find any information on it. Hopefully we can get comments, concerns, and questions to start and maintain a positive atmosphere for all of us

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