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    I will be 8 mos post-op on the 30th, and around the 7mo mark I did take a sip here and there without problems. Last night I had a barcardi and coke with no problem. I also have had a beer with out any problems as well. This is not a everyday occurrence
  2. OMG I wish I looked as good as you! I am jealous Congratulaitons on a job well done!
  3. nanaspez

    No longer obese!

    Congratulations! It is a wonderful feeling to see that change! Normal is just right around the corner!
  4. I also became Lactose Intolerant. It was miserable until I finally figured it out! I am now almost 8 months out and this past week I had a yogurt parfait from Subway, cottage cheese and cheddar cheese without any problems. I heard that this could be temporary so that is why I tried these foods. I only try one dairy a day. Unjury protein was the only thing my stomach could tolerate. I took a sip of a milk shake from In and Out and it did not take long before I knew that was just too much for my stomach! Hopefully yours will only be temporary! Good luck
  5. nanaspez

    is this normal?

    Every body is different. On your next visit ask your doctor what size of bougie he used. Count your blessing that you are able to eat. My first month was pure hell and I could hardly get anything in. Fast forward 8 months and I learned my body was going through a lot besides my surgery. I have Lupus and between that and the surgery they were both competing to get my attention! I could see how you could eat the asparagus and mashed potatoes with chicken because they are more of a slider food. You will be fine, just enjoy the journey
  6. nanaspez


    You should be so proud of yourself, you look amazing! Love your glasses (black outfit) Congratualtions
  7. nanaspez

    Problems with Dairy?

    I became lactose intolerant after surgery. I am now approaching 8 months post op on the 30th, last week I had some cheese with no problem. Everyday since I have tried to eat ONE diary product a day, had a yogurt, cheese stick, cream cheese and cottage cheese and things so far so good. So hopefully you problem will only be temporary
  8. I also have that problem. I thought I was crazy, so now I am glad to find out I am not! It is the weirdest feeling. Being lactose intolerant I do not do yogurt but if I could that would be my breakfast! I can not tolerate protein drinks in the morning as well. Hopefully this won't last too long!
  9. So glad for this post! I have been feeling the same way! These past 2 weekends has been nothing but BBQ's and it is amazing how many people SHOVE food in their mouths! Then to see them say "I am so full" but they go back for more or for dessert! My oldest son these past 11 years has changed his eating habits and eats very well. My grandson who is 10 has only been to fast food restaurants a handful of times. No microwaving, only organic…ect. It is funny how as humans we are all so different!
  10. nanaspez

    Before and during pics

    Congratulations, you look great!
  11. nanaspez

    I hate food

    I am 7 mos out and I have to force and remind myself to eat, still! If I didn't I could go all day without eating and that is not good!
  12. nanaspez

    sick three weeks after

    I had vomiting and diarrhea due to becoming lactose intolerant after the surgery. Check your Protein shake it may contain milk as well. I now stay away from diary unless it is lactose free. I did not have a pain on the right so I can not address that Hope you feel better soon, if this continues you should call your doctor. Good luck
  13. Mine shrunk about 1 size
  14. nanaspez

    Goal Outfit?

    I am 7 mos post-op and my goal weight was 150, last week when I weighed myself I was 131. So I would hold off until you are at goal weight and can stay there a couple of weeks. I purchased myself bra's from Victoria Secret's and two weeks later they were too big So I wouldn't go overboard till your able to maintain the weight. Good luck
  15. Lucky you to have your sister go through this with you! What a great support to each other you will be. Do you have a surgery date yet? Good luck and keep us posted!
  16. nanaspez

    Officially Sleeved

    Keep hydrated! I had to get mine at first through ice chips and popsicles. You can get a liquid Whey protein and mix with water, freeze and make ice chips, this way you get your protein and liquid in. Good luck and keep us posted
  17. nanaspez

    One year later, here I am.

    You look MarVelouS! Congratulations on a job well done
  18. We are in the same boat!!! I too am in maintenance, actually I would love to gain about 15 pds! It is so hard for me to eat 1000 calories a day, I average 800. I TRY to put something in my mouth every 2 hours, almonds, cashews, beef Jerky ect. But sometimes I just plain forget to eat! I also get lightheaded and dizzy, not enough calories and then I try to exercise not a good combo! I just had my 6 mo blood work done and all was well. So I know my lightheadedness comes from lack of food. Good luck
  19. I was always thin. I had a 9 lb baby gained 40 lbs and the next day zipped up my size 4/5 like nothing! I did not start to gain weight until I developed several medical problems. Due to all the medical problems I ended up taking 27 pills a day (all prescribed) and started to gain weight. Since 1997 I went from size 8 to 14 in 16 years. I am 6 mos post op and now wearing a loose 6! I did this surgery to get me off all my meds. I was taking prednisone daily for 16 years and I needed to take control of my body. After going to Stanford and speaking to doctors they assured me that my medication would drop and they have! Currently taking 7 but 3 will be dropped next month. Best thing I could have done for family and myself
  20. nanaspez


    So sorry you have to go through this. Believe me it does get better I had the hardest time with water and shakes early on, now I can actually take a big drink of cold water! Take care and keep us posted
  21. You look AmaZing! Congratulations you'll hit that 100 pd loss in no time!
  22. nanaspez

    breast size (for women)

    I went from a OVERFLOWING 38DD to a 34 DD. 34 D cup is too small and I am no longer overflowing in the DD's! They went from firm and full to long and skinny! LOL
  23. You look amazing! CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done!
  24. nanaspez

    hair loss

    I am 3 days away from 6 mos and started losing my hair around the 4 1/2 mo mark. I believe it is inevitable, there are people here that did everything by the book and still lost hair. I prepared myself because I had a hard time getting protein in. Thankfully, it is only temporary!
  25. Believe me, it gets better and because of your age your healing will probably be faster than some of older sleevers. I was dead to the world for the 1st 31/2 months, (sleeve and other medical problems that arose made it difficult) I would recommend you get protein powder, such as Unjury Strawberry Sorbet, it is not thick and it is refreshing especially with lemonade. I also mix the unflavored one with my milk in the morning and mix it with protein cereal. I am 5mos out and feeling so much better, especially my energy. It is still low but so much better. Hang in there, you'll be dancing that happy dance really soon!

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