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  1. Last week I was 231 Today I weighed 224.4 I'm so excited and happy to see the scale moving.
  2. Well I'm 32 5'2 and my highest weight was 270.2 on July 2nd 2012. I had surgery on Aug 1st weighed 254.5. Today I'm 229. It hasn't been easy or as fast as it fantasized it would be. It takes a lot of hard work. I had thoughts like yours what if it doesn't work for me. But the truth is, I will work if you work it. I have to make sure I get my Protein, Water and exercise in every day. It's just a way of life now I depend on it like I do air, shelter and love. I know it's nerve wreaking but it will be here and gone soon enough. Then you'll have a new set of problems. Like an i a slow loser?
  3. I'm only weighing in once a week so this Wednesday I was 231.
  4. Nina88

    Fab And Flab

    I'm doing the 12 week lean body program on bodybuilding.com. It's free!!!!!
  5. I'm 6 1/2 weeks out and hit a stall again. Today I weighed 232.4 :-(
  6. Nina88

    Whats On Your Bucket List?

    I want to walk el camino in Spain.
  7. Nina88

    Lets Talk About S-E-X

    My doctor said when I felt comfortable. It was at 10 days because I was scared to try sooner.
  8. Nina88

    Hispanic/latino Sleevers?

    I'm only 6 weeks post op and I really miss all of my Mexican food.
  9. Nina88

    New To Vst...

    I have kaiser and my surgery was with dr. Casillas in West los angeles. It's a long process but we'll worth the wait because as long as your pcp recommends you, you're approved for the surgery.
  10. Nina88

    New To Vst...

    Hi there I'm also in the area. I was sleeved on Aug 1st. Let know if you have any questions.
  11. Wow great job. Im so excited for you. Hope to see you soon.
  12. Weight before surgery 270.2 Surgery date 08/1/2012 Weight day of surgery 254.5 Current weight 233.6 Goal weight by 10/31= 213
  13. No leak test done after surgery. I didn't know to ask if one was done surgery. Look up what the leak symptoms are if you are worried. At this point you won't feel full yet. Try to serve yourself 4-6 oz of your puree.
  14. Congrats lisa thanks for everything you do.
  15. 10 days and every night since. Today is day 14
  16. I had surgery on Aug 1st, and I'm drinking more water than anything I'm so bored with the same stuff.
  17. Nina88

    20 Lbs In 10 Days On Preop Diet?

    My doctor required 15 in about 3 weeks I had only lost 11.4 pounds, I was so nervous going to my preop appointment, I thought for sure he is going to cancel. He was very pleased to see that I gave it my best effort. Do the best you can. Go to a gym or do an exercise video something I was working out 2-3 hours a day. You can do this!!!!
  18. Nina88

    Is This Weird ?

    I was required to lose 15 pounds, and one day of pure liquids the night before surgery.
  19. Nina88

    Pre Op Nerves :-/

    It's normal to be nervous, it means you know what you are getting into. I'm 8 days post op, just getting done with the healing process. The worst part was the gas in my chest that was gone within 12 hours of surgery, I slept most of the time. You will be fine.
  20. Nina88

    Thoughts On Unjury?

    I'm 7 days post op and besides the Isopure my unflavored unjury protein is an essential part of my diet. I add it to my oatmeal, jello, pudding, chicken broth and cream soups. It doesn't taste any different, but it makes the jello cloudy but I feel better knowing I'm getting that extra protein in. I'm getting ready to order a 2nd can.
  21. Nina88

    August Sleevers:d

    Hello ladies in part of the Aug sleevers and we also have a secret Facebook group if you want to be added pm me your Facebook link.
  22. Nina88

    August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?

    Hi all just checking in with my numbers I was sleeved on Aug 1st. My highest weight was 270.2 on July 2nd. On surgery day I was 254.5 and today I weighed 244.8 that's a loss of 25.4 pounds. For those of you curious if gained and lost 8 pounds from being at the hospital.
  23. Nina88

    August 1St, Anyone?

    I lost 9.7 pounds for the first week a total loss of 25.4 since the start of my preop diet.