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  1. I'll also be there June 19[emoji4]
  2. Looking for a good surgeon that does revisions, any suggestions!! I would love to hear about your experience
  3. Thanks so much for replying. Did you have surgery there? I'm probably going to go with him, just haven't heard much about him though
  4. Looking for a good surgeon that does revisions, any suggestions!! I would love to hear about your experience
  5. Has anyone had a revision from sleeve to MGB or DS...and who is the best for revisions in Mexico?
  6. Does anyone know anything about the new Medicaid and which plan is best for the sleeve surgery? I'm not sure of which one I should choose...does anyone have louisiana Medicaid if so which plan did u choose and what are the requirments for surgery.
  7. haven't been on here in awhile, was wondering if someone could help answer some of my questions...i had surgery on august 9 2012 and i was wondering how soon can i have any plastics done? i have medicaid and was wondering if they would pay for it. i've spoken to someone already and she said after a year they would remove the panniculectomy because its very heavy and uncomfortable. so my question is how soon? does medicaid pay if so what are the requirments? ready for this hanging stomach to go!!! it's digusting to look at myself naked
  8. Can someone tell me if u can do this prior to vertical sleeve surgery, will if affect anything? I really want a bigger rump lol, I don't wanna loose it.
  9. thanks so much for your help. i have an appointment for next wednesday to see a plastic surgeon, hope all goes well!
  10. Thanks to the both of you!!! No skin break down and thankful for that, and not so much for looks but I will be more confident but its more so because its very heavy and I sweat a lot and it tends to smell!
  11. Shaniceh01

    August 9 Sleevers Help

    Yeah I thought that
  12. I had surgery August 9 weighing in at 262, highest weight was 277 and as if today I'm 227. But I've hit a stall and I'm unhappy of some sort cause it's not moving as fast as I want it to. Can anyone give me any helpful tips that will jump start the weightloss again. Really need some encouragement. Not a before and after because it's far from over! This past weekend About three weeks ago
  13. Shaniceh01

    August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?

    My current weight is 227, day of surgery (august 9) it was 262 and my highest weight was 277. I've hit a stall and it's been that way for weeks, I know this is normal but I feel like its not moving fast enough. In need of some encouragement
  14. Hi everyone...it's an old costume I wore for one of my friends birthday/halloween house party (I had surgery on August 9. Down 40 pounds) Another costume...this was on Halloween
  15. Shaniceh01

    Ladies Who Has Instagram Add Me

    Follow back bitter_sweet01
  16. Same pain just on my right side and it's been occurring for about a week now. My surgeon is five hours away so I don't have an appointment until this coming up Friday
  17. This weekend I'll be a month post op, I'm taking any suggestions because I'm a very picky eater there are a lot of things I'm hating about this purée stage. How soon does everyone start soft foods such as fish etc. I'm three weeks and four days out and what should I be eating? Please help
  18. Shaniceh01

    One Month Post Op. Any Suggestions On Food Ideas

    Yes I mashed them up very good and chew chew chew...I've had soup a couple of times also, I went from full liquids to mushies/purée and now it's time for soft foods, I just don't wanna stretch my sleeve; but it really work because I cannot eat nearly as much as I use to...love my sleeve ❤
  19. Shaniceh01

    One Month Post Op. Any Suggestions On Food Ideas

    What kind of potatoes...mashed? I've only been having protein shakes, mash potatoes and green beans and I'm so tired of it, and the thought of purée makes me sick. I tried baked fish today and it was great no problems even tho I got full so fast. Thanks for your input really appreciated
  20. Shaniceh01

    Purred Diet Ideas Please

    Thanks everyone. I plan to use some of your ideas, hope it goes well
  21. Today I'm starting phase three of my diet which is puree foods, can someone give me some ideas because I'm not sure of the choices and I don't think I'm going to like this...please help
  22. I've been in the hospital the while time, finally about to go home yaaaay. Ready to feel normal again with my new tummy.
  23. Shaniceh01

    5 Days Post Op

    Thanks Iprincess!!!!
  24. Shaniceh01

    5 Days Post Op

    Four ivs' so I was dehydrated and I couldn't urinate so the kept me, 2 days was what was expected but it didn't happen for me

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