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  1. diochick

    Where Is Everyone From?

    Not to hijack the post, but my father's whole family was from Edinburgh! We went to visit Scotland when I was a child, and since that day I've dreamt of the day I'd be able to return. The castle of our namesake (Hutton) was for sale around that time. My uncle tried to convince my father to go halves on it, but he couldn't afford it.
  2. diochick

    Recalled Drug List

    Would the symptoms of meningitis show up soon after using the affected drugs, or could it possibly take longer?
  3. Forgot to mention, not only did my insurance require the 6 months of supervised diet/weigh ins, but I also had to have my pcp send in the last 5 consecutive years worth of weights. I don't have a pcp, but thankfully I'm very good at seeing my OB every year, and that was acceptable. Just an idea of other things insurance companies might require.
  4. Looking forward to going to the gym in a few hours!!!

  5. diochick


    I've been doing it since I was 14 years old, 27 now- not going to stop any time soon. I've been sleeved since March. I have seen 0 neg effects thus far. I don't even get the munchies. If I start feeling a little hungry, I go for the cheese (which was always my thing) but that's cool. It has protein.
  6. As stated above, weight loss is different with everyone. My starting weight was higher than yours (270) but by the time I was 3 months out I had lost 50 lbs already. Good luck!
  7. That was a requirement by my insurance company (United healthcare). My surgeon wouldn't do the surgery without me losing 6% of my weight- to ensure the liver shrinks to reduce the chance of complications. My insurance company would also allow documented proof of a diet by any other method within the last 3 years- Jenny Craig, registered dietician, Weight Watchers, etc... as long as it showed 6 consecutive months of weigh ins. I'd recommend calling the insurance company, or even speaking with the insurance coordinator at your doctors office to get the full list of all requirements so another wrench isn't thrown in at the last minute.
  8. Mine requested 6 months of documented diet, so I had to go to my dr every month for a weigh in. Every insurance company is different, but you're best off doing exactly what they want, otherwise they may decide to not approve the procedure at all.
  9. I'm almost 7 months out, and a few days a week I'll have a protein shake for breakfast. If you don't like the taste of them, then by all means stop when you're able to get your protein allotment in without using them. I found one I absolutely adore, so I make a breakfast "milkshake"out of it, banana, milk, peanut butter and ice.
  10. diochick

    Did You Name Your Sleeve?

    Gustavo... It just sounds right for my sleeve
  11. diochick


    Too much real sugar makes me feel jittery, or shakey, but in moderation it's not a problem. I was at a birthday party, had some cake. I've also had the occasional cookie. I'd say- give the sweets you want to try a shot. If they don't sit well, then you know you should just stick to the diet plan you had before.
  12. diochick

    Monthly Cost?

    I buy my vitamins at rite aid (much cheaper than at my surgeons office), I have a huge tub of protein powder from gnc, it's lasted me ages since I don't do it every day (I'm almost 7 months out, so I'm able to get most of my protein in through regular eating). I haven't had to purchase anything special post op, and our grocery bill has certainly gone down. We hardly ever eat out, but when we do the bill is about the same. I get a regular meal, eat what I can, give some to my 2 yr old, and bring the rest home for my next meal.
  13. diochick

    Sleeve Vs Roux N Y

    My doctor always explained it as, our stomach is now about the size and shape of a banana.
  14. diochick

    Skin Removal Surgery

    My surgeon- who seems to be a tad more strict-said that he wouldn't recommend it until we're at goal for 2 years.
  15. diochick

    Why No Straw?

    I know some doctors are concerned with extra air coming into the stomach, and early out we have enough problems with gas pains! I've never had an issue with straws, and I've read other posts on here that some doctors give them for use post op in the hospital. Guess it's another one of those things doctors don't agree on. I say if it helps you get your liquid/protein allotment met for the day-go straw crazy!
  16. I also don't measure calories or nutritional info as I eat so little. I find most foods I used to love, just don't sound interesting anymore. I used to love pasta. The thought of it doesn't turn my stomach or anything, but I just don't see the point in' eating it (if that makes sense). I am very picky flavor wise now, I almost feel empowered, where if I don't like the taste of something I don't feel compelled to finish it. I never did that before. Weird foods have always intrigued me, as a kid we'd go to the highland games, and I loved haggis! I'm almost 7 months out, and down about 90 lbs.
  17. diochick

    Where Is Everyone From?

    Sorry for the short response earlier, I was just leaving work. Are you originally from the Allentown area?
  18. diochick

    Where Is Everyone From?

    About an hour north of Philadelphia, Pa
  19. diochick

    Guys: Telling People?

    I've only told my husband and mother in law. My own family doesn't know. If someone were to ask me if I had surgery, I don't know how I'd answer. It's not that I'm ashamed of it, but I'm an extremely private person. My husband knows for obvious reasons, his mother knows because we needed help with the kids during the recovery process. I haven't told my family because the live on the other side of the country and make zero effort to have anything to do with my life. If they don't want to know what's going on, I won't volunteer the information!
  20. Happened to me as well. I never had issues with acne, but after surgery it was awful. As stated by others, it cleared up on its own after about 2-3 weeks. I'm 6 months out now, and I haven't had it return
  21. diochick

    Sick And The Sleeve...

    I just got over a cold last week. I noticed the cold meds zapped me more than before, and that I had to take half doses because the pills were killing my stomach. I also had zero appetite, and the few things I did attempt to eat just tasted off to me. Now that the cold is out of my system, I still feel a little exhausted, but my appetite is definitely back. I actually felt seriously hungry the other day. I'll be 6 months post op tomorrow, and had 0 complications since surgery. Oh, and I'm not sure if this is connected, but I was the only one in my house to get sick. I live with my husband, my 5 yr old and my 2 yr old. I'm guessing my immune system isn't as strong as it used to be.

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