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  1. I am about 10 months out, I am very close to my goal weight, and I am so happy with the way that I look, but my health is diminishing, and I'm only 20 years old. I am to blame, I never really took Protein shakes or Vitamins, I couldn't stomach them at all. About 2 months ago, I started feeling very dizzy and it elevated to fainting, a lot, and everywhere, I ignored it at first, then i got a stomach bug, and I was away from my country for a month, and no doctor could help me, so I was very dehydrated, which increased my fainting spells. Came back home, kept fainting, hair started falling, started getting chest pains and insane palpitations, eventually I went to the doctor, turns out I am hypoglycaemic and anaemic, and low potassium, low Vitamin D, it doesn't sound that bad, but I have no energy at all, I can never get myself to work out because of how low my energy is and I feel so angry because I can't do anything about it, doctors told me to eat more potassium rich foods and get some sugar intake, but I CAN'T! I cannot stomach any sweets. I also feel like I can't eat as much as most people can at 10 months out, I really don't know if I'm eating too little or too much, but compared to people 10 months out, i can't eat much at all some days pass by and i completely forget to eat, and I've had to stop in the middle of the road several times because I felt like I was about to pass out behind the wheel. I started taking Iron supplements, multi-vitamins, vitamins for hair, and I'm trying to hard to get some sugar in my system and remember to eat, but I'm scared of adding Vitamin D supplements, scared it'll be too many vitamins, and scared of adding Protein Shakes, because i'm scared the taste would make me throw up, or cause serious constipation, more than I already am, which i hate so much. So please help and give me tips or share your experience with me.
  2. NyanBunny56

    3.5 Weeks Out

    im enjoying reading ur blogs, so glad ure doing well =D yeah i know, ramadan has been killing me! and i have to fast!!! i actually fainted the first day, my blood sugar dropped to 70, which isnt good at all, i stopped fasting since then, but now i have to resume, and im really terrified, but anyway, glad ure doing well =D
  3. i am almost 7 months out, yesterday I was in the salon, i was in the steam room, i have been going to steam rooms all my life, and lots after surgery, so this is new, and all of the sudden I fainted in the bathroom, I got up and walked out, and as I was paying the money, I fainted again, and then they carried me onto a couch and sprayed me with Water, and they kept trying to wake me up, and I replied, but then I fainted again, they gave me water and a piece of chocolate and then I went home after 15 mins. What is this?? I was just doing my hair, and all of the sudden I faint that many times?! Please tell me if you had any similar experiences!
  4. yeah, everyone opposed, but in the end ure doing it for you, so they will support u, and if they dont, they obviously dont understand what ure going through, and they never willl unless they get put in the same position, my mom was against it, my father, my closest friends, everyone was against it, but i insisted and now they all say i made a great choice, so do it for you!
  5. NyanBunny56

    What Was It Like While You Were Under?

    its just like, they wre talking to me, then told me to count back, and it was just, lights out! then woke up when they dragged me out of the OR i kept screaming and crying in pain and i was so cold and kept yelling out how cold i was and then they came to see what's happening and next thing i know i was in my room with my parents, it took about 2 hrs but woke up after like 3 hrs or so, but it was okay, just really felt so cold the whole time afterwards.
  6. NyanBunny56

    The Worst Decision I Ever Made

    hello, im very sorry about whats happening to you, but i tink i was on the exact same boat in the beginning it took me months to be able to even take a whole sip of anything, it'll get better, just dont think about it, itll get better! and dont u have lots of proton pump inhibitors? those helped a lot
  7. NyanBunny56

    It's Been A Month....

    its okay, in 6 months and im almost out of the 70 kgs range, i NEVER thought it'd happen, its just hitting me that its actually happening!! its okay to feel the way u are feelings, everyone has that, after 3 weeks from surgery i stopped losing weight for about 2 weeks, which made me so angry, but then i just went back to losing weight, and ull get there dont worry! 77 pounds is going to go away just calm down and concentrate on the good things, and u were losing more weight before because u were very obese and when ure heavier u tend to lose weight quicker! and they probably lose that much weight that quickly because they were perhaps heavier than u are because the heavier u are the quicker u drop the pounds, but then it slows down for everyone! i was very very angry at first that i was like, eating so little and still so fat, but the months wil fly by and ull be so happy with ur progress that u won even notice it, just concentrate on the good aspects!
  8. NyanBunny56

    It's Been A Month....

    oh dont worry, few weeks after surgery i kept crying and thinking i did a huge mistake and i should have never done it and i regret it so much, and yeah, first week u lose a lot, then it slows down from there, but its okay! and u will hit a stall every once in a while, but it's fine, just concentrate on how well u did so far, and KNOW that it will get better! now looking back i think im so silly for being so depressed and regretting it, i feel amazing now and im so so glad i did it, this will pass believe me! and for the craving, try looking at pictures of food, or just watching foodnetwork, or even cooking for other people i found that really helps, because believe me, even if u were to eat the food that u crave, it would never taste the same and its just not the same, THANK GOD! and ull be slimmer and better and ull be fine, just look at where u were and where u are now, and concentrate on the good things that came out of the surgery, like what clothes fit better, or if u could walk easily, or breathe easier etc. theres so much good that wil come out of this, but its okay to feel like this, almost everyone went through that after this surgery! it'll get better!!! <3
  9. NyanBunny56

    Low Blood Persure

    there arent any meds for that i guess, i still suffer with low blood pressure until now, but all i find to help is just drink some juice and lots of water!
  10. NyanBunny56

    Low Blood Persure

    its okay, i felt so low on energy and had all that in the beginning, but you just need to try to stick by the exact amounts of food and liquids they told u to have, i used to always not finish up my portions, just try hard to finish up the portions and have the protein shakes, and drink lots of water, just water helped me a lot!! really it can work miracles, even if its very uncomfortable, just drink it, and maybe sugary juices, not like, drowned in sugar, maybe watermelon juice or something like that?
  11. well, if you will have a drain, u need to stay at the hospital, because the first 3 days were very bad for me, because of moving with the drain, but after that, i was just nauseous nothing else, dont do anything that requires lots of movement, but it was pretty okay for me, i went to university 5 days after the surgery!
  12. NyanBunny56

    Craving Food

    well, actually, there are lots of food blogs, i really had the help of watching the food network, or looking at pictures of food on food blogs, as silly as it sounds, it really helps
  13. NyanBunny56

    Can I?

    oh no dont do fruits, have the juice, diluted, but no added sugar! fruits are very very hard to digest, im over 6 months out, and theyre still hard to digest!
  14. Im 2 months post-op and I feel like everytime I eat something bad I have to vomit it or else it keeps killing me and annoying me, and after I vomit I feel a million times better, I have a problem with stopping myself from eating crappy foods, well, thats just, cheesy balls, nachos and popcorn, foods that dont bother me and slide right down, I dont eat that much of it, but I still know its so bad, but almost all other foods really hurt, ahh I dunno what to do, I feel like I'm becoming somewhat bulimic, and my weightloss is steady and continuous but I don't know if that will last if I keep eating crap
  15. NyanBunny56


    I completely know what you mean, I discovered that many of my girlfriends only were friends with me because I was "less attractive" but now that I am losing weight and more guys flirt with me or whatever they took it so badly and keep going all "oh its not like u lost that much weight and they look at you, what if u lose more, gosh, just stop losing weight" i really feel like this is pissing a lot of people off rather than having them feel happy for me, so i guess after my weight loss i gotta start looking for new friends, but anyway i am so happy with my progress and its their loss =]
  16. NyanBunny56

    Our Food Choices, Habits And Our Legacy...

    I dunno but I feel after the sleeve, I just simply remember how good everything used to taste, but if I even smell it or take a small bite of it I can't go on at all, I dunno if it's me only, but I feel like my sleeve changed the way I taste food or what my cravings are for, almost all the foods I used to love taste really gross now, and healthier foods don't irritate me and taste quiet nice, and I don't think I'll be able to crave the food that I used to have before, which scares me because I feel like eventually I'll go back to those habits and foods because I remember that they taste so now, but now, I was in chili's recently with my family and they were all eating so much and they all had the food I used to love, but the smell made me almost puke, maybe it's because I'm just 7 weeks out? But that's not too little. I'm just scared that this is simply a phase where everything I used to love is just nauseating now and doesn't taste the same at all, anyone else feeling the same?
  17. yeah i know what you mean, i guess when we eat something extra fatty or oily or sweet that happens, i cant even dream or think of having anything sweet what so ever, everytime i eat something i shouldnt be, it tortures me for days, so yeah we gotta learnnn
  18. I am 6 weeks out, me and my friend ordered some nachos and a fajita, i ate only one nacho and nibbled on some chicken off the plate, he ate half of the portion that was left and then took the rest of the portion home with him, I think you should maybe just have some starters or order a meal and take the rest to go and eat it over the next few days,
  19. It does! I just hate the annoying looks like, "omg a fat girl who isn't eating? something doesn't add upp..." but yeah we'll get there! and it'll be fantastic! =D
  20. Omg that happened with me too! and i had the same exact thing! but i couldnt have more than one bite =/
  21. I've only told about 3 of my closest friends in university because I'd need some of them to take care of me if something happened since I'm away from home, and it came in handy, the first few weeks they took care of me and were very helpful and understanding, and other than that only my immediate family knows. I dont think anyone else needs to know and people talk, and even without telling, I see people getting kinda angry that I'm losing weight so if I ever tell more people they'd be all "oh well, she cut her stomach out, so duh"
  22. I'm 5 weeks post-op, my doctor allows almost anything at this point except really crispy or tough meats and anything raw and any vegetables, fruits or sweets, I usually have pasta with VERY overcooked and mashed meat or chicken, or rice with yogurt, soups and just almost regular foods, I really miss vegetables and salads, can't wait for 8 weeks to pass so I can eat veggies and fruits again! I can tolerate almost all juices except orange juice, it gives me serious heart burn, but ironically I can tolerate lemon juice =/
  23. omg i noticed that too, its like, my taste buds completely changed! i was dreaming about having pop tarts after surgery and i finally had a bite, it was so horrific and tasted soooo bad and made me nauseated and i had a bite of chocolate once and it tasted sooo bad! so weird =/
  24. I'm 5 weeks post op and I am getting really sick, I have a runny nose and sore throat and congestion in my chest, I can't go to a doctor for another 3 days, but I need to know if I can have regular cold and flu pills and nasal sprays and etc or should I stick to children syrup cold and flu medications because of my sleeve

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