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  1. nixi

    I Hate Eating

    I think i'm going to buy myself some nice dinnerware and for a change make dinner more about me. As for protein shots, i've never tried them. We don't get them in kenya so i suppose i'm also limite with options like that. I appreciate all the feedback from everyone atleast we can lean on each other for support. Have a wonderful week.
  2. I'm not sure if its just a muscle pull or something serious but this morning after i attempted to get out of bed (after 2 hours of watching tele) i felt a sharp pain in my right shoulder/ neck. Has anyone else experienced this? It hurts when i take a deep breath or bend down and my doc is all the way in india i'd really appreciate any response.
  3. nixi

    Shoulder Pain

    Lissa our dear saviour always . Thanks for that it makes me feel a lot better.
  4. nixi

    Shoulder Pain

    I can only call him tomorrow ( monday) but i did go for a urine test and it turns out that i have a UTI so o have to take antibiotics
  5. nixi

    Shoulder Pain

    Been walking and had gas x and i'm still in pain. I actually think i have developed a UTI. Do you think it will be ok for me to take antibiotics? Since i've been sleeved 2 months ago i havent had any extra medication i'm a little scared to take antibiotics incase it hurts my sleeve. I'm in so much pain and travelling on wednesday i need to get well soon.
  6. Well done and keep it up, i see great changes
  7. Thats a perfect question you posted as i too have Not had kids yet and was wondering if my sleeve would affect pregnancy
  8. nixi

    Tummy Trouble

    Hey fell4falls i had a bit of a tummy issue a few weeks out. Maybe you have food poisoning or a bug. I dont think it will be bad if you miss out on your vitamins for a day or 2. Its happened to me coz i forgot or didnt get a chance to replenish my stocks. Why don't you double check by calling your doc
  9. nixi


    I'm 7 weeks out now and wanted to know when can you introduce alcohol into your lifestyle. Sometimes socially theres pressure to have a drink or 2 and i'm not sure if it's too soon for me to drink yet.
  10. nixi


    I only hac the pain killer for 2 days after i was released from the hospital. I didnt need it after as i was fine though i was sore for awhile. It took about 5 werks for me to be able to sleep on my sides again. Gravity just caused so much discomfort, but i'm fine now and feel fabulous
  11. nixi


    So over the weekend i went out and had a glass of wine and a vodka based cocktail. I spread my drinks over the course of 5 hours and i was perfectly ok. Once in awhile we all got to let our hair down. Next week i'm off to cape town for my sisters hen week so hopefully i can stat focused.
  12. I think mourning food is a process a lot of us who have had the surgery go through so atleast you know you're not on your own. I too feel that way many times but then i see the results of my surgery and feel amazing when i look at myself in the mirror and it's all worth it. We've been given the tools to think and eat like thin health concious people instead of giving in to our food demons which overtime made us have the surgery in the first place. Overtime you will be able to eat a little more and it will be normalish so hang in there. This journey is definitely worth the small bumps along the way.
  13. nixi


    I think i'll try vodka and water. The calories will be low too. From everyones experiences it seems like taking it slow and seeing what suits ur sleeve is best.
  14. Well done lissa. Its always a pleasure reading your posts you send out lots of positive vibes and you look fantastic.
  15. nixi


    I might try a small drink this weekend just to see if it sits well with me. Thanks for the replies this forum makes things so much easier.
  16. I am so ecstatic today. After a long long time i am out of the 90 kilo range i just hit 88 and feel amazing. I'm going to cape town for my sisters hen in 2 weeks and for once i won't be feeling fat and frumpy. Have an awesome week fellow sleevers.
  17. My doctor only prescribed GNC chewable kids multivitamins so i'm taking that in the morning.
  18. I'm now hitting the 7 week post op mark and for the past few days and i'm not feeling so great about food. First of all i have always been a food lover. I love(d) to eat and try new foods and now it is actually a chore to eat. It takes me about 30 mins to finish breakfast which is usually a kabipro protein shake and then another 15 mins to get the courage to swallow my gallstone medication and then my glucophage which i take for insulin resistance. After all that i feel so drained of energy i've actually been going back to bed and then starting my working day at 11.00am. To top that off i keep feel nauseous. Is anyone else suffering from these symptoms? Any clue on what might be causing them? Tomorrow i'm going to try taking my glucophage after lunch instead maybe the dosage of medication i'm taking is too high for the number of calories consumed.
  19. nixi

    Nausea And Lethargy

    Thanks for that. I'm going to try to have my medication with food tomorrow and see how it goes.
  20. nixi


    Thanks guys, i guess i'll try one drink and see how it goes. Do you feel ok after drinking? Does it hurt your sleeve or feel weird?
  21. @ vjslim....well done. I know when i came out of the 100's it was a great feeling. Now my next target is getting below 85 and then into the 70's. Havent been there for a long long time
  22. nixi

    I Lost 100#'s!

    Wow 100lbs is fantastic. Congrats
  23. From my personal point of view i would rather have a trainer who has gone through a weightloss journey similar to mine. It gives me comfort in knowing that they can relate to my feelings and also my physical ability and i would be so much more comfortable to openly discuss my weightloss issues with such an individual so go for it and help others achieve what you did.
  24. nixi

    I Blew It Today!

    I also had a bad eating day last week and i posted about it and got some great advice which i'm going to pass on to you. Having a bit of a treat does not mean you blew it. You had the sleeve to make a lifestyle change not to deprive yourself. Every once in awhile you will want to eat something which may not be the healthiest option you'll eat a lot less of it than you would before and then try to make a healthier choice for the rest of the day or work out a little extra.
  25. Wow...you're such an inspiration. You look amazing.