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  1. IowaAndy

    Band To Sleeve In Single Surgery?

    I had the revision as I still had another 90 pounds to lose and my band was at the max fill. I was constantly vomiting after eating due to the high fill and I was not able to lose any more weight. The doctor told me that they should have probably done the sleeve in the first place due to the amount of weight that I had to lose. Good news but was a little too late. I had to pay out of pocket as my insurance refused to pay for the removal of the band or the sleeve. If I was looking to lose weight I think that I would stay far away from the lapband as it is on its way out in my opinion. And it has caused nothing but problems for many people. I would have the sleeve again in a heartbeat.
  2. I never had a slip or erosion from my band.....it just stopped helping me lose weight. I was at the max fill and I was constantly vomiting foods not matter what I ate. I was never so glad to see the band go and to have my sleeve even if my insurance said they would not cover it. This was the best money that I every spent. I am thankful for everyday of my new life.
  3. IowaAndy


    Sounds good but I have the noodles. I do not eat that large of a serving and your body does need some carbs. Just like you body needs some fats. You can not deny yourself everything and if you eat in moderation then you can have these and feel like you are treating yourself.
  4. IowaAndy

    My Job Is So Freaking Nosey

    I would speak to your HR department and tell them that you medical issues are private and they are not to be shared. Also that others where you work should not be told anything more than what you are willing to tell them.
  5. IowaAndy

    Teeth And Gums Feel Weird

    That is an excellent question.....I had my surgery on Dec 11, 2012 and as of late I have noticed that my teeth and gums are becoming more sensitive and that my gums are receeding. Anyone else have any issues with their teeth and gums since surgery.
  6. IowaAndy

    First Poop?

    I think mine was about 6 days post op and it was more like a rabbit turd. I did have an issue with some constipation after that point until I started to put a scoop of benefiber in my morning shake. I had surgery on Dec 11, 2011 and still start the day out with a choc shake. I was listenint to Dr Oz the other day and he said that you body does best if you start off with a breakfast high in protein.
  7. IowaAndy

    Drain Removal Question

    I had mine taken out on Wednesday morning after having surgery on a Monday. I would not say that you need a pain pill. It was more of a sharp pain and then it was gone. It takes just a few seconds for them to take it out. Think that it is more scary than it was painful.
  8. IowaAndy

    Approved! Cost Questions?

    I agree that those who have insurance policies that cover WLS are very lucky. My insurance refused to pay for my lapband removal or for the sleeve. Here in Iowa they wanted $40,000 and this would have had to have been done in 2 seperate surgeries 3 months apart. Well there was no way that I could afford that kind of money so I had the band to sleeve revision in Tijuana, Mexico for $6,000 and I have not had any problems since the surgery. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I know that I could not have been able to afford $17,000 either and would not go that far into debt.
  9. I applaude her for all of her trials and going public but the lapband. Come on......that thing sucks and she will end up having that taken out. I do not know anyone who has been happy with their band. It was the happeist moment in my life when mine was removed. Do not miss the vomiting at all. How about any of you other former band patients.
  10. IowaAndy

    Craving Chocolate ...help

    I just bought a hershey choc bar and ate it. It took care of that craving. Just do not buy the jumbo pack. You can not win the battle without treating yourself every now and then. This is not like "Oh I can never have one of those now that I have had surgery."
  11. They have come a long way in the prep area. Is this the only doctor in your area that does the colonoscopy. I had to drink and 8 oz bottle of magnesium citrate around 8pm the night before. Then around 10 I took 3 little pills but do not recall the name of them. I was on a clear liquid diet that day before but could have anything as long as it did not have red food color in it. I would check around. Magnesium citrate can be purchased over the counter at Walgreens or a local drug store.
  12. IowaAndy

    Help....12 Days Post

    I weighing is going to freak you out then stop weighing so often. If you are eating a small amount keep a food log to track your calories, water intake and protein intake. As long as you are getting all of the water and protein and not comsuming tons of calories you will continue to lose. Some people can become obsessed with the scale so I suggest that you not weight everyday and maybe just once a week.
  13. IowaAndy

    Weaning Off Anti-Depressants?

    I was taking Lexapro and Wellbutrin XL. Since my surgery on Dec 11, 2011 I have stopped taking the Wellbutrin and seem to be doing just fine. I am not sure that I will ever get off them totally but if I just have to take 1 a day that is a great step for me. Now if I can just get down a little more and get off my last blood pressure med. I was taking 2 different ones also before surgery and now just down to 1...........
  14. IowaAndy

    Exercising With An Artificial Knee

    Well you should be able to do any of the upper body weights that do not involve weights but I think all of the other exercises that you are doing are great. I would just try to increase your speed or length of time that you are doing them as your body allows. DO not be too aggressive as you do not want to injure yourself.
  15. IowaAndy


    My diet says no bread for about 6 months. I assume that this is toast. I have had a few crackers but no bread.
  16. IowaAndy

    Blood Pressure... Up?

    White coat syndrome is when you go to the doctor your blood pressure goes up as you get nervous. Now that I have more info I am stumped and will have to think about this one.
  17. IowaAndy

    Weird Results

    I also had my surgery on Dec 11, 2011. I am currently down 38 pounds. A lot of my weight loss was right after surgery and I have slowed. I have not been getting to the gym lately and that is my own fault as I have been talking myself out of it for any reason. I need to make up my mind that I get there at least 5 days a week. I have been getting out and walking with my dog but I get a more intense workout at the gym. I too have been having a little chocolate every now and then but I have not come close to bread. I have had some crackers and noodles but not in any great quantity. I think that I am going to go back on the liquid for a week and then start again with regular foods but only those that I should be eating and make sure I get all the protein and water. Some days when I do not keep track I think that I fall short so I think that a food diary daily is a good tool for all to use. I hope that you get back on track. I know that I had a stall earlier for about 3 weeks and then bang I started to lose again.
  18. You can take your old meds. It if comes in a capsule form do not take the contents out of the capsule. Some meds can be crushed and other not as they have a time released coating. If you have questions about your meds and if they can be cut or crushed I would talk to your doctor or a pharmacist.
  19. Good luck on your surgery, recovery and your weight loss. Tomorrow is the beginning of your "New Life"
  20. I got rid of my band after 2 years as I stopped losing as was at the max fill. I also was vomiting all the time due to the amount of water in the fill. I had it removed and had the sleeve and I wish I had never heard of a lapband. I would get rid of the band and get the sleeve. It is like night and day for me.
  21. Wishing you the best and a speedy recovery
  22. IowaAndy

    Symotoms Of A Leak?!?!

    Leaks are not that common. I know several people personally that have had the surgery and have talked with many more on this site who have had surgery and have not had a leak. It is a possibility but it is not that common. After your surgery just make sure that you stick to your diet plan given by your surgeon. When you feel like you stomach says that you are full stop eating. At first you will be eating and drinking very little at a time. If they made your stomach larger then you could in fact eat more but then you would not see the weight loss as fast and it is possible to stretch out your stomach. So if they made it larger and you overate all the time soon you would not be seeing much if any benefit from having the surgery. This surgery is a life changing event and your eating habits will change. I am 3 months post op and I can now eat between 3/4 to 1 cup of food at at meal. This also depends greatly on what I am eating as some things seem to fill me up much faster. Everyone has fears about the surgery....leaks included but have faith in your doctor and yourself and you can do this. I know that I thought many times...if I would just cut back how much I was eating I could lose the weight. Well after being overweight most of my life I guess that was not in the cards for me. The WLS has been a life saving and changing event for me and all for the good. Hang in there and you will be glad that you made this decision.
  23. I had my surgery on a Monday in Tijuana, Mexico. I was released from the hospital on Wednesday and I flew back home on Friday morning. I had pretty much stocked up my kitchen before I left for surgery so that I did not have to go to the store or go out if I did not feel like it. I guess that I did not go out or drive the car until the following Wednesday but I did not drive far. The worst part of the driving for me was that going home to see my mother which is a 3 hours drive was tiring and the seatbelt rubbed over the incision areas on my stomach.
  24. IowaAndy

    Want To Quit My Doctor

    I agree that your current surgeon sounds like a reald a##. But before you cut your ties with him make sure that there is another doctor that is willing to take over your care should problems arise. I had my lapband done by a surgeon where I live and when I decided to have the sleeve my insurance denied me and I went to Mexico as I could not afford the $40,000 that it would have cost me here in the US. When I got back I called the surgeon and his office told me that he would not longer see me as a patient and that I was not welcome to attend the support group that they have. I have since done all of my follow up with my PCP. I have not found another gastric surgeon that will take me but I would make sure that you have a doctor before cutting the cord. I know that if you go to the ER and have an emergency someone will have to care for you as they can not refuse. I just do not want to see you out in the cold without a doctor.
  25. IowaAndy

    Band To Sleeve In Single Surgery?

    I had my band for about 2 years. It was a great weight loss tool for me as I lost around 80 pounds. I was at max fill and my weight stalled and it stalled for over 6 months. It did not matter what I ate of how much or how little my weight never really moved from that point. The problem was that I still had another 100 pounds to lose. When I went back to my surgeon he told me that I should have probably had the sleeve to begin with due to the significant amount of weight that I needed to lose. At this time with the band at max fill I was having constant vomiting from food getting stuck. I began to hate my band. Also it was a more costly option due to the constant doctor visit to check for slippage etc. My co-pay was $40 each visit. Then there were the xray swallow tests which were not cheap either. My insurance denied the band removal or the sleeve procedure. My surgeon who did the band told me that they could do it and that it would cost me over $40,000 for the surgery. Well that was way out of my range so I had heard that they were doing this surgery in Mexico. A friend of my brother who lives in CA had just returned from Tijuana and had the surgery. I called and spoke to her on the phone several times and she was not having any difficulty and was losing weight on a steady basis. I decided to book the surgery and I was given a time that I could be off of work. I was going to go with her surgeon who was Dr Almanza but he was booked at that time so I checked out Dr Garcia and booked with him. I can say that I was very happy with Dr Garcia and his entire staff, the staff and accomodations at Mi Hospital and also with the Hotel Pueblo Amigo. I think that they have now changed to a different hotel since I had my surgery in Dec 2011. I certainly do not miss my band and the constant doctor visits. Since I went to Mexico the doctor that did my lapband refuses to see me any longer and I can not attend their support sessions for their patients. This makes me sad but I have learned to live with it. I paid around $5000 in Mexico vs $40,000 here in the US. I will still have my band and still be miserable had I not gone to Mexico. Since the surgeon that did my band will not see me I have been to see my PCP once since I had the surgery with Dr Garcia and had all of my blood checked. Everything is fine. I would recommend this surgery to anyone having problems with their band.

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