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  1. 141 pounds down!!!!!!!!! past goal!!! goal was 180 I am now 157!!

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    2. ProudGrammy


      you should make this a post so newbies et al can see more success stories like yours- you are aces - congrats - kathy

    3. kimby1029
    4. Chrystee
  2. 90 pounds gone and still counting down!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. SkinnyMinnyIwillBe


      Way to go!! Keep it up!!

    2. DONYEIL


      Thank you !! I will!

  3. Today is my one year surgery anniversary!! 82 pounds down 34 more to go before I hit my goal

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    2. DONYEIL


      Thanks for the add and Thank you for your comment I will be striving hard to get this weight off and to keep it off in 2014!!!!!!!!!!Happy New Years!

    3. Carlotta1


      Congrats on your tremendous weight loss in 2013. 2014 will be your goal year :)

    4. skiddles
  4. 77-76 pounds down 42 more pounds to hit my goal!!!!

    1. ☠carolinagirl☠


      lordy mercy...what a great day for YOU...how awesome is that

    2. Bandista


      Way to go....so happy for you!

  5. I haven't been working out all summer long now the kids back in school my goal is to work out at least three times a weeks last two days I walked two miles each day and now my legs are killing me lol I bet I stretch the next time ! 50 more pounds to go before I hit my goal #legggo!

  6. I hope everyone is doing well I have been busy lately and haven't had the time to check in I started at 299lbs and now i'm down to 234 I am trying to just keep losing weight no matte how long it takes :)

  7. How do you guys deal with cravings? I want to eat so many things these days

  8. Down 51 pounds :)

  9. Hit my first weight goal today excited and proud of myself still got a long way to go but i am happy so far

  10. Feeling good about my progress!

  11. Got my third fill today I am so glad I ate before I went I did not want to be starving all day

  12. I an really see my progress Im loving it so I had to change my profile pic

  13. Been so Busy lately feel like im in the middle of a tornado hope everyone is doing well

  14. Three months out and finally feeling some restriction on most days making progress!

  15. I have to wait 10 more minutes before I can have anything to drink and I can't wait I am so thirsty

  16. 2nd fill yesterday hope it gives me enough restriction

  17. I am probably the biggest Online Weight Watchers participant loser ever I paid my $65 for three months went on the site realized my fitness pal was the exact same thing for free so I called and requested my damn $65 back I was a member for about 45 minutes lol The customer services rep had a little attitude I don't even care run me that $65 back thank you sir have a nice day

  18. I lost two more pounds whoo hooooo every little oz helps lol

  19. Happy Sunday everyone I hope all is well and you guys enjoyed your weekend!

  20. It is such a cuddle in bed with some snaks day with all the rain and peaceful house but instead I am cuddled in bed with my laptop and a bottle of water lol I guess this is the life

  21. Is anyone drinking the Body Fortress super advanced whey protein? I would like to know how well it works

  22. Threw my daughter a birthday party today and was super happy I did not eat any cake or ice cream I am actually surprised I did not even crave the sweets and paid no mind to the others enjoying it # Loving my progress

  23. I really need to find a supportive exercise group or just dedicated and motivated partner to work out with I do have a great support team however no one is going through this journey or the one person in my family who is seeking to have the gastric bypass is not going to support me in a positive way I can not stand having fakeness around me so until I fing a group or person I will start my workouts solo stay positive and track my progress. Thank you all for so much support and I sincerely wis...

  24. Two month post op went great, I just have to increase the exercise I am going to work on it

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