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  1. chitowngirl

    Its days like these...

    Awesome visual motivation...
  2. chitowngirl

    Mini fitness suggestion

    @ Melissa I do not work in downtown, however I don't live very far from there. If your ever interested in going for a walk or biker ride, let me know. I'm always looking to meet new local vsg people.
  3. chitowngirl

    Mini fitness suggestion

    I heat you, I have the same problem. It also sucks that the weather over here sucks, so going for a jog or even a walk is horrid. I have thought about going up and down the stairs during my breaks.
  4. You go girl!! Congrats you look great, keep up the good work.
  5. chitowngirl

    3 months :)

    You look great!! Congrats.
  6. chitowngirl

    Boot Camp anyone?

    I'm so in, I was going to start Monday, but the heck with it, there is no time like the present. I'm planning to have two over easy eggs with salsa, I don't know that I'll actually eat the whole thing. For lunch I will have chili (turkey) dinner I will make chicken salad with spinach. Good luck to every one, we to this.
  7. Wow you look great!! Your confidence totally radiates!! Best of luck to you.
  8. Wow you look great! Congrats.
  9. chitowngirl

    5 months! 85lbs gone

    Wow!!! You look great.
  10. chitowngirl

    Calling all 1 year sleevers

    Unfortunately, popcorn is a notorious slider. Therefore I can sit and eat a bunch of it. I really didn't care for it before, but I can eat is endlessly I think I crave it because I can eat a lot of it.
  11. chitowngirl

    Special K Protein Shakes

    Eas pre made shakes are good. They're sold over the counter at major retailers.
  12. chitowngirl

    2 months Progress Pic!

    Yes, I see it and you look great.
  13. chitowngirl

    Gramps has still got it!

    When you got it you got it, now ur brain needs some time to realize it. Congrats.
  14. chitowngirl

    123 lbs loss

    You look great!!!! And so much younger, congrats.
  15. chitowngirl

    Started 'Couch to 5k today' Anyone keen?

    Just finished week 3 day 2 of c25k, feeling great!!! Let's keep this going. I swear my butt is getting firm again!!! Yippie.
  16. chitowngirl

    One year ago today.

    Damn girl, you look great!!!
  17. chitowngirl

    (Almost) 15th Month Update!

    Wow!! Congrats you look great...
  18. chitowngirl

    A little thinspiration

    Wow you look great!!! Congrats and much continued success.
  19. chitowngirl

    tattoos after surgery?

    I agree with nurse grace. My wrist have gotten smaller, so I'd wait until your almost at goal.
  20. Wow you look awesome!!! And so much freaking younger. Congrats and keep up the good work.
  21. You prob over did it. I is really important to exercise, however you really can't over do it. If it continues to hurt I would contact your doctor. I would rest and take it easy for the next few days.
  22. chitowngirl

    down 225

    Congrats way to go!!! Keep up the good work.
  23. chitowngirl

    Started 'Couch to 5k today' Anyone keen?

    So I hadn't ran since last Wednesday, but today you guys kept posting updates, and that totally motivated me to get off my @ss and I completed week 3 day1. I feel great I fell my stamina and endurance gradually increasing.
  24. chitowngirl

    My first 5k!

    How awesome!!! You look great and congrats on the 5k.
  25. chitowngirl

    Extremely out of shape - Could use some help.

    If you can't handle c25k, try walking and then speed walking or walk just a little faster. Let your body progress naturally into the jog.

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