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  1. 8 days ago I had my abdominoplasty with vertical extension! I couldn't be happier. My surgeon removed 23 lbs of loose skin just from my stomach alone! I made the decision to only have my stomach done and I will have my arms, legs and breasts done once I am at my goal weight. After almost a whole year of not moving up or down in my weight I felt completely stuck. I couldn't believe that I was going to just stay at that weight when I had come so far already, I just knew I wasn't ready to be done. After consulting with my family doctor, she suggested that it might be time for the skin removal. The recovery will take a few more weeks, but I already know if was the perfect time and the best decision. I have just under 100 lbs to lose before I hit my goal weight, and I am so excited for the finish line in sight!
  2. Okay here it is. There is my before pic, at my heaviest 450 lbs. and my pic 3 weeks post op for the tummy tuck. I've had even more swelling go down since then and my weight has started to go down again even though I'm not allowed to work out for another 4 weeks minimum. Couldn't be happier!
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    3 weeks after tummy tuck. Lots of swelling and one drain in still, but I couldn't be happier!
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  5. I used Dr. Sherick through Centers for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Ypsilanti.
  6. The vertical extension is where they do two vertical cuts on the abdomen from between the breasts down to the belly button area and pull the skin together.
  7. "After" pics are still to come! I still have a lot of swelling and one drain that will be removed in a week.
  8. I am still sore but I feel great!
  9. It did not pay for the vertical extension, which cost $1150 up front, but covered the rest of it. I can't wait to post after pictures
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  14. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced a hernia from one of the incision sites. The incision where my surgeon took out my stomach has always bothered me. I believe that I popped my stitches early on, but they insisted that the pain was normal. Now, I'm going to an appointment with my regular doctor tomorrow and ask them to see if I have a hernia, because I am most positive that is what it is. If anyone has had a hernia due to the surgery, can you give me some insight on what you went through? Thanks!
  15. I recommend the sleeve. I have several family members and friends who had the bypass and have had a far more difficult time adjusting to the new lifestyle, as well as keeping the weight off. I had my surgery 2 months shy of 2 years ago, and as of right now I'm at 220 lbs. down. Good luck with your decision and I hope all goes well!
  16. I've been extremely dedicated to my workouts and diet again and I think I'm FINALLY off that darn plateau I've been on for the last several months. I'm down another 9 lbs. but I'm so afraid it's going to yo-yo right back on. Totally revamped my diet and counting every single think I eat, drink, etc. Best part of all of this is that I've found more inner strength and I'm pushing myself harder because I know I can do it. I ran for the first time today since high school. So weird to think that it's been THAT long since I ran! Best part is that I could actually do it, sad part is that I had forgotten how to run! So anyway, that is all. I just realized I hadn't posted for a while hope everyone is doing great!
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    Worried how this will affect my marriage

    We have definitely done our fair share of counseling, marriage counseling and individual counseling. Even my pastor said this last time we met and talked that even though God doesn't desire divorce, there are some instances where it is the best for the children involved. It is so hard to discuss my decision for a divorce without saying why, but it is something that I have yet to discuss with a family member/pastor or whom ever is close to me (including my mother-in-law) and not one of them have said that they blame me for wanting to end it and they would do the same in my situation, but they would of done it a lot sooner and they don't know why I stuck around for so long.
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    Finally off the plateau... I hope :/

    Yeah, Dr. Carlin was awesome and although I've felt the office seems to have dropped he ball in areas, he was worth it. I lost 180 by my 1 year, even though being down 200 in 6 months would of been nice! LOL Good luck with your surgery and keep me updated on your progress! God bless!
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    Worried how this will affect my marriage

    My husband and I have been together for 8 years this coming September... that is if we don't file for divorce before then. Both of us had the surgery, and we are both doing amazing with it. The surgery is not the reason we are getting divorced, the surgery is the reason I was able to realize I deserved more. That sounds bad, I know. But there are very big reasons on why I am filing for divorce, and it's hard to explain without saying exactly why. I will always love him as a friend, and I know for our kids we can keep close and work together, but there will never be anything more than a good friendship. With all that said... I have had a lot of attention since I've had the surgery and have lost all this weight. This is why my husband got the surgery, because he was jealous of the attention I was getting, and he openly admits that. The losing all this weight made me realize that I did not have to settle for this marriage. From the beginning he has ben unaffectionate and I've carried everything. He says his only job is to bring home the paycheck. He wasn't even interested in having sex until we decided to have our first child (and I would of not even had children with him had I known what he was keeping from me). So I have a friend at work that is always complimenting me and telling me how beautiful I am, etc. I am not involved with this guy outside of just being friends, but it really got me thinking about how one day I will meet someone that I will want to have that relationship with. I know that without having the surgery and losing the weight I would of never had the confidence to finally stand up to him and say "This is not what I want, I'm tired of being so unhappy and what you have done to me is wrong." I don't know if my story helps you at all, but I hope it gives you some hope that even if your marriage doesn't work, you are doing this for YOU and no one else.
  20. My surgeon was Dr. Carlin with Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI. I was originally going through Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, and things just didn't feel right with their office. I'm sure they have wonderful surgeons, it just didn't feel like a right fit for me. A friend of mine informed me that he had the surgery a year before and had already lost 200 lbs and that he loved his surgeon and the whole team. His surgeon was Dr. Carlin as well. I'm so pleased that I changed and went through Henry Ford. I have been having amazing results (106 lbs lost total, 35 pre-op, 71 post-op, date of surgery 11/7/11) and I have a ton of support from their staff! If anyone would like any further information or suggestions about this office, please let me know. I'd recommend them to anyone and I'm so glad the God directed me to them!

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