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  1. You are a very handsome man. Congrats on the weightloss. I can't wait until I'm that close to my goal.
  2. Well I've been sleeved 7 months and I'm down 88lbs. I'm also in New Orleans so it's not the air lol. At 3-4 weeks I was barely able to get in 300 calories. The weightloss picks up around 600-800 calories especially if you can get some exercise in. Right now I can get around 800-900 calories and I bike 10 miles a day. I don't lose 4-5 lbs a week like I did 4 months ago but I'm still losing. I've had about 4 stalls where I'd go 2-3 weeks without losing a pound but they always break. Stalls happen, lots of things are gonna happen that will drive you crazy. Some things will improve over time and some things you just get used to. Either way you will lose the weight, just stick to the plan and your body will eventually give in and let go of the weight. Don't stress yourself out over it because that can lead to more stalls. When I'm in a stall I just think about the 27 years it took for me to reach 302 lbs. The weight won't go away overnight. I'd gladly work my butt off dieting and exercise for a year or so to undue 27 years of damage.
  3. EbonyJ

    If I Burp One More Time.....

    I'm almost 6 weeks post op and I still burp after every sip of liquid and bite of food and I don't use straws. I know some people 3-6 months out and still burp a lot. If it does get better it may not be as soon as you would like but I'll take burping over obesity any day.
  4. EbonyJ

    Open Surgery?

    You're welcome, I'm glad I could help. I was 302 before Pre-op diet, 290 on the day of surgery and I'm now 270 at 3 weeks post-op.
  5. EbonyJ

    Open Surgery?

    Some people have pre-op diets of 30 days, some are 14 days, some are 10 days and some as short as 3 days. There were 8 people having surgery the same day as me and at least one from each of the Pre-op diets. Everyone had surgery and they all went well. It depends on your size. The larger you are the larger your liver and the longer your Pre-op diet. If you have cheated a little I think you'll be fine. I was on a 14 day diet. I slipped up 2 or 3 times but was very very strict the 3 days before surgery. I lost 12 lbs Pre-op and my liver was normal size.
  6. Wow that's so inspiring to me. I'm 12 days post op and I'm losing pretty quickly too. I'm in medical school and I have my white coat Ceramony in 8 weeks. I set a goal of 60lbs and I'm 37lbs away. I didn't think it could be done but you've lost 42lbs in the same amount of time so thanks for inspiring me. I'm still on liquids and the foods you're eating sound delicious and I can't wait to start eating real food again even if it's healthy food.
  7. EbonyJ

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    Hardhead_7 is MFP name. I was sleeved on May 22.
  8. Has anyone had this problem and may know any good ways to treat it. I can't get anything down because of the throat pain. All they gave me in the hospital was an anti inflammatory and a pain killer but they haven't worked too well. If anyone has any ideas please let me know, this is really killing me. I'm now 3 days post op and I feel great excecpt for my throat. I tried to attach a pic if anyone wants to see what it looks like.
  9. Seems like you guys can get a lot down. I was sleeved on Tuesday may 22nd and it takes me 30 mins to finish a shot glass of water. Every sip I take feels like a gallon and my brother has to pat my back until I burp. I can eat about 2-3 baby size spoons of jello until I feel like my chest is gonna explode. The only thing that goes down ok are the popsicles. I can't wait until I'm pass this stage cause it sucks.
  10. Just left the doctor. The damage was done by the intubation tube and I also have throat ulcers. She gave me a script for lidocaine spray so I can swallow without excruciating pain. My BP is dangerously low and I'm also dehydrated. Other than the throat problem I'm not having any other problems from my surgery. Thanks for the support guys.
  11. Thanks for all the advice you guys but I'm in too much pain to swallow anything. I feel like I'm becoming dehydrated so I decided to go to Urgent Care this morning. I'll let you guys know how it goes.
  12. He's not the anesthesiologist so no he didn't do that. My surgery went great. Dr. Almanza is excellent. It's just something that happened during anasthesia that I have no control over.
  13. My surgeon said it is damage done by the intubation tube. They gave me a shot of NSAID and Pain killer but it didn't do much good. I'm going try an see my doctor when I get home but since it's Friday that won't be until Monday :-( I haven't gotten anything down but some ice chips in the past 3 days. Anything else is too painful.
  14. Thanks so much I'll grab some ASAP!!
  15. Hey ladies. I'm having a problem with my throat and just wondering if any of you have heard anything about it. Apparently my throat was damanged when they took the endotracheal tube out. It is sooo painful. I can't get anything down but ice chips. If you guys have read something about it please let me know. Other than that I'm doing great.
  16. EbonyJ


    My fitnesspal name is: Hardhead_7 I think it's a great tool and cool way to keep track of each other's progress. It's free in the app store.
  17. EbonyJ


    I'm also interested in biking. I live in Gentilly so I was thinking maybe city park since there's some shade there, it won't be overly hot. Nice to meet you too. My name is Ebony and I was sleeved on Tuesday May 22nd.
  18. I just came back from x-ray getting a leak test and I get the drain removed in the morning and I should be discharged tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow evening.
  19. Thanks ladies. I felt like crap yesterday but today I'm doing much better and can't wait to get home tomorrow.
  20. Hi everyone, my surgery is tomorrow and I'm nervous and excited and scared. I haven't told anyone in my family about this surgery so I really apprieciate the support from you guys at home. I'll be back in New Orleans on the 25th. Wish me luck and maybe send out a little prayer if you pray. Thanks
  21. EbonyJ


    Hi Corina. I'm so happy to meet someone else who'll be in Tijuana the same time as me especially since I'm going alone. I haven't told anyone about the surgery cause I know my family would try and talk me out of it. I started my liquid diet the day after my birthday lol. It's been difficult, especially the headaches and weakness but it's getting easier everyday especially since I started the protein shakes. I wasn't getting any nutrition and I was feeling it. Good question about the laxatives. I've never taken one so I don't know which one I'm going to take so when you find something out please let me know.
  22. Thanks so much. I'll contact you after my surgery. I don't know much about what to expect as far as my mobility but I would like to meet up as soon as possible post-op. I'm just so ready for this surgery so I can start losing and also because this pre-op liquid diet is killing me. I can't even watch tv because the food commercials give me headaches lol. I'm a medical student at LSU and I'm barely getting through my finals. I'm so weak and hungry and my head is killing me but I know it's going to be worth it.
  23. Hey guys, has everyone other than MGM been sleeved already? My surgery is in 10 days. I would love to meet with someone right after surgery that has already been sleeved and talk about the first few weeks post-op.
  24. EbonyJ


    I've only been eating jello, Popsicles and crystal light. I'm getting about 35-40 calories and my body is fighting back big time. I didn't know we could have protein shakes? What kind do you recommend, any recipes? Are there any ready made ones that I can buy?
  25. EbonyJ


    Yes I have the app on my iPhone and iPad. When it sends me the notification I click on the subscribed tab and I can read the last post but when I try to open the thread it says I don't have permission to view this topic so I can't post any replys unless I use safari and go to the website. How do you reply using the app?

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