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  1. Finding Myself

    Being sick

    It's probably more related to your sinuses than anything. Our stomachs function just fine. I had sinus issues a few years ago and ended up needing surgery for it. See an ENT.
  2. Finding Myself

    Drinking With Meals.

    I'm referring to those of us who drank large quantities with our meals. I suspect I was not as satisfied as I could have been because I was washing food right out of my stomach! I used to drink huge amounts with my meals, not just sips. That's what I'm talking about.
  3. Finding Myself

    Eating More Veggies?

    Someone posted this elsewhere recently but I couldn't find the post... I'm only 3 months out and can only eat about 3 oz of any solid Protein, which means I am not eating much in the way of fruits and veggies. How long does it take before we are ABLE to eat just a little more, so we can get better nutrition? Any words of advice on getting better nutrition in the early stages?
  4. Finding Myself

    Any Raw Foodist/vegans/vegetarians Out There?

    Thank you Nyxa. I think your posts are awesome. I am a meat eater but I am only 3 months out and CRAVING vegetables. I can't eat enough right now to get it all in so I'm looking for sources of Protein that are not animal based. I'm also having some kidney stone problems so looking for alternatives. Can you recommend any good books for us? Probably did in your post but no I couldn't read all of it. I'm not looking to go vegan, just looking for alternative protein source recipes.
  5. Finding Myself

    Drinking With Meals.

    Some of this just makes no sense to me. First, we don't have a pouch. We have a sleeve, which means we have a fully functioning stomach with a fully functioning pyloric valve. Bands and Bypass patients have a pouch that doesn't utilize the valve like we do so it's different for them. But we have very little room in our stomach now, and Water does make the valve open which will allow food to pass out of your stomach more quickly. Someone described it on here as the more solid foods without so much liquid will allow you to feel full longer and you will be less likely to overeat. But also because we can only hold about 4 oz of food in our tummies now, and if you drink a lot of water you aren't gonna feel like eating your nutrition/protein so it's not as good for you. I think this is more about developing good eating habits than anything! If you go back to drinking a giant glass of water with your meals, then you will likely start to feel hungry more often and more likely to overeat. The reason it sort of doesn't make sense is because... what about when we eat Soup? There's a lot of liquid in soup. It doesn't HURT us to eat soup, it just isn't as filling, right? So I think of drinking with my meals as creating soup in my tummy that is going to fill me up with less food thus not allowing me to get enough proper nutrition. I'm 3 months out, and I don't drink with my meals. It's become normal to me now, and it makes me realize that all those years of drinking a ton of water with my meals was probably really affecting my digestion in negative ways. Much of what we do in the first 3-6 months after surgery is DEVELOP GOOD HABITS. Eat high quality Protein and veggies; drink when it's appropriate but mostly learn how to eat in ways that maximizes our nutrition - these things apply when we are a few years out so that we can maintain our weight loss.
  6. Finding Myself


    Oh I went to your profile!!! Congrats! You look great!!!
  7. Finding Myself

    What Have You Heard?

    Are they hard seeds like flax? I'm gonna check these out... but again, how soon post op can we eat these? Do they soften up?
  8. Finding Myself

    Dr. Kelly?

    Dr. Kelly is also working on a new website so hopefully some of these issues will be resolved. Right now he's almost strictly word of mouth and that's kind of inconvenient for everyone involved. It's also very weird for Omar not to respond so I'd question that, too... yes call him directly!!!
  9. Finding Myself

    Dr Kelly, What Hospital?

    I was there with Jennifer and Cathy too! I started at a BMI of 34.5 and I've lost 21.5 lbs, starting with pre op, to now. I'm dropping a LOT faster than I expected or want! I'm hoping it will slow a bit soon because 5 lbs a week isn't healthy! I'm sure a stall is right around the corner... Then I'll be complaining. LOL My husband traveled with me and actually had fun! He went out and got Breakfast off a great good truck every morning, had great food everywhere we went for broth, and had a BLAST at the Sat night dinner. If you ask Omar... One of the rooms has a Giant lazy boy recliner that he had hauled into our room for my husband. It rocks! That might really help your husband!
  10. Finding Myself

    Gum And Natural/whole Foods

    I am 10 days post op and struggling with the SF, FF chemical tasting foods! I am on full liquids and had to make my own cream soup today because the idea of another can of something was making me gag. I know this can be done without eating processed junk!
  11. Finding Myself

    Just An Update! Upper Gi Completed

    I'm so sorry to read this. . What causes a stricture to hapoen?? Did you have any restriction on clear fluids? Hopefully the surgeon here can help??? Sending positive thoughts your way....
  12. Does anybody know if black tea is as good for us post op as herbal teas? I found some coconut thai decaf black tea that is really good! I know teas are on the "clears" list but wondering if it matters if it's herbal or not. This stuff made my day.
  13. Me too. I'm 5 days out and take antibiotic and Prilosec daily. It goes down fine. I'm gonna start my vitamins back up except for the calcium, too, for now... Cause that's a chewable bite type of vitamin.
  14. Finding Myself

    Clarification On Drinking...

    Thanks! What I'm feeling right now is a little discomfort when I do swallow, but that's true for a tiny sip or a bigger sip, and it's not all of the time. So I guess that's just from some of the swelling. I'm not having any problems drinking otherwise, but don't want to over do it. Anybody know how fast liquids pass thru the sleeve? How do we avoid stretching it when we are on Clear Liquids only?
  15. Finding Myself

    Beware:bowel Movement Question!

    I think this is a fiber issue, but I also admit I am not experienced yet as I was just sleeved last week. I have had yucky BMs from the gatorade and it's disgusting. It's just like you describe - but I can't add fiber yet! Can you add berries to a smoothie to help with that? Do you take any extra fiber now?
  16. Finding Myself

    Cost Of Vsg In Mexico

    Speak for yourself, I'm headed to TJ Wed!
  17. Finding Myself

    Drain Vs No Drain?

    Dr Kelly does use drains sometimes. It really depends on how surgery goes and whether or not he feels it is necessary. People are scared of them but you really shouldn't be!
  18. Dr Kelly does not use a coordinator. I am going to him this week along with about 6 other people! (different surgery dates tho) You can reach Dr Kelly through his facilitator, Omar. 619-395-5347 wls-clinic@hotmail.com
  19. That's awesome Jailynn! And good advice!!
  20. Because I have had some issues with heartburn, I requested that Dr Kelly scope me before surgery to make sure everything is healthy and OK for surgery. We are planning to do it first, and then go to surgery if everything is OK. Has anyone else been scoped? Does it leave you with a sore throat?
  21. Finding Myself

    Stopping Bc Pills For Surgery

    I had never heard of it until now! I have uterine fibroids - does it treat that too? I'd love to get off the pill but my fibroids make it difficult. Why did you get novasure? Now I'm curious!
  22. Crystal I just read your blog and it made me giggle!!! I left you some comments. So glad you're doing well.
  23. I'm also making a crockpot full of bone broth today to put in the freezer!
  24. Finding Myself

    Alvarez Price Vs Us?

    Anaid, me too. I'm about 3 hours away from TJ and honestly am more impressed with the Mexican doctors - all of them!
  25. Finding Myself

    Self Pay Usa

    Thanks! I thought it deleted one of them! I'll have to fix it when I get back on my computer! That sucks about your friend but glad she's doing better!!! You sound like you're doing well!!!

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