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  1. taysidebell

    UK forum users

    Hi good luck with fluid diet I had my bypass 3 years ago and after a failed band. You will do great just follow your surgeons advice and you dietician. I lost 12 stone in all have 10 off currently recently diagnosis with thyroid problem. But don’t regret having the surgery
  2. taysidebell

    Problems with chicken?

    Iam almost 1 year post rny and chicken is a hit or miss needs to be moist or sits uncomfortably X Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  3. Congratulations enjoy the new experiences X Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  4. taysidebell


    Have lost 84 pounds since band to bypass conversion total weight loss 184lb I am below my surgeons goal of BMI of 30 aiming for my goal of BMI of 27 got 6lb to go as this will allow me to be referred to plastics how are you all doing : ) Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  5. taysidebell


    Coming up to 1 year post op Scotland uk band to rny conversation Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  6. taysidebell

    Psych Eval

    I was asked if I fully understood the procedure what it involved and the risks, also asked about life changes I needed to make. Also chatted about family past diet attempts X
  7. taysidebell

    Hair loss after revision?

    Iam 7 months band to bypass revision. Never lost any hair with my band but started losing hair 4 months bypass still losing some but slowed down hair much thinner not used any sprays or color ups
  8. I was told they would try it all depended no the scaring from the band. I was lucky band to bypass same day : )
  9. taysidebell

    Does anyone feel weak or sick?

    I used chicken broth and milky drinks decaf coffee if your allowed coffee the milk has protein right now it's about letting your stomach recover X
  10. taysidebell

    Does anyone feel weak or sick?

    You really need to have a drink on hand all the time just keep sipping. When was your surgery I found it difficult just after surgery fitting in protein and water but it gets easier don't be too hard on your self X
  11. taysidebell

    Fatigue and always cold

    Feel the cold terribly but would not charge this for the world. band to by pass revision September 15 now down 88 lb. total loss 168lb. from band working on the final 14 lb. I feel fatigue when I need to eat so ensure you eat regular x
  12. taysidebell

    Does anyone feel weak or sick?

    I sometimes feel light headed if I forget to eat or have not drank enough. It sounds like this may be the cause when had you last eaten or hydrated
  13. I am 24 wk post band to gastric bypass found these photos of my son and I down 164 pound my son lost 46 with diet and exercise oh how we have changed
  14. taysidebell


    Just joined you this week 199 never looked so good X
  15. taysidebell


    I am band to bypass 21 weeks out I have lost 62lb it's slower than other who have not been through previous surgeries. I want to lose another 30lb I just hit wonderland today. I really happy with bypass

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