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  1. I revised from lapband to RNY in July 2014. I ended up Preggo in October and had my son June of this year. Well I was pre-op for a tumor removal and found out I was Preggo AGAIN!! I didn't gain much weight with the first pregnancy and I'm trying not to gain again. I'm 40lbs from goal weight. Anyone have tips on how to keep weight gain at a minimum with baby #2
  2. Good morning all. I've been banded a yr and have never experienced anything like this. Normally I'm tight first thing in the morning, when stressed or at the time aunt flow visits. I have 3.5 CCs in a 11 CC band. Yesterday I could not eat or drinking anything! This morning I tried drinking water. Threw that up. Tried coffee and I'm getting a stuck feeling. I see my dr next week. Please let me know if u have any "remedies" to help loosen my band. Thanks
  3. ballajones

    Tight band

    I did get my band unfilled but I still wasn't able to drink water. My band did move a little. I'll find out in an hour if I'm going to have surgery. They have also been monitoring my heart. My BP is low and so is my heart rate.
  4. ballajones

    Tight band

    I was admitted to the hospital for a possible slip. I had 3.5 CCs. They were only able to pull out 2 CCs. I'll know in a few hours of I have surgery in the morning
  5. ballajones

    Tight band

    Thanks ill be sure to give him a call. Not even a protein shake would go down.
  6. I've been banded a little over a year and already had a personal set back. I let a personal issue consume me and I started making horrible choices. I know exactly what I'm doing wrong and know how to fix it I just need that motivation. What bugs me the most is I went back to my old ways. I've also pushed someone special out of my life. I'm hoping starting over making the right decisions will get me back on track and talking to that special someone <3
  7. ballajones

    Too tight in the mornings

    I'm usually really tight in the morning and stress really closes me up. Coffee or some warm liquid helps with that.
  8. Has anyone developed CREST Syndrome after being banded? I'm currently being tested for CREST because of the Reynauds I developed and other symptoms like fatigue and difficulty swallowing. I had no symptoms prior to being banded and I hope to get some answers
  9. ballajones

    CREST Syndrome

    The rheumatologist is testing for CREST and lupus. He says if it is positive he's thinking CREST. of course I'll have more tests done. Since CREST causes esophageal issues the band is the worst thing I could possibly have. I did read an article where a rheumatologist believed CREST was cause by the "implantation of a medical device within the body"
  10. ballajones

    CREST Syndrome

    I seen a rheumatologist he ruled out all forms of arthritis, said it wasn't associated with my carpal tunnel. I do have difficulty swallowing at times. I and I have some reddening of my skin. Apparently you only need 2 of the 5 CREST symptoms to be diagnosed with it. Difficultly swallowing isn't because of my band. I've had 2 UGIs and Endoscopies to rule it out. I will be having sinus surgery on the 19th but that's shouldn't cause the "lump in my throat" feeling
  11. ballajones


    Same as wall flower I stick between 900-1200 calories a day. 60 grams of protein. My surgeon prefers I eat meals but I'm usually tight in the morning so I drink protein shakes instead.
  12. ballajones

    If you're not loosing...

    LMAO to damn entertaining. I need some popcorn and liquor while reading this thread
  13. ballajones

    If you're not loosing...

    I agree with most of you 1. People should read up on the "foreign object" you are putting in your body and should be aware of the pro/cons of getting any type of WLS and any possible complications. For me I debated 2 years on which surgery I wanted I decided on lap-band but I didn't expect half the crap I deal with now. Constantly cold to the point where I was diagnosed with Raynauds phenomenon. My throat closing up when my sinuses get infected. Not being able to eat when I'm pissed off. Losing so much weight that my tailbone hurts when i sit. Low blood pressure to the point where i'm constantly dizzy. Port pain because it rubs against my desk at work. Port pain while having sex (TMI oops) That was not listed on anything I researched. 2. Yes a lot of the questions on this forum are repeated almost everyday but who has time to go through all the topics and find one that best matches what you want to ask. Its easier to ask the freaken question. There are quite a few people who post on almost every thread. Who has time for that? I'm all for helping people who need advice but I'm not going to live on this forum. What gets me are those who are quick to offer advice when they haven't been banded long or banded at all 3. There are a few know it alls on this forum that appear to look down at certain people for being human and make mistakes. I eat bread. I eat cookies. I freaken love donuts. Do I eat them everyday? Of course not duh that's what made me fat to begin with. I've managed to lose over 80lbs in 11 months with NO FILLs. Could I have lost more? Hell yeah. I gained 15lbs and have since lost 10 of those lbs. Who's at fault? ME!!! I don't need people to scold me or tap my hand and say what I'm doing is bad. Usually when I choose to post on here it's because I'm looking to speak to someone who is banded and can relate to the issues I have. None of my close friends or family are banded so I can't get advice from them. I rarely get on this forum now. I'm happy I've met people on this forum that became friends. I can text them and complain to them about being hungry or wanting chocolate without being judged.
  14. ballajones

    New to the forum

    I've been banded close to a year. Still no fill over 80lbs lost. I indulge in the bad foods but I don't beat myself up or feel bad about it. I'm human one cookie won't hurt. Yeah I know it's not the right choice put who cares. Workout, stay within portion sizes and you should be fine. The other day I had a donut. I can't take it back but I'm aware and made better choices throughout the day.
  15. ballajones


    My process was fairly easy and so was the initial weight loss. You can't get in the mindset where u think the band is the solution. It's a tool. And never compare yourself to others. Follow your drs guidelines and you will be fine
  16. ballajones

    Getting "stuck"

    I pray you never get stuck but you will know when you do. For me the best description is "a Brillo pad being rubbed up and down your throat". Lately I cough until I throw up. It's a horrible feeling. CHEW CHEW CHEW
  17. ballajones

    Lap Band Buddy Under 40

    I stayed with portion sizes. I used myfitnesspal religiously and I exercised daily. I've stopped losing weight because I no longer exercise and ate whatever I wanted. I'm trying to get back on track. Still no fills and I'm determined to keep it that way. If I can lose 5lbs before my next appt I will not need a fill
  18. There will always be negative people. I put off surgery a year because I let people get to me. My nutritionist told me I could get sick being over weight or make a change to try and improve my health. I was banded 2/1/12 and have lost 90lbs. I'm not going to lie and say its a breeze. But I feel so much better now. I'm off all my medications and can actually run. Lol huge personal accomplishment
  19. ballajones

    Am I Being Bad?

    I did well pre-op and great after surgery these past 2 weeks I've been under a lot of stress and making horrible food choices. I had lost 90lbs since feb but I've since added on 7 lbs. you need to change your way of thinking now. The band is a tool not a complete fix. I have co workers who put on all the weight they lost because of their poor food choices. I'm aware of my poor choices and I sure as hell changed my ways today. The scale scared me :-/
  20. ballajones

    October Spooktacular Challenge

    207. WTH is going on. Lol I'm moving in the wrong direction
  21. ballajones

    Banded With No Fills.

    I'm 8 months post-op no fill. 90lbs lost.
  22. ballajones


    Thats my problem as well. I wake up hiccuping and burping. I just had a UGI done. Prevacid doesn't even work. It's a horrible feeling. Never had it before. My dr is thinking the band may not be for me. :-/
  23. ballajones

    October Spooktacular Challenge

    Not a happy camper 205.8. Up a lb

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