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  1. I have had my lap band for 14 months now and I love my band but recently it has felt extremely tight and I wast sure why, I was going to be going in for a reduction in fluid and then tonight before I could make my appt. I started throwing up this gray gelatin substance. it feels so awful coming up and then when it put in between my fingers I am able to smash it. I dont know what it is and am worried. If any one has had this please help. I am going to go for an upper GI this weekend if I can get an ER to do it. Since throwing up some of it I have been able to get water down easier, but I can still feel pieces of it. Its awful, any suggestions on what it could be would help thanks, also I did not eat anything like this substance before this started happening.
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    Throwing up gray gelatin like substance PLZ HELP!

    Thank u everyone for ur amazing post and support!! Sorry for the delayed reply... I found out shortly after this post that we r pregnant with our first baby and have had a lot of complications... Here is the update. I could not get my band checked due to being pregnant, but everything seems to be working as normal. Because I was pregnant when I went into see my band doc, he took out .25 fluid so I could eat a bit more. Since this incident things have been smooth sailing. Thank u again! Sophia
  3. I am a first time mom pregnant with my first, and I have the band. I can understand ur urge to get the weight off. I am freaking out over what I am gaining so far, but if ur already not producing enough I would be carful in getting a fill... I would first see how ur body will respond to breast feeding, give ur self at least 2-3 months...I was told u need about 800 calories to supply enough milk, plus what ever u would normally need... I have also read about these cookies that u can do to help with milk production. They are called lactation cookies... Maybe these will help u and then u could go in for one fill and see what happens... U can google lactation cookies for more info, but I read not to eat more than one or two because u will leak. http://www.food.com/recipe/oatmeal-chocolate-chip-lactation-cookies-by-noel-trujillo-192346 Hope this helps. I am new to all this too. Sophia
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    Throwing up gray gelatin like substance PLZ HELP!

    thank you to everyone who responded, I am going to search the gallbladder thought a little more. I am going in to get it adjusted for sure, I hope it hasnt slipped. I will keep you all posted hopefully know something by tue or wed. I can say this morning my esophagus sore from from throwing up, but coffee is going down way easier this morning then it has in a long time. so what ever it is must have gotten knocked lose, I just dont want it happening again. plus I am not sure if any of it is still there. Sophia
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    Throwing up gray gelatin like substance PLZ HELP!

    I am going to call him tomorrow and see what else we can do cause the hospitals are saying there is no one on staff to be able to get one done. I am in Barstow and he usually works with the hospitals in the riverside area.
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    Throwing up gray gelatin like substance PLZ HELP!

    I have had a lot allergies problems with this weather, but it is not like mucus, it is a semi hard feeling and then i can smash it. I did call him and he says he is not sure and has never heard of anything like it which is why he wants an upper gi done, but I cant find a er place that will do it...
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    Does anyone gay even come in this room?!!

    I don't get on here very often and just found the group. Hope to see more activity! Banded feb 24th my wife banded may 3rd
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    Is it what you eat or how much?

    I am so glad that you see a lot of the positive and it has motivated you!! that is a wonderful thing...and your right the chat boards and forums are very important considering I am to far from a support group. Have you thought about joining myfitnesspal.com? I use it from my phone it is amazing! It helps with the calories, since this is your main objective you may want to check it out....if you have a smart phone you can scan the bar code on what ever you are eating and it automatically looks it up for you...works about 95 percent of the time, i guess some items are just not imputed. if you do join look me up and check out my friends most are banded...I have found a lot of them use this and then my fitnesspal. Take care and have a great weekend. my screen name on myfitnesspal.com is snmtigger99. There is also a chat about this on this lapbandtalk which is where a lot of ppl are listing their screen names. good luck!
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    Nsv Smaller Bra Size

    Oh I know ur pain all to well!! I started out a 38 J and am now a 34 J. I am like I'm hello... Even tho they have shrunk a little I wouldn't mind being back into an f or even a g at this point. Lol. For all th other wonderful women... I don't know what that feels like... But my friend does. She went and got her boobs lifted (adding some fakeness) and she is so happy. No sagging, dropping, and she says they still feel natural cause she had boobs before all they did was fill the lose skin. Not that I am suggesting for all women, but it's a thought.... We are all bless to be losing this weight and that is and should be our main focus... Congrats!
  10. Hey everyone!! just wanted to stop in and say hello. I am off work for alittle bit due to my ankle, so I should be joining everyone on here a little bit more. I miss all the wonderful support.

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    Updated Pics ending July 4th

    Just some pics I have taken a long my journey
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    IMG 9871

    From the album: Updated Pics ending July 4th

    really bad angel. they were taking pics as i was walking through so I tried to stop and pose....rofl
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    IMG 0143

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    IMG 0131

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    IMG 0127

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    IMG 0120

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    IMG 0119

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    IMG 0095

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    IMG 0082

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    IMG 0081

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    IMG 0066

    From the album: Updated Pics ending July 4th

    164 here july 4th 2012
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    sophia And stacy May 2012

    From the album: Updated Pics ending July 4th

    i was 170 here
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    before And after Feb 208 May 171

    From the album: Updated Pics ending July 4th

    this is one that my friend made me starting 208 in this pic 170
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    Is it what you eat or how much?

    You need to give your self some credit....when I told my friends that I had the lap band placed I had many different reactions, but the one I remember more than anything is a friend with fear in her eyes said oh please be careful. she continued to say I knew a lady that when she ate she would binge eat and then throw up, it started happening so frequently that she actually ate over the sink, she ended up tearing her stomach, having to have the band removed, and her stomach put back together. It was not at all fun. I know we are both struggling with what to eat, and how to eat, but obviously we have learned when to stop eating, at least most of the time, or we would not be where we are at. Give your self some credit or you wont be able to move forward in the future. I hope for both of us we can learn to eat healthier, I usually go about 3-4 months of wonderful eating "dieting" and then I eat the crap again. I ended up doing that again, but am trying to stay on track, it is one of the worst habits to brake. I hope we read or see something that helps break this cycle.
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    Thank You!!

    I just wanted to thank the owner of this group for creating this group. I have looked for LGBT bansters for a while and it is not an easy task...LOL! I hope many join this group in the weeks to come!!