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    IMG 9666

    From the album: Feb 28th 2012

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    IMG 9665

    From the album: Feb 28th 2012

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    IMG 9664 2

    From the album: Feb 28th 2012

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    IMG 9664

    From the album: Feb 28th 2012

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    IMG 9663

    From the album: Feb 28th 2012

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    IMG 9669

    From the album: Feb 28th 2012

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    Pounds Down Since Initial Wiegh In!!!

    Thank you! We need the good and the bad, to know what could be a head of us. I am worried about that, but hoping I can control my self for the most part. Congrats on your weight loss so far and keep up the great work. We will all get to our green zone sooner or later.
  8. Hello everyone, I hope I am not duplicating this question.... But I was wondering how many pounds you lost during ur pre op diet and after ur first 4 weeks of surgery? I ask because I was wieghed in at 208 (bmi 40) started my pre op diet, then surgery was a week later, I was down to 197, I am 4 days post op and I am already down to 190.2!!!! I am ecstatic! Is this the norm? Will I be able to keep most of it off after I start eating on my 3rd and 4th week out? I do not get a fill until 5-6 weeks post op. Thanks for ur responses! I love my band so far and all the wonderful support I have received from everyone!
  9. sophiamckenna

    Pounds Down Since Initial Wiegh In!!!

    Thank you! I hope so too! I am trying to have mind control, it's not easy but it will pay off, and if I slip I will have my band there in a few months to say no way Jose! Lol. As much as I would like to keep losing at this rate, I know it is unhealthy for the long term, and I will be presented with questions I am not sure I want to answer. The ideal would be to keep off what I have already lost during my non fill stage and keep losing 2 lbs a week.
  10. sophiamckenna

    February Bandsters?

    Hello!! I am in a lot of pain right now because I did to much today! mostly the big incision. As far as the liquids, I wake up in the moring and have my protien (most mornings) along with a few ounces of water. then I wait a while, an hour or so and then I start on my soups, jello, water or popsicals. I found this amazing protien bullet that I love, the protien flavor is there in the begining and then it follows with a great some what sweet fruit flavor of your choice. (http://newwhey.com/), I found mine at Wal-mart for 2.49 a tube. I have found them a little cheaper online depending on the web site. The above web page is outragous!! but this will give you an idea what to look for. 0 sugar, 0 fat, 42 grams of Protien and only 3oz so it wont over fill you!!! I felt really full in the begining, but as the swelling starts to go down I am able to get a little more liquid in. I am getting about 50oz of water a day, plus my soups and jello. I think the milk is fillng you up to much...I was actually told to avoid milk unless its a little here and there and it should be fat free. I hope this helps you a little.
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    Pounds Down Since Initial Wiegh In!!!

    Everyone is having wonderful results!! That is so exciting. I think the mind game while can eat is going to be the hardest.
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    February Bandsters?

    Good Luck!! Everything will be great! Just stay positive..hugs and positive vibes being sent your way! keep us posted!
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    February Bandsters?

    I was a little nervous as well, I visited with everyone that was able to be there in the morning with me, kissed my spouse, cried a little and then I was like IM READY!!! That is my experience, everyones is a little different, but I was focused on the new skinny me and how much this is going to help me. My only word of advise is stay on the positive side of the road. Good Luck!
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    February Bandsters?

    I am so glad we are sharing this journey together, I am feeling like to gas is almost gone, and the pain of the port opening is becoming my main focus. I am working on getting in my water as well; I did not do well yesterday at all, today I am ready with plan to get all my water in!! lol. Last night I made a bad decision to lay in bed instead of in the recliner ...I paid with a lot of pain, with or with out pain mediciene . I went back to the recliner at 530 am this morning and I am starting to feel better. We will be fine and this is going to be amazing! I feel it in my gut (lol no punt intended) hahahah
  15. I am banded!! One the other side baby!

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    IMG 9662

    From the album: Feb 25th 2012 Day After Surgery

    This is the smallest hole and the most brusing.
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    IMG 9661